cummins powerstroke duramax
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Cummins powerstroke duramax

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Of the big names in diesel, the Power Stroke and Duramax currently show up in smaller trucks. Ford has a Power Stroke diesel in the F coming this year, and it's targeting a rating of at least 30 mpg on the highway.

It also means the manufacturer reasonably assumes your engine will last at least that long. That's not to say , miles of protection isn't a lot — it is — but there is a better option out there if you look hard enough.

Google offers a utility to show you which topics are the most popular on the site. Over the past five years, Power Stroke and Duramax have been duking it out for second place in the search engine rankings at Google.

But crushing them each and every time is Cummins. Ram has said its non-Cummins EcoDiesel is returning with the model, and General Motors announced a Duramax diesel for the Silverado and Sierra Combine that with the Cummins diesel available in the Titan XD and Ram Heavy Duty, and the Duramax and Power Stroke offerings in their respected heavy-duty trucks, and there's a diesel engine for everyone and every need.

The winner in this category is the customer. Truck buyers appreciate choice, and the truck makers and engine manufacturers are catering to that. Picking the best diesel engine brand is the easiest way to get into a fight, and the results of this head-to-head will likely cause just that. Many of the categories depend on the specific timing of this article. That also means that in a few months, the list might change again. Automakers and the engines that power them are in a never-ending duel for pickup truck supremacy.

But that doesn't mean that there isn't a winner based on the engines you can buy right now. Enter a valid ZIP Code. Some content provided by and under copyright by Autodata, Inc. Cummins vs. Power Stroke: Which Is Best? Duramax vs. An Epic Battle. By Chad Kirchner. Years on the Market. Years on the Market Cummins was founded in , making it 99 years old at the time of this writing.

Winner: Cummins. Maximum Torque. Maximum Torque Heavy-duty trucks need to tow things and to tow things you need torque.

Winner: Power Stroke. Maximum Horsepower. Maximum Horsepower Speaking of bragging rights, horsepower is a big deal with sports car owners. Maximum Towing. The Cummins brand is much older than Duramax. The Chrysler Corporation has been using Cummins engines in their Rams since Meanwhile, GM has only been using the Duramax engine since , a little more than 20 years ago. If you think a long-established brand is important, then the history behind Cummins will appeal to you.

The first Cummins diesel engine used in a Ram truck was the 5. The 6. This new engine offered more torque — pound-feet of it— while running half as loud. Diesel trucks are renowned for their towing abilities. Many people buy diesel trucks to help them carry heavy equipment, such as trailers, campers, and boats. How much torque a Duramax engine or a Cummins engine provides varies from truck to truck.

However, the 6. From to , the Duramax 6. By mid, the Cummins 5. In recent years the engines now maintain similar specifications. Torque is the most important factor in determining towing capacity, but horsepower is also up there. The more horsepower an engine has, the faster it can accelerate. Which engine has the highest horsepower?

The current Duramax engine, the Duramax 6. In comparison, the most recent Cummins engine, 6. Duramax diesel engines have a reputation for offering slightly more horsepower than Cummins engines.

How do the engines compare in specs? The current Cummins engine is a 6.

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Caresource just4me providers It can also affect the cylinder heads. If they didn't, they wouldn't make a warranty where they'd lose money as issues continued to crop up. Currently, it covers the 6. Don't consider emissions to be good, however, but since the EPA doesn't rate cummins powerstroke duramax, it's uncertainty. Truck buyers appreciate choice, and the truck makers and engine manufacturers are catering to that.
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Kaiser permanente psychology jobs Fuel Economy. That's not to saymiles of protection isn't a lot — it is — but there is a better option out there if you look hard enough. From tothe Duramax 6. And among diesel-powered pickup trucks, there's also loyalty among engine names. Xummins, however, is king.

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General Motors seemed to struggle with heavy-duty trucks and their engines from the beginning. Taking matters into their own hands, GM developed a 5. Soon after, in , the production was moved out-of-house in an attempt to create a diesel engine that could hang with the competition.

GM and Detroit Diesel developed the 6. The Duramax family began 20 years later once GM decided to end their partnership with Detroit Diesel and move on to a partnership with Isuzu. General Motors finally bridged the gap in , with the first generation Duramax, the 6. Ever since then, they have aimed to build heavy-duty trucks that could keep up with Powerstroke and Cummins in terms of power while at the same time developing durable, long-lasting engines.

Photo credit: dieselresource. Heavy-duty pickup trucks are used for towing more than anything. Countless fleet vehicles haul heavy objects every day. For that reason, today's trucks are capable of towing more than 35, pounds! In the heavy-duty pickup market, torque numbers are much more important than horsepower numbers.

