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Accenture recruitment process kaiser permanente in mission hills ca

Accenture recruitment process

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You should know who its major clients are and read several of Accenture's cases beforehand. The assessor will want to see that you have researched your career options and can demonstrate your commitment to a career at Accenture. Competency -based questions may also be asked to assess your:. You should be prepared to discuss specific situations where you have demonstrated the skills being assessed. Think about experiences in academia, work, voluntary roles and extracurricular activities to select examples.

Video interviews can be daunting if you have never done one before. The following tips will help you to feel relaxed and prepared:. Practise recording some interview answers first to make sure you feel confident using the equipment. This will also give you a chance to study your body language and tone of voice. Find a quiet place to record and make sure the background of the shot is neutral and tidy.

Check the lighting natural lighting is best and make sure your face is clearly visible. Look at the camera rather than the screen when giving your answers, and make sure it is positioned at eye level. Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview this means smartly and conservatively. Consider showing some practice recordings to friends and family for feedback on how you are presenting yourself on camera and any improvements you could make.

You can also read our informative guides for help with specific interview questions , including:. The final stage of the Accenture graduate recruitment process is the assessment centre. This is held at Accenture offices with members of the recruitment team and will last around half a day.

It will consist of:. You will also be asked to research a relevant topic to discuss with an assessor during the session. The topic is likely to have a focus on current tech trends. This is not a presentation, but you will need to talk about your given topic with the interviewer for at least 10 minutes. You may need to perform a range of different tasks or exercises during the assessment centre.

Some examples are below. You have to complete a pen and paper-based project handover in 30 minutes. You will need to read and filter material and emails provided in a pack containing graphs, timelines and text. The goal is to identify issues that will affect a project delivery, b project financials, c other; then pick and prioritise the main issue in each case and suggest one mitigating solution. Finally draft an email to the project lead detailing your activities for the week.

Not all the information is relevant so you will need to prioritise and focus on the main points. For example, if you're looking at project delivery issues, a project timeline graph is probably going to be useful whereas a table detailing contractor rates and hours isn't. You are given 20 minutes of preparation time to discuss a case study with a recruiter or senior manager for 20 minutes.

Revenues are up but profits are down and IT is not functioning properly. There's a booklet of material including a company summary, staff interviews, emails from the CEO, their supply chain diagram and two articles on consumer behaviour.

You need to identify key issues and suggest solutions. Try to condense the information down to perhaps three main issues. Be aware of where, how and why you identified them so you can demonstrate that you have assimilated the information and are able to use it constructively. Have solutions in mind for each of the issues but keep it simple and make logical sense, for example, implement a more suitable higher spec IT system that can store more data, re-organise the structure of the company, put together a communications plan to improve morale by getting everyone involved and so forth.

The exceptional candidate will link these solutions to case study examples found on the Accenture website. Most importantly, don't waffle; keep the discussion structured. You have 30 minutes to produce a proposal for building a school in Mozambique for children, with educational themes and a complete list of materials required, delivered in a five-month project plan. Each team member will also deliver a second presentation on a key point about the project.

This task is all about teamwork and communication. Ask how the team would like to approach the brief. As a team, decide on what the task is asking and break it down into elements. Move through each element systematically and keep an eye on the time. For the presentation, say everything you need to in 30 seconds, as you will be cut off otherwise.

As part of the assessment day , you will be asked to complete some assessments in virtual reality VR. These are provided by CAPP and consist of three different virtual reality scenarios. In each one, candidates will be judged on their skills and strengths in interpreting data, solving problems, resilience and working agile. Exercise one This is set in an Egyptian crypt where you will find a set of hieroglyphs, which you must move into the correct sequence in as few moves as possible.

Lights will change to indicate if the hieroglyph is correct but in the wrong place yellow or correct and in the right place green. Exercise two Here you will find 10 podiums, each presenting a problem that needs to be solved. These may include moving rocks into correct size order, counting the number of cubes in a box or naming the capital cities of given countries.

You will have seven minutes to complete the exercise and two of the tasks are impossible to complete in the time. You will need to decide which tasks to complete, how to get as much done as you can and when to move on, so this task evaluates your project management skills and how you make decisions about prioritising. Exercise three The final VR exercise is an office simulation. You will find a virtual iPad containing information on a live project.

You will need to analyse the status of the project before dialling into a conference call and recording a summary of your findings. Interviews at the assessment centre are now strength-based , which means the questions will focus on learning more about what motivates you as well as some situational judgement questions to explore how you would tackle particular work situations.

These types of questions do not have a right or wrong answer; they are designed to avoid candidates arriving with a set of pre-rehearsed answers. The interviewer wants to gain insight into your personality and natural attributes, and they will be observing your body language throughout.

