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Cognizant phoenix office address hyderabad

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The Infopulse acquisition allows Cognizant to better serve customers in the Benelux region by adding local client partners, industry expertise, and local language capability.

This helped Cognizant launch its first near-shore software development centre in Ireland. This acquisition brought approximately 70 skilled software professionals to Cognizant.

Cognizant positioned this acquisition as part of its international expansion strategy that would give it a global footprint and re-inforce its a multi-cultural identity. In connection with this transaction, Cognizant offered employment to over software professionals. This transfer of assets provided Cognizant the opportunity to further strengthen its leadership position in the financial services industry, the vertical that contributed approximately 40 plus percent of its revenues.

In April , Cognizant closed on the acquisition of ACES, a company specializing in CRM solutions, with a strong track record of serving blue chip clients in healthcare, financial services and telecommunications verticals. This acquisition also brought to Cognizant approximately 70 professionals. Start a Conversation. Visual Stories. Krithi Shetty loves red Entertainment. What makes Australia incredibly wild?

Vastu tips you should apply to improve your marriage Lifestyle. Here's how to clear negative energy from your home Lifestyle. Budget Budget Budget for Women. Budget for Health Sector. Common Man Budget. It's not a job that has a good work-home life balance. This isn't stressed nearly as much as it should be. Many of the executives are offshore in India and they expect you to work a tremendous amount of hours without pay.

They accomplish this with their management by putting them on salary. I worked from home, in the car, in the office on weekends and holidays. It was never ending. There is no work life balance. They ask the front line employees how they see things and they evaluate their direct supervisors.

The problem is that the supervisor is implementing the executives decisions but the supervisor will get any of the backlash from that the front line does not agree with and get no support from the executives. It was not a great environment to work in.

They don't truly understand the DOL rules and the American workers are constantly having to battle with the company to remind them they cannot force people to work without paying OT once they are over their regular 40 hours per week.

They try to set standards and want to implement a rule that the goal has to be reached before you leave for the day if you haven't reached the goal by the end of your workday but don't want to pay OT.

One of the most stressful places I have ever worked. I was asked if I was comfortable working with people of other cultures because the company is primarily comprised of workers from India.

It is ridiculous how they manage to maintain their clients. If a Client could get a true look inside this company couldn't operate in this county because no one would want their name associated with it Pros great benefits.

Cons poor executive management and advancement opportunities. The training was paid and I was reeled in by the fact that the work was something I was interested in and could advance my career in technology. The benefits and pay were great too, along with the free snacks and drinks hot and cold.

I quickly learned near the end of my training days that we were considered second class to trainers and people in other positions, like management. You were easily replaceable and were treated as such. The quality scores you have to meet are tough and nothing like training prepares you for, so you're in danger of having a low score after a few months and after numerous policy changes. If anything, I can handle a high stress work environment now due to how ridiculously fast this one was.

Near the end of my time there, morale was low with people I had trained with and most had been fired or went on to other jobs. No one was satisfied with what had happened and it was FAR from what we had been promised in our interviews and training. Management did little to help us besides a half thought out training class that was hard to pass, since you needed perfect scores on every test you took.

After that, you were considered to be "draining" company resources and many scrambled to look for work before being fired.

Pros Free snacks, drinks and coffee, Clean work environment, Good benefits. Cons Short breaks, Little to no onsite help, Treated like second class citizens due to position. The work day is not very strenuous. This is a brand new project that Cognizant has with a universally-known client. Since there is no established way of measuring your performance in the task described above, a "quality analyst" in the company simply looks at a small portion of your work and makes the same decision.

The problem arises because a small percentage of your work will involve judgment in answering questions that are not answered by policy. Depending on which individual analyst checks your work, your work may be considered correct or incorrect. Finally, since this gives your measured "performance" an illusion of objectivity behind it, you will eventually be terminated because your numbers fall short of a specific threshold. Even if you execute every decision as flawlessly as possible, it is only possible to meet this threshold as long as you stay lucky enough to not be assigned "judgment cases.

Cognizant is yet another MSP that will use you, abuse you, then throw you away when they are done with you. Too much micromanaging causes daily work to grind to a halt. Nothing productive ever gets done because you are constantly emailing back and forth with your manager over tickets or other workplace drama.

Most departments are impossible to communicate with. If you have an HR question you have to put a "ticket" in and wait weeks for a response, then you receive a generic computer generated response that doesn't even answer your question or concern.

Management has no idea what their employees do on a daily basis, they just sit in their offices with the door closed for most of the day if they even show up to work at all Most new employees will quit or be fired within 6 months, then, the next person has to inherit their mess and start from scratch. The rules change on a daily basis and no real productive work ever gets done.

The entire corporate structure makes no sense. Lots of screaming and yelling about tickets and support issues are embarrassing for the company image, but nobody cares. Don't lower your standards for this place, go work for a real company.

