efi live for 5.9 cummins
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Efi live for 5.9 cummins 6.7 cummins engine

Efi live for 5.9 cummins

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Home - Return to Previous Page. Additional Images. USD Qty :. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. If you have tunes by another tuner, you will have to contact them to setup your tunes properly. Information: Now works with Dodge 5. The bottom smooth washer must remain on the bottom with the tab located in hole number five.

If it falls out, turn the switch fully counterclockwise and place the washer back with the pin in hole five and make sure the switch moves exactly four clicks clockwise.

If not, turn the switch back fully counterclockwise, move the pin and try again. Our newest switch has five pins, not the four pictured. Categories Cummins - 6. You must login to post a review.

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That said, there are some differences in capabilities between the platforms which will make one or the other a better choice for YOU; which is what really matters. The intent of this article is to help you weigh your options and decide which platform is right for your situation.

I had a customer on one of the other platforms below experience an interrupted flash which left him dead in the water. The company actually requested he send his ECM in to have it reset to the factory tune. All other platforms require the ECM to be removed and bench flashed to recover from a catastrophic failed flash. This recovery mode typically takes minutes to correct a bricked ECM which is a huge advantage over other platforms.

The Smarty Touch is a touch screen tuner with different power level tunes pre-installed. With that said, The Smarty Touch can accept custom tuning, so if you already own one place an order and send me your stock file!

April 30th, 4. Thank you much for taking on the SCI venture. May 1st, 5. May 1st, 6. I hate to ask this but My '99 has been begging for a decent tune for 13 years now Sorry to hijack!!! May 1st, 7. Originally Posted by schwoch1. May 2nd, 8. Originally Posted by cindy efilive. Sorry Mike, we have no plans to go any further back than We have no plans learning another communications protocol on top of all that.

May 2nd, 9. May 2nd, Originally Posted by skneeland. Last Jump to page:. Have the v2 for gm how to get for cummins? By kregelsmax in forum Purchase and Shipping.

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07 5.9 Cummins EFI Live Tune 4 and 5

EFI by Ryan is back! Advanced Custom ECM calibrations written specifically for you by Ryan Milliken using EFILive Software and to be used with your EFILive V2 or Autocal. Intended for . K subscribers. Taking a little ride in my Firepunk tuned Cummins daily driver. These tunes took this truck from gentle giant to fire breathing monster!! Dont forget to smash . Oct 21, аи If you want to calculate your current timing percentages, copy and paste your rail pressure and pulse width tables as instructed above. Then go to table {E} Timing, Base .