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Adventist health organizational chart

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Churches in Wisconsin are a part of the Wisconsin Conference. The Wisconsin Conference is a part of the Lake Union. A Union carries out projects that involve people in its entire territory, including colleges hospitals, and in all forms of evangelism. The Union connects conferences and missions, crossing over boundaries and forming the… Division This is the administrative sector of the church, which covers entire continents or a good part of them.

The Division represents and reflects the Adventist Church profile in its territory. The Division carries out the mission of the church within the legislation and the needs of its continent. The Divisions are administrative regions of the … General Conference It represents the world church and the collectivity of members through election processes. This level of the church oversees the unity of the church in its diversity.

The General Conference is a representative group that gathers members of all cultures and nationalities. Every five years, the world church gets together in a special meeting to elect new leaders and make decisions with the participation of church delegates from around the world.

Local churches elect their own officers and church boards by majority voting. Executive authority between sessions is exercised by the Conference Executive Committee and the executive officers normally President , Executive Secretary and Treasurer , all of whom are elected by the session.

A similar process operates for Union sessions usually 5 years and General Conference sessions, at which times officers and committees are elected, reports given and policies decided. Each constituent level of the church operates a variety of institutions.

Seventh-day Adventists see in the gospel commission and the example of the Lord and His apostles the responsibility of followers of Christ to serve the whole person. A similar process operates for Union sessions usually every five years, and General Conference sessions, at which times officers and committees are elected, reports given and policies decided.

Within these four levels the Church operates various institutions. In their world outreach, Adventists serve the whole person and have developed educational, health-care, publishing, media radio, print, television, web, satellite , and other institutions.

The multiple units of the world Church, whether congregations, conferences, health-care institutions, publishing houses, schools, or other organizations, all find their organizational unity in the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in which they have representation.

The General Conference is the highest earthly authority for the Church. The General Conference in session, and the Executive Committee between sessions, is the highest organization in the administration of the Church's worldwide work, and is authorized by its constitution to create subordinate organizations to promote specific interests in various sections of the world. When differences arise in or between organizations and institutions, appeal to the next higher organization is proper until it reaches the General Conference in session, or the Executive Committee at the Annual Council.

During the interim between these sessions, the Executive Committee shall constitute the body of final authority on all questions where a difference of viewpoint may develop. Administratively, the world-wide Church has 13 Divisions, which are composed of churches grouped by a collection of missions, fields, or states into unions of churches.

The North American Division is one of the 13 Divisions.

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Weborganizational chart; awards & accreditation; bulletin. health library; news & events; gallery. photos; videos; message from the president; contact us! special services. . Web24 rows · Founded on Seventh-day Adventist heritage and values, Adventist Health provides care in hospitals, clinics, home care agencies, hospice agencies and joint . WebAdventist HealthCare Corporate Executives: Terry Forde President & Chief Executive Officer. John Sackett Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. Kristen .