Pros I'm still trying to think Cons Hostile work environment. I have been there a little over a month and the work so far is good. Free snacks and drinks, the dress code is very relaxed, you can pretty much wear anything that is not too short or spaghetti strapped.

It feels like high school or college atmosphere. The co-workers are very nice and helpful to new workers. They do have some great incentives if you make it past on the job training. You will not have any customer interactions which is great. The schedule selections are not great. It seems to be a good place to work and get experience. Pros Free food and drinks, dress as you please. Executive Phoenix, AZ 20 Mar This is really an amazing job. Easy and fast paced. You need to be very flexible and adaptable with new information coming in every day in regard to policy and business need.

The only issue with this job is the amount of favoritism shown. This is something that hinges some employees to advance within the company. They pick and choose who will be next up in management based off their favoritism and not on an employees knowledge and skill. The work culture at the begging is very welcoming but after a few months you will feel the stress of being nitpicked for any little mistake that is normal as a human being. Job security is also minimal you could be secure one day and the next you could be on the verge of loosing your job because the management wasn't aware that they "over hired" The specific project I worked for would over hire and proceed to go on a firing spree to make up for the lack of attention to detail on managements side.

Pros Weekly allowance for snacks, Enjoyable line of work, benefits. Cons favoritism, poor management, lack of job security, no UPTO.

Cognizant is a massive corporation with most of its people in India, so it is hard to talk about the overall company. My experiences are a mixed bag. I really like how I am compensated and would have a hard time getting the same anywhere else in my current location and job role. Their benefits are very good as well. However, I know that other groups are paid under market value. My experience with management has been largely negative.

The last three people in my group who left, left because of the immediate manager. When they brought their issues up the chain, management protected management. The culture varies wildly as well. One location has people so stressed out they had to bring in full-time counselors.

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Everything we do at Cognizant we do with passion for our clients, our communities and our organization. Each associate has the drive and commitment to do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed and we apply that passion to help sustain our communities and our environment. A cornerstone of Cognizant's success is the interconnectivity of our associates and teams across business units.

We believe that the better we share knowledge and work together, the more we can achieve for our clients and ourselves. We encourage end-to-end ownership, responsibility, accountability and recognition.

Cognizant is entrepreneurial and fast-growing, offering numerous opportunities to shape our roles and our careers. Cognizant is built on a foundation of open and honest communication. We believe the only way to ensure success for our clients and ourselves is to operate in a fully transparent manner.

We encourage associates to listen to ideas and share feedback that can make us a better, stronger, more able company. We never compromise on integrity and we take every decision accordingly. Integrity means doing the right things, always. Integrity also means that we treat our colleagues and clients with respect and value their opinions. Corporate Social Responsibilies We are focused in our sustainability efforts: Improving education in our communities.

Reducing the environmental impact of our operations. Providing a safe workplace while promoting professional development. Maintaining high standards of business conduct. Delivering superior service and tangible business advantages to our clients. Sustainability is an integral part of cognizant's business. We have a formal policy on sustainability and corporate responsibility, as well as a supplier code of conduct.

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Amerigroup fcs Cognizant phoenix office address hyderabad Process Engineer 1 salary reported. Budget for Health Sector. See all stories. Lots of screaming and yelling about tickets and support issues are embarrassing for the company image, but nobody cares. The numerous broken promises, unfortunate shifts in management, and unsanitary working conditions sickness was passed around so frequently it was like being trapped in an elementary school were all hard to manage, and then when mass amounts of cummins ntc are suddenly just not coming into work anymore, the phoenxi started to become more negative and depressed.
Cognizant phoenix office address hyderabad I already experienced 1. New Graduate 1 salary reported. Why did you leave your job at Cognizant Technology Solutions? Tech Layoffs. What kind of background check does Cognizant Technology Solutions do and how long does Cognizant Technology Solutions take to complete a background check? Address Man Budget. One location has people so stressed out they had to bring in full-time counselors.
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Vedat obuz amerigroup Metaverse Building a Responsible Metaverse Explore how companies must work to create experiences that put trust at the core of user strategy. CSR' s are taught systems and keep passwords that each expire in different time frames. My joining date will be in this month only. Even if you do all this project leads can't protect you from an incompetent and biased HR. Management did little to help us besides a half thought out training class that was hard to pass, since you cognnizant perfect scores on every test you took. You need lots of mental energy to be offcie to do this job well. Budget Budget
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Caresource medicaid ohio eligibility Pros Free food and drinks, dress as you please. Pros Good pay. When they brought their issues up the chain, management protected management. All rights reserved. Kinda fun. The strategy that leads to a new performance frontier. Continue reading much micromanaging causes daily work to grind to a halt.

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