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Rashmi vashisht cognizant

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Tim Ringo on HR Challenges in How to balance productivity and flexibility in Hybrid work culture? Retaining the Skill Edge in Employee Experience Trends for Top Emerging Technologies to Leverage Hiring in Next Generation Workplace with Metaverse. Employee Recognition and Engagement Trends for For any feedback kindly write to karan.

Activation and OOH: Trends to watch out for in 4 hours ago. Cannes Lions makes sustainability reporting a factor for entry process in awards 6 hours ago. Best ads of the fortnight: Brooke Bond's kindness over a cuppa, Kurkure's spooky tale 14 hours ago. Jio to stream IPL for free in 11 regional languages 1 week ago. The candidates will be selected on the basis of leadership, accomplishment, future potential, and contribution to the industry.

By exchange4media Staff Jan 13, AM 2 min read. The e4m PR and Corporate Communication 40 under 40 summit and awards will identify the generation PR and Communication leaders, who are shaping the industry through their forward-looking vision.

The awards will honour the brightest professionals, entrepreneurs, game-changers, achievers of the industry under the age of The panel will examine on the aspects of communication along with agility, technology, human interface and mentorship. The grand jury will look into the nominations on several aspects like leadership, accomplishments, future potential, and contribution to the industry. For the virtual jury process, the grand jury will be divided into two groups - Group A and Group B - with one jury chair in each virtual room to judge all the nominations diligently.

The final awardees will be unveiled and felicitated on the day of the summit and awards ceremony on February 1, The consultancy has signed an MoU to provide communications capacity-building support for the NGOs over the next five years.

By exchange4media Staff Jan 10, PM 3 min read. The collaboration is focussed at achieving self-sufficiency within the organisations to be able to tell their story effectively and raise visibility for the causes they champion.

The design of these workshops will be tailored to the needs of the cohort and include areas such as Communications Planning Framework, Goal Setting and Measurement, Media and Digital Storytelling, the Power of Owned Media and How to Raise Founder visibility to generate goodwill and funds for these organisations.

It is dedicated to connecting the funding community with grassroots NGOs to empower the underserved communities to be more crisis-ready, resilient, and striding towards success, even in the face of setbacks. At this juncture, we are highly motivated to develop their internal capacity for effective communication to get them noticed and recognized for their commendable work.

However, things are changing now. Today, despite calling for a monitoring discussion, PR professionals bring up measurement questions also in the same discussion. Still, most measurement discussions do not convert into measurement projects for many reasons. Budget is often one of the factors. The good news is you do not have to have deep pockets to incorporate media measurement into your PR programs. Measuring does not have to be expensive if we keep in mind certain basic principles while designing our measurement programs.

When PR professionals understand the power and potential of measurement, they get carried away. They expand the scope to cover issues, regions and players which may or may not be required for their first measurement effort. All this adds to the cost of measurement. Here are some tips on how to get started on your measurement journey while keeping the costs in check. First and foremost, we need to be clear about our organizational objectives and accordingly communication objectives.

We also need to identify the right target audience whom we want to communicate with. This will in turn help us scope our measurement approach. The very first principle of the Barcelona Principles 3. Although outputs alone are directional and not absolute measures, they offer a budget-friendly way to start your measurement journey. In Barcelona Principles 3.

But for the purpose of this article, and for organizations who have not yet started their measurement journey, let's start with output measurement with few examples:. A new company, Company X , is entering the gold loan market, which already has established players such as Muthoot and others.

The PR campaign's goal is to raise public awareness of the company and its services. As you can see, all the above parameters are quantitative and can be easily measured with Quantitative Analysis without spending a lot of money.

Measuring only the above parameters should be sufficient. Adding more variables like sentiment, messaging, etc. Sometimes, quantitative measurement is sufficient for short-term campaigns with simple objectives. Company Y is a well-established company in the Consultancy space. PR's primary objective here is to establish the company and its partners as thought leaders, and most of their efforts are directed towards that goal.

Since the articles would have to be scrutinized in depth and qualified based on these parameters, this is a qualitative analysis that requires more effort. This will also have to be done for all articles appearing on client and competition in all publications.

Thus, we would have to analyse a large number of articles. All this will make the effort expensive. In my experience, the results of the sampling approach are almost as good as those obtained from the analysis of all articles. Due to the significant cost savings that are achieved with this approach, it is highly recommended for companies that receive a lot of media attention. By using these methods, we are able to incorporate measurement into our PR campaigns within our budget constraints without burning a hole in our pocket.

