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Performance Metrics myid. Measured Metrics. SI Speed Index. Simplify your login experience! MyID connects you with The Company like never before, allowing you to use your company-provided email address or company-designated ID as a single login username to gain access to all TWDC devices, applications and websites. No more trying to remember multiple passwords and usernames. Email or Company Assigned ID.

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Corteva migrated its laboratory systems to the Azure cloud, streamlining data and scalability. Take this simple, risk-free first step on your journey and schedule a call with our Microsoft cloud migration experts to discuss your objectives, needs, and ideas. We'll send you a full-fledged "roadmap sketch" afterward! Discover insights from our leaders on the clear business advantages and benefits of partnering with Accenture and Microsoft to help your organization migrate to the Azure cloud with speed, precision and confidence.

Whatever your industry is, you need to adapt to growing Complexity, from technology landscape to globalization. Accenture and Microsoft have solidified their relationship through Avanade, a unique joint venture improving service delivery for clients moving to Azure. The largest global Microsoft practice. Powered by Avanade. Runs on Microsoft. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Get Foresight app. Microsoft cloud services. Why Microsoft Cloud. Keen to maximize the cloud.

But, how exactly would you do that? View Transcript. Migrating to the cloud - A business imperative. Migrating to the cloud Client Success Client success.

Cloud: Data modernization and sustainability Data modernization and sustainability. Migration-plus-modernization strategy. Create a roadmap The first step is building a three-year-roadmap to show the 'how' of innovating data use. Migrate to Azure Lower the cost of innovation by moving legacy systems and solutions to the cloud. Modernize your data We've got to get decades of data stuck in our manufacturing equipment.

Deliver new insights Our number one imperative is analytics that lead to predictable outcomes for the business. Empower employees We have to skill up our employees to use the cloud in the right ways. Transform the business It's about culture for us. We will guide you all the way. Predictable steps, swift progress. Need an industry-specific solution. Manufacturing Integrate the entirety of your operation's machine and digital data to transform your industrial business.

Retail Build the platform and capabilities to super-charge your customer experience with insights and personalization. Leapfrog your peers with Accenture. Simple: Microsoft cloud is the industry's most trusted cloud for large-scale, hybrid enterprise systems - and has been proven to drive significant improvements in efficiency, flexibility.

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