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Centene donation to zoo

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By , increased interest in a zoo brought together some concerned citizens, and they organized the Zoological Society of St. In , it was incorporated as an independent civic organization of people interested in a zoo. Meanwhile, the citizens of St. Louis and surrounding municipalities expressed diverse opinions as to the appropriate location of a zoo if there should be one.

Fairground Park, Carondolet Park, the Creve Coeur area, and Tower Grove Park were some of the places suggested in newspaper articles and letters to the editors and to civic groups.

Some concerned citizens residing near Oakland Avenue, south of Forest Park, expressed their displeasure with a zoo in the park because of the smell of the animals. The zoo initially held 51 deer and antelope, 11 buffaloes, a sacred cow, a sandhill crane, 20 prairie dogs, a dromedary camel, eagles, ducks, elk, foxes, geese, swans, rabbits, a raccoon, a China sheep, opossums, a buzzard, owls, and peafowl, among other animals. A five-man board was appointed to act as the Zoological Board of Control.

This was said to have been the first zoo in the world that the citizens of a community supported by passing a millage tax. Expansion of the zoo started in , when the Bear Pits were built. The zoo continued to expand with construction of the Primate House in and the Reptile House in The new Bird House was built in Roosevelt 's New Deal.

Happy died in and Pao Pei in Major construction started on the zoo again in when the Aquatic House was built. Yalem Children's Zoo, and the animal nursery in This enabled continued improvements and upgrades of exhibit areas.

Two major areas of the zoo, Big Cat Country and Jungle of the Apes, were constructed in and , respectively. In , the Living World, a two-story building including classrooms, a reference library and teacher resource center, an auditorium, two exhibit halls emphasizing evolution and ecology, a large gift shop, a restaurant, and offices was built.

In , the zoo received a donation of the acres 1. It is to be used for the breeding of endangered species and educational purposes. In , new areas were added with the Emerson Children's Zoo. Phase I of River's Edge, which opened in , represented Asia: featuring Asian elephants, cheetahs, dwarf mongoose, and hyenas. In , the third phase, featuring habitats of South America and Africa, opened with hippos, rhinos, warthogs, carmine bee-eaters, capybaras, and giant anteaters.

In , the Penguin and Puffin Coast opened with both outdoor and indoor exhibits. Also new that year was the Mary Ann Lee Conservation Carousel, featuring unique hand-carved wooden animals representing endangered species at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Caribbean Cove, which features stingrays , opened in Its first resident is named Kali, an orphaned polar bear donated to the zoo by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service. Grizzly Ridge opened 15 September and is now home to two orphaned grizzlies from Montana.

Huckleberry, or Huck, and his sister Finley were given to the zoo by the U. Primate Canopy Trails opened 12 July and is connected to the nearby Primate House built in In , the Saint Louis Zoo began a massive expansion of facilities and space for both visitors and staff. Most notable is a new development planned on Once completed, the new facility would feature offices and classrooms, year-round exhibits, a mixed-use development that will link the complex with the adjacent Dogtown neighborhood, and an "iconic" connection of the two sites over Interstate Most importantly, it was to shift all parking to the hospital site, freeing up roughly nine acres currently used as a surface lot for additional exhibits.

Located in the center of the zoo, Lakeside Crossing has a variety of food services and shopping destinations, and a grassy plaza where visitors can sit and relax. It also features Caribbean Cove, a shallow touch-pool underneath a large pavilion that features cownose rays , southern stingrays , bonnethead sharks , and bamboo sharks.

Open during the warmer months, it is one of the only parts of the zoo requiring an admission price. The North America exhibit features fish and wildlife from the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers containing crayfish , American bullfrog , channel catfish , gar , and bluegill. The South America exhibit displays spectacled bears , bush dogs , capybaras , giant anteaters , and scarlet macaws.

The African Savanna exhibit displays eastern black rhinoceroses , African wild dogs , African sacred ibis , bat-eared foxes , red river hogs , and a colony of Southern carmine bee-eaters.

