caresource of oh iv medications
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Caresource of oh iv medications

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This partnership will allow members and caregivers peace of mind by disposing of medications that are no longer needed. DisposeRx packets contain a blend of materials that allow unused or expired medications to be disposed of safely.

Patients or members simply add water and the DisposeRx powder to their medication in the prescription bottle and shake for 30 seconds. By promptly and properly disposing of medications, patients can help remove the risks of accidental ingestions, diversions and new addictions.

We look forward to building a strong partnership with CareSource in their current and future markets. CareSource currently offers DisposeRx at-home medication packets to Ohio members and also plans to expand the availability to their other markets throughout the year.

CareSource Ohio members do not need a prescription to obtain DisposeRx. In less than a minute, patients can prevent any leftover opioids from being diverted in their communities, prevent accidental poisonings or overdoses and avoid polluting the water supply. CareSource is a nonprofit, multi-state health plan recognized as a national leader in managed care. If someone close to you has died, the last thing you may want to talk about is money. The year started with a holiday airline meltdown: Popular U.

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