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Maya angelou grandmother baxter united healthcare plan name changes

Maya angelou grandmother baxter

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Although poor in worldly goods and bereft of power, Annie is rich in the esteem of local people, both black and white. Daddy Bailey Johnson A sanguine, conceited man vain enough to send his exiled children his picture as a Christmas gift. Speaking affected but proper English, Big Bailey, a former doorman at the Breakers Hotel in Santa Monica and later a dietician at a naval hospital in southern California, looms larger than Maya can take in.

A definite contrast to his stuttering, crippled brother and to the "peasants of Arkansas," Bailey serves temporarily as hero and rescuer after Dolores knifes Maya in the side.

Failing his string of promises to Dolores, he marries Alberta. Vivian Baxter Affectionately known as Bibbie, Vivian, who is "Mother Dear" to her children, captivates Maya with her bold red lipstick, white teeth, Lucky Strikes, and "fresh-butter color [that] looked see-through clean. Trained as a nurse, she earns her living "cutting poker games in gambling parlors," sometimes to the detriment of her children. Uncle Willie Anchored to a rubber-tipped cane and shaped like a "giant black Z" from being dropped by a babysitter when he was three years old, Uncle Willie suffers a withered left hand and distortion of muscles that pull down the left side of his face.

Even more painful are the gibes of jokesters who ridicule his impairment. To facilitate counter work at the store, he leans on a special shelf. His desire for upright manhood strikes compassion in Maya. Grandfather Baxter Speaking his choppy West Indian dialect, Grandfather Baxter, ever in the shadow of his politically astute wife, contrasts her "throaty German accent. Phillips Hospital when she met Grandfather Baxter.

A doughty, pragmatic precinct leader who conducts shady dealings in a thick German dialect with gracious, ladylike manners, Grandmother operates so smoothly that she glides over the matter of Mr. Freeman's murder and on to her granddaughter's health as if a gangland-style execution were business as usual. When Maya next encounters her, Grandmother Baxter, ramrod straight and adorned with pince-nez glasses, suffers chronic bronchitis and continues to smoke heavily while sharing her granddaughter's bed.

Louis, stand out from younger brother, Billy, by their "unrelenting meanness," which compels them to avenge Maya's rape by kicking Mr. Freeman to death. Uncle Tommy, gruff like his father, consoles Maya for not being pretty by reminding her that she is smart.

A successful but poorly educated property owner from Slaten, Texas, he is the first real father in Maya's life and teaches her to play "poker, blackjack, tonk and high, low, Jick, Jack and the Game. Reverend Howard Thomas Texarkana resident who presides as church elder over the district including Stamps. Hated by Maya and Bailey for being ugly, fat, and pompous, he freeloads meals from Annie. During one Sunday morning worship, his teeth fall out while he duels with Sister Monroe during her violent response to his evangelism.

Sister Monroe An energetic, shouting churchgoer who makes up for infrequent attendance by jostling the minister and urging him to "Preach it! The tallest one does a handstand in the dust, revealing her bare backside as an extra dollop of disrespect. Bertha Flowers A cool, thin, black-skinned Stamps matron who, with her voile dresses, flowered hats, and white gloves, embodies a refined, ladylike grace that is the antithesis of local squalor and misery.

As baker of tea cookies, reader of Dickens, and representative of what Momma calls "settled people," Mrs. Flowers is an appropriate antidote to Maya's poignant self-loathing. Viola Cullinan Maya's white acquisitive and tradition-bound employer and the barren wife of Mr.

Cullinan, who fathered the Coleman girls, two attractive daughters of a Stamps black woman. Perceiving herself as Virginia-born elite, Mrs. Cullinan precipitates an early burst of rebellion in Maya by renaming her Mary, thereby denying her personhood. Shrieking for her mother's forgiveness, Mrs. Cullinan offers comic relief by wallowing among the fragments of her ruined dinnerware.

Louise Kendricks Louise, the daughter of a domestic worker, is a lonely girl and fellow ten year old who shares Maya's dreamy romanticism as well as the Tut language, a secret child's language.

Loss of Louise's friendship is Maya's sole regret in departing from Stamps. Angelou remembers. Eleanor Roosevelt You're in that category. I thought, 'Suppose she's right. Suppose I really am going to be somebody. In the video, Dr. Angelou reveals how those words prompted her to make specific changes in her life -- changes that she still practices today, more than 60 years later. The second part of Dr. Angelou's appearance on "Super Soul Sunday" airs May 19 at 11 a.

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