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Accenture case interviews

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Sean carroll nuance In this step, the interviewer will give you a description of the case problem. What factors accenture case interviews the revenue potential of a washington cancel dc carefirst pharmaceutical product? Tell me about a accenture case interviews when you led a team through a challenging situation. They want you to find the root cause and help them bring back stable profits. Here is the structure of the Accenture Potentia Interview:. You have 5 minutes to read through the information and prepare your thoughts. This Accenture interview concentrates on 2 types of questions: fit questions and personal experience questions.

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Personalize your subscription to receive job alerts, latest news and insider tips tailored to your preferences. See what exciting and rewarding opportunities await. Valid Entry. The first name is required and cannot be empty. The last name is required and cannot be empty. This value is not valid. This email address is already in use. Invalid Entry. About Accenture. Who We Are. Contact Us. Careers Blog. Secrets to a successful case-study interview. January 9, Career Advice.

Insider Views. More Categories. Follow me:. Related posts. Career tips to kick-start the new year January 3, Kick-start the new year with expert tips from Accenture recruiters and leaders on embracing change, finding your fit and preparing for interviews. What you should know about Workplace accessibility December 15, Learn about the services and accommodations available to make our workplace accessible for Accenture people and candidates with disabilities.

See why. Take your career to the metaverse—and beyond September 12, Five Accenture people with diverse backgrounds and skills share why now is a great time to build a career in the metaverse. Stay connected. No one else shares your story. The case interview is an opportunity to show creative thinking and offer insights based on your individual experiences.

Your unique perspective is important and helps separate you from other candidates. This Accenture interview concentrates on 2 types of questions: fit questions and personal experience questions. Or the fact they have both strategy and implementation functions so you can see the tangible difference your client recommendations make. The best answers are personal stories. Instead show why the reasons you present matter to you. If you have more questions about Accenture case interviews, leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for turning to My Consulting Offer for advice on consulting interview prep. We want you to be successful in your consulting interviews too. For example, here is how Ruhani was able to get her offer from Accenture.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We are sharing our powerful strategies to pass the case interview even if you have no business background, zero casing experience, or only have a week to prepare. Back to all. Last Updated January, Rachael Troughton. Your Name. Your Email. Send Me Access. The Accenture Digital Assessment. Phone Interview.

Accenture Assessment Day. Here are our top tips: Use a framework to organize your thoughts. While the interviewer is assessing your creativity, how you present your thoughts should be logical and structured. Outline your core ideas and then expand on the key strengths and weaknesses of each. Focus on presenting innovative ideas that could create real benefit.

Evaluate your ideas for practicality, risk, and ease of implementation. Adapt your experience. If you have previous work experience that gives you insight into how to approach the problem, use it! Types of Cases. How to Approach the Case Interview. Issue Tree After considering the problem statement, remember to reflect back to the interviewer what you understand to be the problem, in your own words.

In this example you should consider: Location: Locations for Vaccination What factors are making it difficult for the state to scale its vaccinations? What are the success criteria e. This will help you understand the scale of the operation required. What examples of best practices in rapid vaccinations can be leveraged? What facilities in Philadelphia can accommodate enough people? What facilities are close enough to mass transportation? What locations have this storage or room to deploy rented equipment for vaccine storage?

Staffing: How many medical and administrative staff will be required? What skills must they have? Where can we find qualified staff? Procedures What procedures are required for administering the vaccine? For ensuring patients flow smoothly through the facility? What distancing and cleaning protocols need to be in place to avoid COVID transmission in the vaccination facility?

Training for Staff How will staff be trained? How can we best provide information on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine? What questions can be anticipated and managed with FAQs to reduce the burden on the call center? Booking Appointments What technology is best for booking appointments Reporting requirements What reports are required by state and federal authorities?

Financial What is the budget? How can more funding be secured, if necessary? Procurement How many vaccine doses have been allotted to Philadelphia? Building A Hypothesis for How to Quickly and Efficiently Vaccinate the Philadelphia Population Depending on the information given, now is the time to narrow the focus and create a hypothesis.

Possible venues could be passed through the following 2 screens: Is the venue accessible to a large number of Philadelphia residents? Is it large enough to accommodate the number of people required? Is it near access points for pedestrians and cars that minimize traffic congestion? Does it link to other transport networks for people traveling on buses or trains? Does it have vaccine-ready infrastructure?

Does it currently have suitable storage facilities for the vaccine? If not, does it have the space and electrical capacity to bring in freezers? The site is large enough for the scale and infrastructure required and has close links to the city transport networks. Secondary Recommendations Discuss with the Department of Public Health plans for the adequate resourcing of the site including training of staff, administrative protocols, and personal protective equipment.

Create a clear and simple flow of patients in, through, and out of the vaccination facility to ensure the maximum number of patients can be vaccinated each day. Prepare a communications plan to reassure those visiting the site of the extensive safety protocols and inform the public on how to book an appointment. Ensure the costs of the vaccination center will be within the established budget or request more funding.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you feel confident tackling the case interview:. Tip 1: Think before you dive into the case. Tip 2: Ask questions. Tip 3: Share your thoughts. Tip 4: Pay attention to cues. Tip 5: Be yourself. Tackle this question by having a few good reasons why Accenture is the company for you.

That could be their global presence and opportunities to work with clients across several different industries.

This is your chance to explain why consulting is the career for you. Keep in mind the Accenture core values when you share your answer. For example, maybe you organize a community beach clean every summer.