Ford's Powerstroke dominates the competition with 1, lb-ft in Even though you might not even notice the difference between Powerstrokes 1, lb-ft and Cummins' 1, lb-ft, Powerstroke takes the edge. Ford's 6. Torque might be more important than horsepower when it comes to pickups, but we can't disregard the accomplishment.

The extra power will come in handy once it's time to accelerate past another vehicle on the highway with a trailer attached. Warranty is one of the most important things for someone who's looking to purchase several work vehicles. It's the guarantee derived from Ford's belief in their trucks. Ford Powerstroke medium-duty trucks have an astonishing ,mile warranty!

These are special-purpose commercial-use trucks, but they do have the same engine as the more powerful work trucks. The diesel pickup truck market is much different from any other market on the planet. Truck enthusiasts are loyal to their respective brands to the end, and Ford doesn't disappoint. They've had their downfalls with the Powerstroke, but it always seems to be the stepping stone for something greater.

Ford may fall behind from time to time, but they will always come up with a new patent or a new invention that will once again put them ahead of the competition.

Powerstroke is the best of the best in multiple departments. Driving the most powerful diesel trucks on the planet is quite a feeling. Owning and driving a Powerstroke will put a smile on your face every single day.

Photo credit: cummins. Pickup trucks are most often used for towing, and although Powerstroke wins the numbers race, a Cummins truck can tow heavy loads reliably; this is where Cummins shines.

The low-end torque of Cummins trucks lets you tow heavy objects without having to worry about the truck's durability, reliability, or fuel economy. Cummins engines date back to , much older than Duramax V8, which hit the market in , and Powerstroke, which hit the market in Cummins has one of the most incredible stories among the entire automotive industry. If you care about the history of what you're driving, Cummins has the most to offer.

Warranty plays a crucial part in a truck buyer's decision. Especially if the customer plans to purchase multiple vehicles. Nissan offers , miles warranty for their Titan XD with a Cummins engine. For the first , miles, the truck most likely won't have any major issues, but the seller guarantees that the truck will at least reach a certain mileage. If the warranty doesn't give you the necessary 'safety', then the engine's popularity will.

Cummins has a loyal fanbase and the largest one at that. Those who swear by the Cummins brand do it for a reason. Powerstroke and Duramax have been trying to win over truck enthusiast's hearts for the past couple of years, but they're fighting for second place, with Cummins holding down the first place. Photo credit: slashgear. While Powerstroke and Cummins lead the diesel market with incredible numbers, with Duramax coming in at third place with horsepower and lb-ft, the efficiency of Duramax is unmatched.

The trucks move much more easily and smoothly, providing a better ride quality. Thanks to their transmissions, they can utilize the power that they have very well, allowing them to tow heavy loads with ease. As the name Duramax suggests, these trucks offer maximum durability. Duramax's journey will be much smoother and longer compared to Powerstroke and Cummins.

Over time, with the constant heavy pressure that these trucks are put under, they won't lose their smooth ride quality. The lower power output of these trucks isn't entirely bad. Duramax trucks are more reliable than Powerstroke and Cummins because of it. You will also save up on maintenance in the long run. Besides, when will you utilize the entire power that the engine can provide? The only downside in terms of reliability is that once the trucks do break down, the repairs can get costly.

Duramax offers a 5-year warranty for , miles. That warranty isn't as useful, since these trucks don't break down as often. But the trucks do shine in terms of resale value. The resale value of Duramax trucks doesn't drop as significantly over the years. Knowing that you won't lose money if you purchase one or multiple Duramax trucks is a huge plus.

Duramax might be behind in the power race, but they offer everything that Powerstroke and Cummins don't. They are excellent trucks with extraordinary durability. The newest model engines are similar but different at the same time. The 6. Duramax and Powerstroke each have V8 configurations compared to Cummins' I6 configuration. Powerstrokes compression ratio is These engines are somewhat similar in terms of production, and each one can pull its weight.

Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke each have similar fuel systems and fuel requirements. They each utilize direct injection with high-pressure common-rail and they can each run on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and B20 biodiesel. Heavy-duty pickup trucks are designed to haul heavy loads and conquer terrains; they're not designed to save up on fuel. But, Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke do their jobs very well, so we have to look at the details such as the fuel economy. Keep in mind that this information isn't provided by the EPA, it's provided by lifelong truck drivers.

Powerstroke will have excellent fuel economy if you're using it for daily commuting, Cummins saves you so much fuel if you tow daily, and Duramax is somewhere in the middle. Each manufacturer has reliable powerplants to offer, but Powerstroke falls behind just a little because of their 6. However, every model engine will serve you well with proper care and maintenance. Duramax engines require a tad bit less maintenance to stay reliable, while the 7.

