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P2509 cummins

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2004 Dodge Ram Check Gauges Fix. P2502 \u0026 P2509 Voltage

Cummins P Engine Code. When you scan your Dodge/Ram Cummins engine and receive a P diagnostic code, it will read ‘ECM/PCM Power Input Signal Intermittent Code’. P appears on Cummins engines when there is an electronic signal being sent to the ECM/PCM that is faulty or intermittent. Electronic signals are measured within parameters, and when the signal falls outside of the parameter range, the Power Input Signal Intermittent Code P is thrown. Sep 28,  · P indicates an engine with intermittent electrical signal to the Electronic/Engine Control Module or the Power-train Control Module. It may happen because . Jun 16,  · OBD-II Trouble Code P DescriptionECM/PCM Power Input Signal Intermittent. In order to work, your vehicle’s PCM and ECM need consistent power from the .