does cognizant revoke h1b once you resign
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Does cognizant revoke h1b once you resign amerigroup 3800 buffalo speedway suite 400 houston tx

Does cognizant revoke h1b once you resign

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If I resign, will by I be cancelled? Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted September 14, But my visa has not been stamped as the position for which my current company applied for, that has gone on hold.

Thus the stamping might not go through at this time. I read that most companies do it to safeguard them from some future liability. And for this cancellation, will the current company have to spend some money for cancellation, or just by informing the USCIS will be enough for them?

I want to move out from the current company but at the same time, don't want to lose the H1B as well. Link to comment. JoeF Posted September 15, Posted September 15, Emp B offer and company is excellent. Please advise me, what are the step I need to take in the safe move to emp B. How much I am safe here. When B applies for h1, they should use the most recent receipt number from A i.

Awesome asnwer, but still I am little bit worrying I will be with current employer till justing joining into new company and I can provide all paystubs upto date. My question is, if H1 transfer filed after my I and still work with current during my extention there is days rule , is that Okay?

You should continue working with your current employer since extension petition is filed thru him in timely fashion and i believe that the day rule is correct as well.

I'm not sure if you can do AC portability on receipt because your I will have been expired by then. Check with the Attorney before you decide to start working with employer B. In the mean while if employer B get approval thru Premium you are free to join him, i wont advise join employer B on receipt.. All problems are solved.

Now, I can easily join with Emp B. My case is also very similar to that of Usa Company1 has applied for my extension and I have received the Petition Receipt. They have all the required docs and so they will apply for the H1B on premium the day LCA is approved.

Feb 9? You have mentioned this in one of the above post. If you can please confirm again? Really appreciate your help. Can you please share the time line of when your transfer process started and when it got approved?

LCA approval for company 2 will take anywhere between business days for approval, then your attorney will prepare the petition for submittal to USCIS. Company 2 has to include your Most Recent Receipt Number on I form, but you need to wait till you receive approval before you can start Ideally, once you receive approval for Company 1 then approval for company 2 will follow because your I has already expired, by the time your petition has reached USCIS.

Company 1 applied for the extension as Regular. So, I guess approval is going to take months at the least. Company 2 has filed for the LCA on Jan I have urged them to get the H1 petition ready so that they can immediately file when LCA gets approved. If it happens before the I94 gets expired hopefully , do they still have to file using the latest Receipt No? Regular might take anywhere between months Confirm with attorney once again I joined my new employer starting today.

Is that true that, after switching the job to another state, it is legal to apply for LCA within 30 days? Or we should have LCA approved before joining the other state job?

Please clarify. My last date of work at employer A is today Oct 26th , and the last pay stub that I will get is on Oct 31st. Now employer B has collected all information from me for H1b Petition and are working on my documentation. They said they have to file my LCA and its not guaranteed that they will file my H1b petition before Oct 31st. Also my joining at employer B is on nov second week and they are doing premium processing on my H1B petition.

I would be able to produce the latest paystub of Oct 31st, hoping that gives me some time. All posts are moderated, so it will take time for your post to appear! Existing user? Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted January 17, Hi, I resigned from employer A and Jan 6th was my last day wtih employer A. Given this situation I have following questions: How long does it takes to get the LCA approved?

When can I can legally start working? After H1b is filed or when I get the decision. Will I face any issues in the transfer process because I have already resigned on Jan 6th and the last paychek I have is only till that date, Answers for these questions will be much appreciated.

Link to comment. Chitown01 Posted January 17, Posted January 18, Hi Chitown01, Thanks for answering my questions. Chitown01 Posted January 19, Posted January 19, It totally depends You always have to consider the worst case scenario and move forward Good Luck!!

Thanks for replying. Fluid2fin Posted January 20, Posted January 20, Most will say yes if you ask because legally they have to say yes, but might not do it actually Since your new H1b was applied in premium within almost same week of last pay stub

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