Without a doubt, these are work trucks, but we need to consider what type of work they do best. Duramax is an all-around truck; You can tow, daily drive, and offroad with it. Powerstrokes will shine at commuting and tackling obstacles. Cummins trucks can tow almost anything without a problem, thanks to their low-end torque. The engine is the heart of a vehicle, and each engine has something different to offer. Now that we understand the basis of Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax brands, let's discuss the latest, as well as the first-gen engines.

The competition between the three powerhouses has given us, truck enthusiasts, some of the most incredible engines ever. Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax have done everything they can to impress us with the latest engine models. The margin for improvement is small, so let's see which manufacturer made the biggest advancements.

The super-duty 6. The turbodiesel trumps the competition with 1, lb-ft of torque and horsepower. Those numbers put the Powerstroke back on top. Maximum towing capacity has also increased to 37, pounds, which is 2, more pounds than last year. Nothing but the engine is responsible for these numbers.

What makes Ford's 6. On dusty, muddy, or rocky roads the trucks are capable of towing up to 15, pounds! With the new model year, Ford covered up Powerstrokes weaknesses well, impressing truck enthusiasts all over the world. You cannot go wrong purchasing the 6. Cummins once again proved that they're the king of towing. The Ram trucks equipped with the 6. Chasing numbers, Cummins engineers didn't forget about the reliability and durability that loyal buyers expect.

Cummins implemented a new fuel delivery system, a larger VGT turbocharger, a new cast-iron cylinder head, and a compacted graphite iron engine block. Cummins didn't disappoint their customers.

DMAX created an even more durable engine while increasing the power output at the same time. The L5P can produce a staggering horsepower and lb-ft of torque! The trucks can tow up to 35, pounds; an incredible improvement over models. The changes to the turbo system, fuel system overhaul, inclusion of a hood scoop intake system, and many other features contribute to the model 6.

If you need a truck that's durable and powerful, with unique features, Duramax should be your number one choice! The race to the top for the number one spot in the industry has been going on for decades. Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax, each had their fair share of ups and downs along the way. In , Ford released one of the greatest engines to date, the Navistar TE 7. Others simply could not compete because of the engine's reliability on top of its power and torque output.

From to , the 7. The "seven-three" is still a desirable engine, with many of them reaching 1 million miles and still running. Ford built an engine from strong materials that could withstand pressure, and thanks to the low by today's standards power output, the 7. If you need a low maintenance truck that won't give up on you, pop the hood and look for a 7. For years, customers return to the brands they've stood by and defend why theirs is better than others.

It's part of the culture. And among diesel-powered pickup trucks, there's also loyalty among engine names. Each has benefits over the other, but what sways buyers towards diesel engines in heavy-duty pickups is better low-end torque, pulling power for towing trailers, and slightly better fuel economy. Longevity, however, is king. The best choice depends on what the consumer wants it to do. Here's a breakdown of all the differences between these three pickup truck diesel brands.

The significant reason large, heavy-duty trucks exist is to tow things. To tow, you need a lot of torque. Diesel engines are capable of producing a lot more torque than gasoline engines.

These are the heavy-duty truck engines and how they stack up. But the engine has been essentially unchanged since when new injectors and a turbocharger were added. It's also equipped with an Allison automatic transmission, which is another renowned brand among trucks and another draw to the engine.

The Ram Heavy Duty's Cummins diesel engine is unusual: it only has six cylinders and is in an inline configuration versus rivals' V8. But that's the way it's always been for the Cummins engine in these pickups, and, at 6. The engine produces horsepower and lb-ft of torque in the Ram , or horsepower and 1, lb-ft of torque in the Ram All of the domestic brands are relatively close in terms of torque.

Other factors, including how much they weigh and how much optional equipment they have to carry all of the time, affect performance to some degree. Torque and horsepower are significant factors in how much a truck can tow.

But two other factors play a part. The first is the structural design of the truck itself, and the other is the engine's strength. However, towing over 26, pounds requires a commercial driver's license in all US states. Both the Ram's Cummins seen above and Ford's Power Stroke can pull over that amount, but the Duramax lags with a total towing capacity of 23, The Power Stroke wins here again with a total towing amount of 34, pounds versus Ram's 31, pounds.

However, if you're looking at these numbers and do not hold a commercial license, any of these trucks will likely fit the average truck owner's requirements. Ultimately, heavy-duty diesel trucks are meant to do work, not garner excellent fuel economy. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA is not required to test these vehicles because they exceed the weight maximum to be considered against automakers' fuel economy averages.

But given that diesels are generally more efficient than gasoline engines, these engines should allow a greater driving range.

Don't consider emissions to be good, however, but since the EPA doesn't rate this, it's uncertainty. And also consider that newer trucks aren't straightforward conversions for biodiesel. More modern high-pressure common-rail diesels are more complex than previous engines and contaminants can build up in the fuel system.

It can also affect the cylinder heads.