cognizant experienced interview process
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Cognizant experienced interview process anitha kumari cognizant

Cognizant experienced interview process

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The post that they were offering was Program Analyst. Pretty decent position to start your career in such a big multinational company. Cognizant is one the company and provides its employee with a great amount exposure but at the same time it needs your dedication and hard work as well. The website if sufficient to big you the pattern it helped me a lot.

The platform of the test was AMCAT, one of the platform that many companies uses for their recruitment process. Its an adaptive test which means your current question decides your upcoming question. Either the level decreases if current question is answered incorrectly or the level get increased is answered correctly.

Many of you might be thinking of what is AutoFix. The question in AutoFix consist of logical and syntactical errors present within the given code. Its like the executable code is given with error present witthin it. You just have to figure out the error and boom its working fine. The question in the section are quite and easy and requires basic knowledge of programming and logic building.

The entire online test was of intermediate difficulty, if you are good at quantitative problems just the verbal section of the test needs a bit of attention especially the synonyms and antonyms.

There are about of these question. Around students cleared the online test the results were announced later that day in the evening. The following day all the students those were shortlisted for the technical interview were excepted to submit their resumes to the officials as they were called in batches of around 30 students.

It took quite long for my turn to time, the process started around 9 in the morning and I got my call for the interview around 5 in evening so you can imagine the amount of tiredness and frustration that I had gone through it was mighty 8 hours waitÖBut that is the time that one needs to utilize effectively.

I studied for those 8 hours like those were my last on the planet gained every knowledge that I could regarding your projects even the basics of it. Then he got into my projects and questioned me regarding them and around question my projects and told me to explain the one that I had upon recently. Lucky for me the person who was taking my interview for very friendly.

It was a minutes long technical. About students were shortlisted for the HR interview. It was quick round and took hardly minutes to complete. The interviewer was just their to check the confidence level and verbal communication level. Finally I was shortlisted. It included questions from aptitude, verbal and logical reasoning. The third round was a Technical Interview conducted on Superset. The questions in this round were mostly from Python as I had mentioned that I am most comfortable in Python programing.

Constructor in Python is a special type of method which is used to initialize the instance members of the class. The task of constructors is to initialize and assign values to the data members of the class when an object of the class is created. Pass statement is a null statement. It is used to delay the time of compilation. There was also a brief HR Round where they asked for introductions, document verification and spoke about the internship.

Some of the questions asked in this round were:. This course includes The Cognizant GenC exam is relatively easy. The candidates are expected to know about the basics of new and advanced technologies and basic to medium coding questions.

Along with that you can basic programming questions and coding questions. And some questions about Cognizant. For whichever profile you have registered you will be shortlisted for that only.

No upgrades are done. You can practice coding questions here : Top codes. All the rounds in Cognizant are elimination rounds, and there is always the chance of getting rejected after the Interview stage. The Cognizant Interview usually lasts for 30 minutes. But it varies as per candidates and interviewers. Cognizant does a proper background check and document verification after hiring.

And if there is any misinformation then they can reject the candidate. Toggle navigation. Psychometric Test. All Interview Exp. Cognizant Interview Experiences September 1, Cognizant Interview Experience.

Cognizant Placement Papers. About Cognizant Cognizant is a US based multinational technology company. Cognizant GenC Interview Experience. Round It was an online written exam. The exam was conducted on the Amcat platform. There were 3 sections in the communication round:- Total time: 45mins Reading and grammar Comprehension and listening Speaking.

Round After clearing both the aptitude and communication assessments. Technical as well as HR questions were asked in the interview including:- 1. Introduce yourself. How to add new rows and columns in a table? Query to find 2nd largest salary from a table. What are pure virtual functions? Can a database table exist without a primary key? Yes, a database table can exist without a primary key. What are aggregation and encapsulation? Why do you want to join CTS? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Are you willing to relocate? Some aptitude questions. There were 2 rounds:- 1. Written exam Aptitude Assessment Communication Assessment 2. Interview Round Below is the exam pattern. Sections Time alloted Reading and grammar 45mins shared Listening and comprehension 45mins shared Speaking 45mins shared.

Explain the OOPs concepts. Encapsulation- It is the mechanism that binds the code to the data it manipulates. Thus the data is wrapped under a single unit. Abstraction- It is the process of exposing the details that are necessary and hiding the rest.

Inheritance- Through this, a class can acquire the properties of another class. Polymorphism- The same action can be performed in many different ways. What is method overloading and method overriding? Method Overloading:- It is used to increase the readability of a program.

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WebCognizant Interview Experience of Selected Candidates. Cognizant Interview Questions with Answers. Interview Preparation Course. Cognizant Placement Papers. About . WebYou receive the interview link some days or one day before the interview. You need to download the cognizant interview app for the video call discussion by entering the . WebWhat candidates say about the interview process at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Since I'm from Non-IT background, they didn't ask any technical questions. Instead, .