nuance dragon dictate for mac 3 0 review
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Nuance dragon dictate for mac 3 0 review jobs baxter county arkansas

Nuance dragon dictate for mac 3 0 review

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WHat a bummer to have such a critical market niche dominated by Bloatware! Clever of you to point that out. You now have taken time out of your busy schedule to tell someone that they really do care.

Beware the poor service if you have a problem. I tried to find the link to update from v. They sent an email and after installation, had a question. Used the software and there were no visible differences in the new version. Being the only game in town has evidently had its effect on customer service and I can do without software If service is poor.

It would be nice if there was some competition in this area. I still use v3 cause I paid for it but would like a real choice. The review discussed the biggest new feature, transcription, in detail. The new Gmail and Pages support are also notable new features and are detailed in the videos above.

This is an honest review of the latest release of popular software. Reviews are always labeled as such so they should be easy to skip if you just want to read news stories. Thank you Jordan, Im grateful. Ive been thinking about dragon for ages, this will probably help.

Please bring good reviews again. If someone doesnt like them, no need to read. Great reviews of this well known OS X app. I feel you fully deserved the affiliation link. If it works with the amount of accuracy the article talks about I feel that this app is going to help a lot of people. I have no idea whether Dragon 4 Dictate is any good or not… because after 3 weeks of conversations with Nuance technical support including a remote session where their technician had full access to my state of the art iMac the software will not run.

It just throws up an internal error with a message to contact technical support. I have literally spent hours and hours going through lengthy e-mails with line after line of instructions of things to try. Not only that but I have lost Version 3 which Nuance deleted in its futile attempts to install Version 4! As things stand, I have lost Dragon Dictate 3 and Nuance are giving me no time frame as to when their development team will fix this issue assuming that they know what they are doing which is highly doubtful.

Nuance is one of the worst companies you could possibly deal with! Does anyone have any experience on using Dragon for school recordings of professors?

I am a law students and am thinking about using it to record professor lectures as we get a LOT thrown at us. Any feedback on that aspect?

The sheer greed of this company knows no bounds! If you buy the latest version of Dragon Dictate, you can expect to pay the full purchase price again in 12 months when you need to update your software to be compatible with Apple updates.

This is a lesson in the evils of a corporate monopoly. If you value ethics, I recommend you go with an alternative. One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. Product never worked, error messages. Great advertising, poor service. I recently switched to Mac and bought Dragon Dictate 4. The Mac version is a disappointment. The cursor changes locations on its own when your speech pauses, so you start dictating new text in the middle of a sentence—or even a word—that you already finished.

I called Dragon customer support and was informed this is a known issue in Microsoft Word; their suggested fix deleting the preference file had no effect. I switched the Note Pad format from RTF to plain text, but the cursor still jumps, resulting in jumbled dictation.

The cursor still jumps. Perhaps most frustrating of all, the Dragon website seems to have no channel through which users can report feedback. I hope they see this review—and others like it—and take appropriate action.

What a waste of money! I have been using Dragon Dictate Medical v3. It would also randomly select and delete passages of text from a document I was working in without any warning. They had me reformatting my hard drive and doing complete reinstalls of Mac OS and then reinstalls of their software with zero improvement in the constant crashing, bugs and unpredictable behaviors. They should be ashamed to have such a buggy and poorly supported product on the market.

Heads up! Blissfully ignorant, I bought the download version. The somewhat byzantine registration process should have put me on guard that this program is not ready for prime time. Anyway Jordan thanks for an interesting and informative read. Ron It is beta software, at best, sold at premium price. It jumps around and puts text randomly in a different cell than the one selected. It works OK if you only dictate into a Dragon NotePad, but sometimes, I click in a notepad, get the blinking cursor there, and then Dragon inserts the text in an entirely different window.

It is supposed to be smart, but will not learn a new name, no matter how many times I correct what it types. The notepad does not let you adjust font, size, or margins… but if you paste into it from elsewhere, it adopts a tiny version of the settings in the source and cannot be changed back without restarting the program. Upgraded SIX copies almost a year ago but delayed installation hoping for a point release update based on previous experience. NONE have been posted. I finally installed the upgrades in late August and early September.

The prior version v1. It did not crash on Macs running Lion and Mt. Within a week I had to downgrade several workstations from Mavericks back to This is very helpful. Hoping you could help me out with a little more advice.

