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Cummins harrisburg

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Promotions are taken to obtain a higher salary because annual wage increases are very minimal. Employees with tenure are gradually movng on to other companies for more rewarding opportunities. The most difficult part of the job is maintaining a positive attitude. The most enjoyable part of the job is working from home. Pros able to work from home if necessary. Cons deliberate lack of human resources. At first it was great to work with this company as it was kind of smaller at the time.

All business was conducted within a certain mile radius but whenever they transitioned to a more regional outlook, things went downhill for me anyway. It was not fun having to tell customers they didn't get the parts they ordered because the warehouse couldn't keep up with the demand. Also when I had first started management was very understanding and a family first type atmosphere. Management changed and also the atmosphere of family first.

Management was the number one determining factor on why I left the company. Pros na. Cons na. Average place to work. If you like to be on the road often, application engineering is for you. Typical work days don't exist at Cummins in the application engineering department. Some days are 12 hours and some are Learning a lot about diesel engines and controls. Direct Management can be rated as, poor at best, in my region.

Testing customer machinery is the most enjoyable part of the job. Pros Lots of learning can be done here. Cons No direction from management while managing 6 or 7 different customers at the same time.

The work is not hard.. There is a very adolescent and juvenile environment.. The management says they want feedback.. Of which often shows they're inadequate in often inept performance of duty. Pros Great benefits. Cons Adolescent and immature culture. Clique city! Also, fantastic place to work if you are female or a minority. It is to meet quota and make the company look good, they have no care in the world how much it makes their customers suffer and THAT is a shame because they have a superior product.

Pros Flexible schedule. Cons Everything else. Easier work, a lot of people slack, but I strive to be top shippers. Managers let a lot of stuff go. Let us play music to help mood. A lot of slackers that got away with a bunch of things. People tended to get lazy on Fridays. Pros Awesome dynamics between everybody. Cons Manager Bill was not liked by anybody. The company itself is a great place to work. I have no complaints. Management teams need development. Very limited management and people skills.

Most managers had very little secondary education such as college. Management had difficulties meeting. You work mandatory overtime daily. By: Jim T. Ryan August 12, pm. Department of Defense for engines from its Dauphin County facility. The company will provide engines for Army use through August from its facility at Lewis Road in Swatara Township, according to the department.

Company representatives did not immediately return calls for more information about the contract. Cummins Power Systems , which makes diesel and natural gas engines, is a division of Indiana-based power systems manufacturer Cummins Inc.

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Inside Cummins: This is CMEP (Columbus MidRange Engine Plant)

Cummins is a great place to work for if you’re looking to improve your financial standings. You work mandatory overtime daily. It starts to seem like you are there more than home. There is . Cummins Sales and Service located in Harrisburg provides expert service and repair by factory trained technicians on all Heavy, Medium and Light Duty Diesel and Natural Gas engines and . Cummins Power Systems, Allentown Blvd, Harrisburg, PA, Car Service - MapQuest Food Shopping Coffee Grocery Gas Find Best Western Hotels & Resorts nearby Sponsored United .