Rather than presenting a laundry list of what we want to measure and later complaining that measurement is expensive, we need to be clear about our objectives and accordingly what needs to be measured. As mentioned earlier, the above are few examples of Output Measurement.

In a similar manner, we may plan to measure Outtakes and Outcomes within our budget. The views expressed here are solely those of the authors and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media. The year has ushered in days to be filled with success stories, thoughts and ideas. This is also the time to stop and reminisce about the year that was, rethink our learnings, be grateful for our triumphs, and imbibe wisdom from our mistakes, all the while preparing ourselves for the days ahead.

Today, we have Udit Pathak, founder-director, Media Mantra, who swears by the mantra 'Keep working hard'. Having undergone a major paradigm shift during the pandemic, public relations PR , today, has morphed into an industry that touches almost every aspect of business, reinventing communication as we know it.

The last year has been a mere witness to PR firms evolving and reinventing their approach to delivering creative opportunities for their clients. With the expansion of the digital world, the PR industry has forayed into the new age of communication which is dominated by both disruptions and innovations.

Today, at the behest of a perfect amalgamation of traditional PR and digital PR techniques, modern-day PR efforts are bearing fruits as they get strategically incorporated into brand stories.

Furthermore, the adoption of new and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics among others across the industry has heralded a new and more promising era in PR and corporate communications. What are the trends that have yielded optimum results this year? With the opening-up of the economy and sustained economic growth, India is currently witnessing a major paradigm shift across the communication verticals.

This has paved the way for PR firms to leverage new trends in their bid to cater to the modern-day needs of their clients. Among the new and upcoming trends, influencer marketing is arguably the one that has yielded optimum results in And, the rise of influencers saw them playing an integral role in increasing brand exposure and ensuring that firms manage to reach the right target group.

On the other hand, PR firms were also seen harnessing the power of digital channels to help brands improve their online presence and gain visibility something that gave rise to digital PR efforts. Similarly, there was also a greater emphasis laid on multimedia content by PR firms to offer a more immersive degree experience. From a time-sensitive meme to nuanced video-based storytelling, the industry witnessed PR pros using different formats and platforms to help their clients maximise their reach and response.

When it comes to global trend practices, I feel the Indian PR landscape is yet to truly embrace the possibilities of data analytics and podcasts to aid brands in deriving desired results. While data-driven marketing efforts can cut through the clutter and reach the target audience with unmatched precision, podcasts can be used for native ads and guest spots as a great relationship-building tool.

We are rapidly moving ahead in the area of digital communications and will do more so in the New Year. Do you feel that new technology can co-exist harmoniously with the traditional ways of PR and corporate communications? The debate between tradition and technology continues to gather steam across industries. And, the PR and corporate communications ecosystem are no different, especially having witnessed a dramatic evolution in the past decade. Gone are the days when PR was restricted to merely publishing press releases and articles alongside keeping close tabs on the media.

With the advancements in technology and changes in our society, the PR and corporate communications industry have embraced digital transformation in order to create a more strategic communication process that builds beneficial relationships between modern-day firms and their respective audiences.

Regardless of the clients' requirements, new-age PR firms must find the perfect balance between digital and traditional practices to successfully achieve desired goals. A combination of traditional and digital PR efforts remains pivotal for PR firms in their bid to deliver the very best results for clients and stakeholders by using both old and new practices to enhance the brand reputation.

By exchange4media Staff Jan 9, PM 1 min read. It thrills me to be joining the global airline at a time when it stands on the cusp of transformational change.

As a communicator, it is this story of what is, arguably, one of the most challenging turnarounds in aviation history, that I am most excited to tell. My gratitude to the new management team at Air India for giving me this honour and privilege. I am looking forward to working with the many exceptional professionals at Air India and all industry stakeholders.

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WebMay 21, Rashmi Vasisht joins Cognizant as VP, Corporate Communications, will report to Jeff DeMarrais, CCO. 21st May PR News. Paarul Chand. Rashmi . WebMay 22, Cognizant ropes in Apple Veteran Rashmi Vasisht as Vice President- Corporate Communications. IT Major, Cognizant Technology Solutions has announced . WebMay 20, Cognizant has recently appointed Rashmi Vasisht as Vice President, Corporate Communications. Rashmi is a progressive leader with two decades of .