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Fuel System: Rotary fuel pump with optional electronic governor for precise fueling and engine speed. Cooling System: Single loop keel cooling or engine mounted heat exchanger available for simplified installation. Optional fan drive for radiator applications. Exhaust System: Water cooled exhaust manifold reduces emissions and cools engine surface temperatures. Air System: Cummins turbocharger optimized for marine applications.

Jacket water aftercooled. Lubrication System: Standard capacity Spin on Cummins lube filters. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Breadcrumb Home Engines 6bt Power - hp 78 - kW. Make us your only choice for Cummins diesel engines in North America. DFC silicones the oil pans instead of using the factory gasket as they are common to compress and start to sweat prematurely.

The model engines come upgraded from DFC with additional piston cooling preventing premature piston erosion of the piston crown from failed injectors. The factory valve seats were only installed with 0. Our engines have oversized SBI valve seats installed with at least 0. Most companies will re-grind and install used again. Our production engines are typically matched with near identical weight piston and connecting rod assemblies giving our customers a smoother running and quieter engine.

The front covers on the Cummins engines use a paper gasket that is known to fall inside of the front gear case causing a significant oil loss and expensive repair. By utilizing a high quality silicone we are able to prevent this from occurring.

Our Rottler equipment allows us to remanufacture the Cummins engine to tighter than OEM specifications resulting in a longer lasting more efficient engine assembly. Instead of just testing old springs and reusing like most remanufacturers DFC installs brand new SBI valve springs that are still tested for proper spring pressure on every cylinder head we remanufacture. Common industry practice is to check guide clearance and if within specification, not replace. DFC considers this practice unacceptable and installs new cast SBI guides in every cylinder head we remanufacture.

In addition to not just following the OEM procedures for tightening sequence our assembly technicians record the achieved torque load through use of digital torque wrenches ensuring no fastener will come loose over time.

Toggle navigation. Cummins 5. Short Block Assembly Includes: Front cover with seal Rear cover with main seal Oil pan All internal components Complete gasket kit for installation Important installation instructions. All engines come standard with Total Seal gapless piston rings.

All engines come standard with a Cometic MLS multi-layer steel head gasket. Machined with some of the most advanced Rottler machining equipment in North America. Improved gasket sealing methods in common leakage areas. All NEW pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, seals, valves, springs, hardened seats, stem seals and cast guides standard in every engine. Increased piston cooling reducing piston failures from faulty injectors. Comes standard with 5 yr , km , mi parts and labor warranty.