They are getting to be too much to transcribe. However, I could easily go back into the conversation and add punctuation via this program. Thanks for any advice you can give me. This application does not work with MS Word I got Yosemite installed, Dragon Dictate 4 with all updates installed, it works for anything else but not with the only application I need.

Is there anybody who knows solution for this issue? Dragon Dictate 4. It jumps all over the place particularly with MS Word for Mac. This is despite using the latest updates from Nuance, Microsoft and Apple. In addition I use a noise canceling headset microphone.

I also own the Windows version and the same microphone works fine for that with none of the cursor jumping. Nuance support is abysmal on this product. This has been a known issue for multiple versions and essentially makes the program unusable.

So can this system help me to get real time transcription? What I meant is can I get text transcription when I speek itself? Impressive recognition performance and a vast array of features make Dragon Dictate 2. Are you ready to take your Managed Security Service to the next level? Unified Endpoint Management and Security in a work-from-anywhere world. Management and security activities are deeply intertwined, requiring integrated workflows between IT and security teams.

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Learn more. Nuance Dragon Dictate 2. Software voice recognition PDF Software.

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With email you can say "new message" and a message will be prepared. Tab down, by voice command, and fill in a name, subject, then start dictating. Then say "Send Message" and off it goes. As my install was an upgrade from version 2. They didn't; I had to read about a minute story so Dragon Dictate could learn my voice, and match it to the microphone I use. Although the software comes with a headset mic, I hate wearing them.

Instead I use an excellent Blue USB desk mic , which works perfectly, even though I am about eight inches away from it. Turn on browser notifications to receive breaking news alerts from Engadget You can disable notifications at any time in your settings menu. Not now Turn on Turned on Turn on. Dragon claims the speech recognition is faster in v3, and it seems to be, but it's not a dramatic difference. As you dictate, your words appear on screen just a couple of seconds after you say them.

One thing that is definitely improved is accuracy. Although I was always impressed with the program's ability to understand words I did not expect it to get right, accuracy has been improved. I'm doing a lot fewer edits of spoken text, although that can be done by voice too. You don't need to use your mouse. This latest version also supports wideband Bluetooth, so if you have a supported wireless headset, you're going to get good quality and recognition that way.

The help files are excellent. It's easy to find a command if you get stuck, and there are interactive tutorials as well. One of the newest and most intriguing features of Dragon Dictate 3 is the ability to transcribe an audio file.

I was quite skeptical that this would work, so I tried an old MP3 file that was an interview I did for a book I wrote. At the time, I had to pay someone to transcribe all my interviews and it wasn't cheap. You select transcription from the Dragon menu and point to the file. The software takes in about 20 seconds of audio and shows you the results. You can confirm the text or make corrections. The transcript was really quite solid, just needing some formatting for paragraphs and fixing a few misinterpreted words.

That was very surprising. I recorded the interview with the subject several feet away from my digital recorder. It really is an astounding result, and if I had this software back when I was writing the book it would have saved me hundreds of dollars in transcription fees.

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Cognizant employee search Within a week I had to downgrade several workstations from Mavericks back to You can always add more of your own names to increase the accuracy of your own vocabulary. I switched the Note Pad format from RTF to plain text, but the cursor still jumps, resulting in jumbled dictation. Most Popular. The see more has improved formatting for numbers, times, and amounts, which can save fod.
Nuance dragon dictate for mac 3 0 review Jordan Kahn - 9 years ago. Nuance has brought great voice recognition capabilities to Victate for years with their Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 software. Dragon Dictate 4. The command editor is easy enough for anyone caresource doctors in cincinnati ohio setup commands for opening apps, bookmarks, files rrview folders, menu items, and any keystroke either system wide or within an app, but also has the ability to use AppleScript, Automator workflow, Shell script, and text macro for more complex voice commands. What a waste of money!
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Kaiser permanente portland locations Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow 9to5Mac on TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn to stay in the loop. Dragon Dictate comes with a number of built-in commands that allow you to control functions across apps like Finder, Mail, Messages, Notes and Safari, as well as commands for composing email or sharing status updates to Facebook and Twitter. If you value ethics, I washington adventist health externship you go with an alternative. Perhaps most frustrating of all, the Dragon website seems to have no channel through which users can report feedback. It is a disaster!!!!

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