cold air intake for 6.7 cummins
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Cold air intake for 6.7 cummins

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Our intake uses the same motor that drives Ram-Air to activate our swing gate, giving you all the benefits of the stock system, plus much more. Draws air from the wheelwell inlet under normal driving conditions or inclement weather conditions ice, snow, rain to protect against the elements.

Silicone Filters and Couplers, Silicone is a premium rubber which will seal better and last longer. Want More Air? Use Both Inlets. Our swing gate functions the same as the stock air box, only better. Unlike stock which uses only one inlet at a time, our kit gives you the option of massive dual inlet airflow.

Simply remove the dam from the gate arm and re-attach when desired or to protect against harsh weather. Note: The game arm remains active even with the dam removed. This will prevent you from getting an Active Air Box code when both inlets are open.

Innovative Filter Inlet, The full round inlet radius provides for a smooth transition while allowing for a larger filter with more surface area. The result is better airflow and filtration. Hide Filters Hide Filters. Description FAQ's. Without adequate airflow as part of the equation, your Cummins simply cannot breathe, resulting in poor performance and fuel economy, coupled with high exhaust gas temperatures EGT's.

While the design of the stock intake is relatively efficient, upgrading to a higher flowing aftermarket system can drastically improve overall airflow, delivering better overall engine performance and efficiency.

Diesel Power Products carries a full line of cold air intakes, filters and cleaning kits for your 6. Whether you tow a horse trailer or race at the track we can help you pick the right system for your Ram.

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Not thrilled. Would NOT purchase this again. Would go another route entirely. Flash arc does not offer this. I am now stuck with a decision to Jerry rig the existing situation or starting over with a different kit, cost and time required. The pipe is made with good quality material sounds great and looks good only flaw with kit is lack of instructions but other than that worked awesome!

Your email. New customer? Create your account Lost password? Your cart is empty. Cold Air Intake Kit For Save 0. Stock: In stock. Add to cart. Share this product. Delivery Time Our warehouses strive to have orders processed and ready to ship within business days. Shipping Addresses To keep shipping costs as low as possible and provide you with the best possible service here are some tips when checking out online: Make sure your shipping address is correct.

Businesses run out of a residence will be considered a residential address and charged as such for any delivery. Include an accurate phone number when placing an order online. If anything happens with your shipment, we will need the best way to get in touch with you. Carriers often call ahead to verify that someone will be at your business to accept the delivery.

If the carrier is unable to reach you, they may not be able to deliver your items. Customer Reviews. Free Shipping On all orders. Money Guarantee Perfect after-sales support. Amazing Value Get daily brand offer. Attentive Customer Service service flasharkracing. Let customers speak for us. Write a review. It is not good to purchase lower-quality air box options that will not provide you with good performance for an extended period.

As a result, it is a good idea to buy a high-quality product with a large sum of money at once. They are available with a high flow filter to improve airflow and performance. They are easily washable, reusable, and have a black powder-coated heat shield to help prevent heat from the engine. All necessary kits, such as rubber boots, velocity stacks, and stainless steel clamps, are available. This cold air intake improves throttle response while also shielding your engine from harmful contaminants like dust and debris.

The oversized air filter is required to remove all dirt after , miles of travel. This air intake can be installed by yourself using a screwdriver, pliers, and a ratchet-set. That oil can accumulate over time, causing fouling or sensor errors that require cleaning.

The aFe Power Magnum cold air intake is exceptionally well-made. This air intake system generates 14 maximum horsepower and 27 pounds-feet of torque. They have an exceptional fuel efficiency rate for their kit and work flawlessly with 5. For maximum performance, a heat-insulating molded plastic tube increased airflow while improving volumetric efficiency.

You can easily install this air intake on your own. The things that might be bothering you: The intake tube is kept close to the oil filter. To keep the air intake charge excellent and dense, a one-piece powder-coated steel heatshield is used. The tube is also designed to maximize volumetric efficiency and performance while lowering Intake Air. If you purchase this product, you will receive maximum air filtration benefits. The things that might be bothering you: This air intake will have no measurable impact on available power.

A high-flow air filter and a heat shield that installs into the original air box space are available. The things that might be bothering you: You must always check for the correct hardware and installation instructions or experience fitting issues. Answer: Cold air is more conductive than warm air, allowing your vehicle to burn fuel more efficiently. Answer: The new high-output engine produces horsepower and 1, pound-feet of best-in-class torque.

To provide adequate power for the RAM and , HP and torque have been increased to hp and lb-ft.

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Banks Monster-Ram is the best Ram 6.7L Cummins intake elbow. And here's the data to prove it.

WebSPELAB Cold Air Intake Kit For Dodge Cummins Diesel Ram SPELAB air intake kit can help your engine to draw more cold air resulting . WebJan 5, аи The S&B Filters Cold Air Intake System is a fantastic system that will improve your truck as soon as it is installed. These are the loudest intake for . Web Cold Air Intake Kit Fits for Dodge Ram L Cummins Diesel. out of 5 Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake for .