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Baxter building address

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When the Fantastic Four's military liaison suggested the building as their new headquarters, team leader Mister Fantastic agreed that it fit the needs of his group. Reed had purchased the building outright, [11] Reed tapped his former professor Noah Baxter , a former part owner of the building, to assist him in reconstructing the top five floors of the Baxter Building to suit their needs.

Much of the equipment originally installed in the Fantastic Four's headquarters was a collaborative project between the two men.

Initially, Reed bought that section of the building outright, though the Fantastic Four continued to pay monthly service fees. When the they were in a tight financial situation a year later, Reed sold the Fantastic Four's floors back to the Baxter Paper Company. Collins had originally been delighted that a real superhero team was moving into his building, he soon began to see the problems in such a situation.

When Doctor Doom lifted the entire building into deep space, [16] relations cooled between the manager and his tenants. Other tenants worried that their offices might become battlegrounds and, as their leases ended, many of the building's original tenants did not renew. Nor did new tenants appear to fill the vacancies. In desperation, Mr.

Collins offered all tenants ironclad, year leases with significant discounts in their rents. Still, problems continued. Occasionally either the Thing or a foe would be driven downward through the building, tearing a shaft through floor after floor. Battles occurred on the outer walls of the building. Explosions were a common occurrence.

No insurance company would write a policy on any organization maintaining offices in the Baxter Building. Collins also discovered that losing the Fantastic Four as tenants would not solve his problems. During a period when the Fantastic Four had split up and vacated their headquarters, [18] Collins discovered that no one would rent their former headquarters. There was too great a fear that supervillains would attack those floors regardless of who now lived there.

When the Fantastic Four later reunited. Collins was forced to accept the FF back as tenants, and grudgingly agreed to charging them a lower rent as well. Then one day Terrax the Tamer disintegrated everything above the 32nd floor.

Collins was fed up. He stormed into the remains of the headquarters and announced he was evicting the Fantastic Four. Reed suddenly exercised a lease option and bought the entire building outright. That was the last that was seen of Collins.

Fortunately, no one was in the building except for the Fantastic Four. Reed announced that he would establish an insurance pool to cover the tenants' losses and to help them find new offices. Then he set about designing a new headquarters to be erected on the same site. This left a vacant lot in the place where the Four Freedoms used to stand.

The Baxter Building remained the Fantastic Four's headquarters for some time, until they hit more financial troubles. Forced to pay for the damages they caused to New York City over the years, Reed was forced to turn over the property to the City of New York, and the FF were promptly evicted from the premises.

Over a year after this, and following the apparent demise of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman , [38] the Baxter Building came up for sale. Roxxon , Alchemax , and other corporations attempted to claim it, but it was purchased by Parker Industries not only to be the New York headquarters of the company, but to keep it safe for when the Fantastic Four reunited at long last. At first, Johnny was angry at Peter for buying their home, but upon learning why and seeing the statue of the family in the lobby, Johnny gave his blessing to Peter.

The Building was eventually bought by the new superhero team modelled after the Fantastic Four called the Fantastix , who made it their headquarters. The destruction of Container Zero saw the creation of the Forever Gate , a doorway to every point in space and time. Seeing that this creation would be extremely sought-after, Mister Fantastic decided to reclaim what was left of the Baxter Building in order to guard it.

In the reality of Earth , the Sentinels operated out of their main headquarters in the Baxter Building. The X-Men infiltrated the building to disable their operations across the entire continent, but the robots managed to kill Storm and Wolverine. The Baxter Building, located in Manhattan , was originally the central hub for the Mainland Technology Development consortium.

It was designed by the US government to host a think tank, where exceptionally gifted children were offered government positions to use their intelligence to serve their country.

The building was overseen by General "Thunderbolt" Ross. Security duties were overseen by Agent Lumpkin. This is where Reed Richards first kissed a girl he was not related to. Arthur Molekevic was a former employee of the Baxter Building. His service was terminated when his projects were deemed "unethical". Foremost among those contacted to be a part of the think tank was a young Reed Richards. On his own, Richards had shown great potential with his experiments in teleportation.

The Baxter Building provided him with all of the resources at their disposal and they even developed an oscillating window that could peer into an otherworldly plane of reality known as the N-Zone after they had found the small toy cars that he had sent there.

Professor Franklin Storm 's two children, Susan and Johnny , also lived there, as well as the socially awkward Victor van Damme. After the accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers occurred, the children of the Baxter Building who were not altered were moved to another facility in Oregon.

The Baxter Building then became the Fantastic Four 's headquarters. In addition to all of the other technology in the Baxter Building, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm also constructed a still on the premises.

An event that led to the construction of the Four Freedoms Plaza, on the same site, before the latter was also destroyed to eventually make way for a new Baxter Building…. In our reality, the building at Madison Avenue does not house any superheroes. Just a lot of offices. A rather discreet monument of pop culture and of the great history of comics. And for good reason, it is in fact the Marine Building, a superb work of Art Deco architecture from the s, located not in New York but in Vancouver.

Another popular site in pop culture, which can be seen in the series Smallville. He also shone in Blade: Trinity and Timecop. However, the original Baxter Building is indeed in Manhattan, where some of the most memorable battles for the survival of our species took place between the pages of comic books….

The original Fantastic Four series has issues, published from to Built in , this building at Madison Ave reaches meters and has 41 floors. A giant of glass and metal, well known to comic book fans…. It was nicknamed The Deuce in the s and s because of the presence of numerous adult cinemas and prostitution parlors. It has since been rehabilitated and is still very popular with tourists. Discover the secrets of the cult places of the greatest masterpieces of pop culture in New York!

The world capital of pop culture, New York embodies unbridled creative freedom. The city that never sleeps has been the muse of a large number of directors, actors, screenwriters, singers, musicians, cartoonists and writers….

Many have passed on their fascination for the city to the general public and made some of its places famous worldwide, making them into the legend of pop culture. These are the secrets of a hundred of them revealed in this first volume of the Fanspots Stories collection.

Did you know that? Directed by a team of pop culture specialists and embellished with many anecdotes, Fanspots Stories New York tells more than just a story: these are some of the most fascinating stories in pop culture.

Fanspot Stories New York pop cults a unique and new concept pages of fun a beautiful large-format book 24 x 30, round back slicefil.

En Fr. Saga Fantastic Four. The building at the corner of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue may be inconspicuous among Manhattan's glass and metal buildings, but it plays a big role in pop culture.

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Dec 9,  · While the address of the Baxter Building is supposed to be the same in the Fantastic Four movies as well as the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer, the building doesn’t . Toll Free: Local: Email: [email protected] If you live outside the United States, please consult . Mar 30,  · Headquarters of the Fantastic Four, the Baxter Building in the comics is located at the corner of 42nd Street and Madison, New York, NY , but no street number has .