The African Nile exhibit features hippopotamuses , tilapia , cheetahs , spotted hyenas , and a colony of dwarf mongoose. The Asia exhibit features adult Asian elephants and sun bears. Prior to its replacement with Dinoroarus in , the Emerson Children's Zoo had many educational features, such as the see-through slide through the otter pool and many birds, snakes, frogs, and other animals that volunteers and staff bring out for the kids to see up close. As of March , the zoo has Tasmanian devils in this section.

Most of the zoo's invertebrates are found in the Bayer Insectarium. Represented species include leafcutter ant , flower mantis , Vietnamese walking stick , Atlas beetle , American burying beetle , sunburst diving beetle , water scorpion , brown widow spider, brown recluse spider , yellow garden spiders , Platymeris biguttatus , cobalt blue tarantula , Texas brown tarantula , and Egyptian fattail scorpion. Polar Bear Point features a polar bear called Kali.

Two grizzly bears named Huck and Finn arrived for the opening of Grizzly Ridge in The Fragile Forest and Jungle of the Apes features gorillas , chimpanzees and orangutans in a naturalized outdoor setting. Penguin and Puffin Coast displays a variety of water birds including Magellanic penguins , [18] king penguins , southern rockhopper penguins , gentoo penguins , horned puffins , tufted puffins , and king eiders.

Individual habitats for red pandas and black-tailed prairie dogs are also in The Wild. The Bird House features birds as varied as bald eagle , rhinoceros hornbill , hyacinth macaw , burrowing owl , toco toucan , Cape thick-knee , golden pheasant , kookaburra , Mariana fruit-dove , king vulture , horned guan , superb starling , tawny frogmouth , congo peafowl , and the Guam kingfisher , which is extinct in the wild.

The Bird Garden contains outdoor bird enclosures. Sea Lion Sound provides an underwater viewing tunnel of California sea lions and three harbor seals. The herpetarium houses most of the zoo's reptiles and amphibians , including the critically endangered Jamaican iguana , Chinese alligator , McCord's box turtle , Panamanian golden frog , and Arakan forest turtle.

Other species include the Komodo dragon , green anaconda , mountain chicken , spotted turtle , false gharial , king cobra , Gila monster , frill-necked lizard , Aldabra giant tortoise , tuatara , reticulated python , tiger salamander , three-toed amphiuma , pancake tortoise , and over two dozen species of pit vipers from around the world.

The Chain of Lakes is a series of small enclosures between the Bird House and the Herpetarium and Primate House, where the zoo's North American river otters and alligator snapping turtles reside. In , the Flight Cage was the largest bird cage ever built, and is still one of the world's largest free-flight aviaries at feet 69 m long, 84 feet 26 m wide, and 50 feet 15 m high. Among the birds in the aviary are black-crowned night heron , blue-winged teal , bufflehead duck, cattle egret , double-crested cormorant , great egret , wood duck , northern bobwhite , roseate spoonbill , snowy egret , and American white ibis.

Primate House and Primate Canopy Trails is home to the zoo's monkeys and lemurs. Species included are Allen's swamp monkey , Coquerel's sifaka , cotton-top tamarin , black-and-white colobus monkey, mongoose lemur , ring-tailed lemur , spectacled langur , and white-faced saki.

Big Cat Country is home to several species of big cats. The represented species are the African lion , Amur leopard , Amur tiger , jaguar , cougar , and snow leopard. The species present at Antelope House are the addax , babirusa , Banteng , Bactrian camel , gerenuk , Grevy's zebra , Indian muntjac , lesser kudu , okapi , reticulated giraffe , Somali wild ass , Speke's gazelle , Sichuan takin , gorals , Soemmerring's gazelle , Transcapsian urial , and Visayan warty pig.

The property at Larimore Road comprises several parcels, which contain lakes and the Emerald Greens Golf Course, near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Bonner said the land could support canoeing, kayaking, glamping, or traditional camping. Follow Kae on Twitter: kmaepetrin. Send questions and comments about this story to feedback stlpublicradio. Search Query Show Search. News Stories. Ways to Connect. Ways to Give. Show Search Search Query. Play Live Radio.

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