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Humane society casper wyoming

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Cafepharma baxter Report abuse. Mork came to us because he wasn't a good fit for his owner. He would do best in a home with no small animals and would prefer older children who can understand his behavior and respect his boundaries. Kira, Grizz and Jack are a nice little trio who don't make a lot of noise and get along really well. He is going to need a home that will provide him with plenty of exercise and stimulation to keep him happy and healthy. A stable routine humane society casper wyoming lots of patience puneonline cognizant also be quite beneficial. You can learn a lot about an animal welfare organization just by looking at their name.
Humane society casper wyoming He is uncomfortable around small children and can get nippy. Jack has been raised with Grizz and Kira and he has never caspdr separated from them. Email :. He loves to dig and will jump fences. Google Sites. He knows a couple commands. He generally learn more here along fine with people of all ages and some other dogs.
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So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder or buying a cat or kitten for sale from a cat breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog, adopt a cat, adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.

Proudly powered by. Powered by the pet lovers at. Small, blue, left-facing arrow Back to search results. Find a pet to adopt.

Contact . Email info. Phone This shelter hasn't posted any pets that match these criteria. See Adopted Pets list an arrow icon. He likes going for walks and playing with squeaky toys.

He knows a few commands. He generally gets along fine with people of all ages and some other dogs. He hasn't been around cats. Zeus came to the shelter with Athena and they're good friends. Despite that, they are independent dogs and will probably do fine going home to different families. Gandalf came to us as a transfer from Metro Animal Shelter. We don't know much about his background but he has made it abundantly clear how much of a cuddle dog he truly is.

He does well with people of all ages and would benefit from having a big family to shower him with attention. He knows his basic commands and shows great potential to learn further. Gandalf has been dog tested with a medium female dog but will need a meet and greet to ensure he gets along with another companion.

He will make a wonderful addition to most any family. Bonnie was adopted from us as a puppy 6 years ago. She was returned because she wasn't comfortable around the family's small children. It is our policy to accept an animal that was adopted from us and returned for any reason. She's a nice girl who knows several commands and connects with people fairly easily.

For the most part, she stays out of trouble - but she does enjoy jumping the fence on occasion to see what's happening on the other side. Therefore, she needs a tall, secure fence to keep her in where she belongs. She does very well with adults but isn't comfortable around small children, other dogs or cats. She would prefer to be an only pet. She likes to go for car rides and walks. Overall, Bonnie is a loving girl who will make a loyal and obedient pet. This cute little guy is Shorty.

He has a quirky personality and is best summed up as resembling a cat. Shorty can be quite an affectionate friend when he is in the mood. Other times, he may prefer his space and is quick to set his boundaries if he feels they are not being respected. Although he's a bit older, he is still very playful and would love to be showered with squeaky toys! He loves going for walks and will make a nice companion for someone who enjoys a daily walk and sunshine.

Despite Shorty's differences, he will make a good friend to someone who is willing to understand and be patient with him. He has been cat tested and doesn't seem to mind some other dogs that a slightly bigger than him. Kira came to the shelter with Grizz and Jack when their owner could no longer keep them. Sh e is a sweet, sweet girl who is a tiny bit shy when people approach her. But she likes attention and is obedient and friendly.

Sh e does well with people of all ages - including kids - most dogs , cats and even ferrets. Kira 's eyesight and hearing might be diminishing but she gets around rather well by following the lead of Grizz and Jack. She is housebroken but really hates going out in the cold and won't go far from the back door. Kira, Grizz and Jack are a nice little trio who don't make a lot of noise and get along really well. We are asking that all three be adopted together. Jack came to the shelter with his parents, Grizz and Kira see their profiles above , when their owner could no longer keep them.

H e is a n easy going boy who can be a bit timid when people approach h im. But a little treat helps him warm up pretty quickly. H e likes attention and does well with people of all ages - including kids - most dogs, cats and ferrets.

He's active and playful with a charming personality. Jack has been raised with Grizz and Kira and he has never been separated from them. W e are asking that all three be adopted together. Maverick is a smart boy who knows several commands. His dinner manners are quite impressive - when told to wait, he will sit patiently with his food in front of him until he's told he can "get it".

He's also friendly, outgoing and protective. He enjoys going for walks and playing fetch. He does well with other large dogs but not with small animals like cats, squirrels and rabbits. Maverick does well with people of all ages and will make a nice addition to most any family.

Phoenix was a stray and it took some time for someone in the neighborhood where he hung out to get close enough to leash him.

He was very underweight and nervous around people he didn't know which was everyone. No one claimed him. He's a very nice boy who is still very shy around people he doesn't know. He tends to hide behind staff when people try to meet him - therefore he tends to be overlooked.

He shows great potential for learning commands and becoming a loyal and obedient pet. We will require anyone interested in adopting Phoenix to come spend time with him in order to develop a relationship and to gain his trust before taking him home. He is a wonderful dog who deserves a family who will take good care of him and ensure he has a long and healthy life. Sasha was left behind when her owner moved out of state and the person whose care she was in didn't feel they were able to provide her with the time and attention she deserves.

They asked us to please find her a family who will love her and never let her go. Sasha is about 7 years old and not comfortable approaching people she doesn't know.

It takes some time to gain her trust. Once she gets to know someone, though, she's friendly, easygoing and playful. She gets along well with people of all ages, most dogs and even cats. She knows a few commands and is generally well-behaved. Sasha is a sweet girl who will make a great addition to most any home. Faya is an interesting looking girl - rather squat and long with a Lab face.

She's friendly and does well meeting new people. She enjoys walks and playing outside on sunny days. She has terrible separation anxiety and needs a family who will not leave her home alone all day. She would do best with someone who is home much of the day and will provide her with the companionship she needs to be a well-behaved and comfortable dog.

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Aug 27, The Casper Humane Society is a (c)3 Non-Profit Organization. Casper Humane Society East E, WY Learn more about Metro Animal Services in Casper, WY, and search the available pets they have up for adoption on Petfinder. Metro Animal Services in Casper, WY has pets available . All animals available for adoption are on a first come, first served, first person on property with a pre-approved application basis. Information: E. Metro Road. Casper, Wyoming .