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Femto lasik alcon

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Start planning for clearer vision and learn more about cataract surgery. Discover our contact lens solutions and get the clean, comfort you need. Ready to find a doctor in your area?

Each formula is designed to keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable, providing lasting relief when you need it most. Learn how one contact lens can help you see clearly—near and far. See product instructions for complete wear, care and safety information. Welcome to MyAlcon. Contact Lenses Learn more about contact lenses and find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Eye Care Products Discover the products you need to help keep your eyes happy and healthy. Cataract Treatment Start planning for clearer vision and learn more about cataract surgery. Contact Lens Solutions. Small incision lenticule extraction, more commonly known as SMILE, enables surgeons to treat refractive impairments with the least possible surgical intervention.

The procedure is performed without a flap, which offers a number of benefits. Femtosecond laser solutions developed by ZEISS provide the foundation for this groundbreaking technique. Based on the principle of photodisruption, femtosecond laser technology uses ultrashort pulses — shorter than those of an excimer laser — to create microscopic perforations in the tissue. When these pulses are tightly focused in the tissue, the electrons are separated from the molecules, creating plasma along with cavitation bubbles that enable tissue separation within the cornea.

A system equipped with excellent optics allows surgeons to conduct pinpoint applications with a high degree of accuracy.

Also, a femtosecond laser generally requires significantly less pulse energy than an excimer laser. The mechanical and thermal effects to the surrounding tissue during treatment are minimal. The femtosecond laser expands vision correction possibilities. This potential was recognized early on at ZEISS, which helped to drive the technology forward with various innovations.

The femtosecond laser was specifically designed as a reliable, high-performance workstation for performing SMILE. This spirit of innovation and attention to detail, characteristic of all ZEISS products, are also evident in the anatomically optimized contact glass.

Exceptional cutting precision and speed, outstanding efficiency, renowned ZEISS optics and highly convenient workflow features have made the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser system a favored tool for a wide variety of treatment applications of the cornea.

SMILE is suitable for treating patients with low, moderate and high myopia. When performing SMILE, the anterior corneal surface is largely left intact, thereby offering the potential for more biomechanical stability.

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WebThere are two approaches to create a LASIK corneal flap: using a mechanical microkeratome or a femtosecond laser. About % and % of worldwide LASIK procedures in were performed using femtosecond lasers and blade based microkeratomes, respectively.1 Microkeratome and femtosecond flap creation are two . Learn more about the Alcon WaveLight® Refractive Laser Suite and how it may benefit your practice. Visit MyAlcon today. Alcon WaveLight® Refractive Technology Suite | Alcon . WebCombining the Intralase femtosecond laser with the Alcon EX excimer laser to deliver outstanding LASIK outcomes. Cataract Care. Dr. Kent performed my LASIK and it was an amazing experience. The level of care -- before and after the procedure -- has been great! Dr. Kent explained everything, step-by-step, and the staff made me feel.