cummins vgt actuator problems
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Cummins vgt actuator problems nuanced thesis

Cummins vgt actuator problems

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Without calibration it would be impossible for the ECM and VGT actuator to position the vanes to optimize air flow to the engine and would cause performance issues and possibly premature failure of other components.

For example, there is a potential to create too much boost a low engine speeds and too little at high engine speeds. This will cause high exhaust manifold pressures and affect the air-fuel ratio ultimately causing low power issues. Proper troubleshooting of turbo components is an area that cannot be talked about enough. When dealing with Turbo and Actuator failures you are looking at several thousand dollars for the cost to repair. Replacing an actuator is much cheaper than buying a turbo meaning it is very important to separate the 2 components to determine failure.

During any troubleshooting of a VGT actuator you should always verify mechanical turbo parts are functioning properly as well. Eventually the ECM will reduce power if the fault is active for an extend period. There are a several things that can cause this fault code to come active. The only way to find out is to begin the troubleshooting procedure:.

In the video above we calibrated our original actuator, but the procedure is the same when using a new actuator. I need to program the microchips. It worked about a year ago but now has failed to work on 2 different engines and 3 different actuators all of the same make and model.

My vgt turbo is putting out over 35psi of boost in the intake manifold. This is without any engine codes. Where is your business located? United States Canada Another Country. Yes No. What type of business describes you best? Have you ever had a lease or loan under your business name? Are you classified as a Sole Proprietorship? How many years have you been in business?

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Financing services are unavailable outside of the United States and Canada at this time. Give us a call. View cart. What Causes Failure? Sector Gear Moves Easily. Noise Coming from Turbocharger. Low Boost. Make sure the sector gear moves freely on your turbocharger. If it doesn't move, you definitely need a turbo and possibly an actuator. Here are some symptoms that you have a mechanical issue:. Failed Thrust or Ball Bearings. EGR Valve Problems. EGR Cooler Problems. Coolant Contamination.

We only sell you the best quality actuators for your needs , at fair, affordable prices. We are so confident in what we sell, that we offer an industry-leading warranty of 12 months.

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