As such it's important that you are honest and genuine in the responses that you give. However, it is still possible to prepare to a certain extent. You will need to give examples to illustrate your answers, so think about how you can use specific experiences from your studies, employment or other areas of your life to demonstrate your strengths and what you are good at, aligning these with the core values wherever possible.

This article on common interview questions provides more detailed hints and tips on preparing for strength-based interview questions. You will also have an oppotunity to ask the interviewer some questions, so try to make these insightful and relevant to increase your chances of standing out. The new assessment centre process is designed to evaluate candidates on their natural talent, ability and potential rather than favouring those who are able to give a carefully polished performance.

As such, the intention is that candidates cannot rehearse for the day but must respond instinctively to tasks and questions. That said, having an understanding of what to expect on the day will help you to feel prepared. Candidates at the assessment centre are not assessed against one another, but against a range of skills and attributes that Accenture has identified are necessary for success within the company. So, if all candidates at the assessment centre are judged to match those criteria, they will all be made an offer.

Likewise, if no candidates are deemed to meet the criteria, then no offers will be made. You should be informed whether you have received an offer within 15 working days. When you meet your interviewer, they may not be wearing a suit.

Candidates are not required to wear a suit although they are not discouraged from doing so but must be smartly dressed.

There is more information regarding dress codes in the General Interview Advice section. Try to meet a member of staff from Accenture at a graduate recruitment fair before you make your online application, as they will be able to provide you with useful hints and tips for applying. The Accenture Careers page also contains lots of helpful information. Alternatively, why not check out our article on how to write a CV for more hints and tips on applying for jobs or graduate schemes. WikiJob Find a Job.

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Accenture is among the leading Fortune companies across the globe with revenue and profits better than most of the MNCs. It is also well-known for its diverse and robust work culture.

Obtaining a career at Accenture would help you to upgrade your career growth and knowledge base. Accenture recruits many candidates every year for their several job opportunities. The candidates should put all their efforts to achieve their goals and the organization should pace up the process to gain more fame in the long run. Recently, Accenture has also announced that it is going to hire plenty of candidates across various roles, and hence this is an opportunity to give it your best shot.

Hope this article assists you to get more information about the Accenture interview process and help you ace through it. Now brace yourself for every question thoroughly as this article is going to upgrade your understanding of the Accenture recruitment process. SQL Interview. Java Interview. Python Interview. The interview is basically a way of testing your ability to think, code and solve problems. The technical interview round may seem tough at first, but with appropriate preparation, you can easily ace it.

Some tips to help you get succeeded in your Accenture interview are mentioned below:. Following are the few points that you can take care of while preparing for the Accenture interview:. The Accenture interview might be a bit challenging, but can easily be cracked with proper preparations. Since Accenture is a high-performing company that wants to hire the best people possible, the different interview rounds at Accenture are challenging compared to regular interviews at large corporate companies.

But the fact is that, with the perfect preparations, the interview can actually become relatively easy to succeed in the Accenture recruitment process. Well, this job role is what I am interested to work for. Even though I am a fresher, I assure you that I will give my best and work to my fullest potential, so that I can contribute as much as I can towards the growth and success of this great brand.

Yes, the candidates will be asked coding questions in technical interviews. The prime reason why Accenture is a great place to work or build your career is because of its robust work environment. From varied areas of expertise to backgrounds, from everywhere around the world, you will work and learn from some of the smartest, most generous people anywhere. Accenture pays a competitive salary package for freshers.

The salary for freshers at Accenture can range from Rs 2. Typically, the average fresher's salary in Accenture is Rs 3. This question can be answered by mentioning the following major points with respect to Accenture:. Below mentioned are some of the major reasons why Accenture is a great place to start your career:. On average, the Accenture interview process will usually go around one month from beginning to end, although it might take longer during busy recruitment periods.

Once the online application and interviews of a particular candidate are completed, Accenture normally aims to respond to their decision within 1015 working days. So if you have cleared an assessment test, you should be receiving positive feedback within 2 weeks from its conclusion.

Accenture receives a large number of applications for different roles every year. So there is a higher chance that it can close the applications earlier than expected, so be sure to apply early. I would like to be known globally as a passionate expert in my area of expertise. Overall, I will definitely want to cherish the journey at Accenture, which I hope probably going to be one of the best in the world.

For experienced candidates also, the interview rounds will usually remain the same. But in the case of some prominent roles or based on your experience level, you may have to face two or more rounds of technical interviews followed by an HR interview. Check the above section for a detailed interview process. Personalised feedback report with solutions Real life Interview Questions Identify exact topics to improve. Before you go! Take this "Accenture Interview Questions" interview guide with you.

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Real life Interview Questions. Identify exact topics to improve. Attend Free Class. Got suggestions? We would love to hear your feedback.

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