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Zf6 to cummins

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Destroked Adapter Plate 7. Requires use of Destroked's crankshaft spacer.. In this video we show you how to install your Ford 5R transmission adapter plate to a Cummins 5. PO Box Boring, Oregon. Acme Adapters sells kits for any 4-cylinder water-cooled Volkswagen family of engines.

For the diesels, the 1. We carry conversion adapters for a variety of applications, such as converting a Cummins to a Ford 7. NOTE: No. Up for sale is a good used engine to transmission adapter plate removed from a 12 valve Dodge Cummins 5. Plate is in excellent condition. Plate is missing the torque converter bolt access hole cover plate , as pictured. Adapter plate is part number: Adapter plate is approx. The DIY Manufacturers Part : Description: The Cummins to Allison adapter plate and flexplate kit accommodates thru Cummins 6BT engines, bolting to an GM Allison automatic transmission, model years thru , or with the LT Duramax bellhousing pattern.

The adapters position the transmission straight, not angle rotated as some OEM applications. ZF5 Adapters. We offer adapter plates for the Ford ZF5 5 speed transmissions found in Ford pickups. All out adapters use the 6. The 7. We also have a version for the Gas bell-housing. This works with the 4BT or 6BT, both mechanical and electronic front gear. Most GM small block manual transmissions will bolt to this adapter plate.

This is factory used bread van adapter and flywheel.. Plate is in excellent condition and all of the threads are good. This billet aluminum transmission adapter and billet steel flexplate fits back 12 valve engines.

We have a computer to control a 4L80E or 4L60E transmission. Trains powered by hydrogen. Product Description. Upgrade Options. This adapter plate will mate the following GM automatic transmissions to a Cummins 12 Valve and 24 Valve engines: Turbo , Turbo , and r4. Cummins ZF5 adapter plate. Stevenjf88 Registered User. Looking to have an adapter plate made for my Ford ZF5 trans.

Looking for the plate thickness that is needed. Adapter Plate This plate will adapt your Cummins 12v and 24 v engine to a Ford small block.. It had a ZF6 swapped in it. They told me that and I was like WTF?? Maybe give them a call. I dont know if they did the swap, but theyd know whos truck it was. Was a red 05 on 37s and black rims. Destined for a swap Quote:. Originally Posted by roachie. Name: roachie.

ZF6 kicks a NV's ass. The biggest problem I see is getting the hydraulics to mount up. I have read the GMs shift better than Fords due to a modification GM did to the shifter bushing around 04? Don't know if this is true but if it is, maybe a GM shifter will fit into a Ford tranny if, that is where the modification was done and not something machined from the case.

Just hearing stories how expensive the G56 and NV are to rebuild is why I think this might be feasable. Do the ZF6s have a better reputation than the others mentioned above? If from an early G56, would be closer to Name: unfinished business. Originally Posted by Thedieselkid Great prices on what your Cummins needs: WWW.

Name: Acorn Name: Scooter's Roofing. Name: NickBeek. I had a ZF6 in a '99 Ford. That thing did not shift well at all, plus the gear spacing was terrible compared to the G56 in my current truck. I would love the taller OD gear, but that would be the only advantage in my opinion. The ZF6 Ford app has some plastic bushings in the shifter mechanism that wear and cause sloppy shifts. Originally Posted by Forrest Nearing. Ford doesn't make that tranny Name: Diesel Nut. Probably just need to swap the slave and bleed it out.

I will look at the core ZF6 I have tomorrow. As for the swap, I don't really know what to say. I hated the Ford version of the ZF6 with the shift pattern and all of them I drove shifted like crap, but we have only seen like 3 of them. Ill agree. The shift patterns f'ed up and they shift like crap. You guys don't make the Ford versions sound too good when it comes to shifting. So how would I get a GM version to work?

Name: revolutiondsl. We have an 01 at work with a ZF6 and theres no way id swap that thing in it shifts terrible but im sure with k on it its well worn out. Name: Smokedaddy. I talked to South Bend Clutch to find a clutch to use and They need the measurement from the crankshaft face to the through out bearing. Because the Gm ZF uses a internal slave and need to know how much the through on it is. I know this tranny dose not have the oil pump like the ford but dose shift much better then the ford.

Tranny is strong internaly but the case on any ZF tranny is the week point. I hope to complete this swap soon. I will try and get some pics to share with every one. If any one else is doing this or has done this and could chime in. It seems like all these posts are about Fords better Gms : : Better Hope fully we can find out some real tech and startbuilding the best diesel are selfs. I now have a G56 on the garage floor. Decided to weigh it and is lbs.

Weighed my Getrag and it is lbs. With the bell housing it is lbs. I did not know this G56 was so light. All times are GMT

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Amerigroup p The NV is. Adapter Plate Cr to 6. We offer adapter plates for the Ford ZF5 5 speed transmissions found in Ford pickups. Free shipping for many products!. Send a private message to Diesel Nut. Tranny is strong internaly but the case on any ZF tranny is the week point.
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Wild Horse Manufacturing Cummins adapter plate ZF5 to 6BT, Part 1: Overview

WebCummins to ZF6 Price - $ Available for 12v/24v (shown) and Common Rail engines. Common Rail plates have the o-ring groove to seal the rear camshaft. Includes transmission mounting bolts and starter mount bolts. Also includes crankshaft pilot bushing and requires use of ourcrankshaft spacer. WebAdapter Plate for Cummins 12 valve or 24 valve to Ford L ZF6 transmission. Includes transmission mounting bolts and starter mount bolts. Also includes crankshaft pilot . AdCome Back to scotsgapmedicalgroup.com and Buy the Cummins Fuel Lines You Need. Price Match Guarantee On All Injectors. Orders Ship Out Same Day.