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Carefirst work from home

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Go to Media News Archives. Earlier this year in March, CareFirst first implemented a large-scale remote work policy for its associates. To make this unexpected transition as smooth as possible, CareFirst has continued to identify and provide resources including a stipend, equipment and training for its associates to help support their work in a virtual work environment.

We hope our actions will contribute to a safer and healthier community for those at increased risk and for the many people who must go to an office or workplace each day. We encourage other capable businesses to do the same, and join us in providing their workforce with alternate work options.

COVID is a volatile and evolving disease with no current vaccine. To alleviate this concern, CareFirst will continue to reevaluate remote work decisions beyond Jan. To help individuals and employees plan a safe and successful return to work, CareFirst has launched a resources page dedicated to help companies assess, and potentially lower, the health risks of getting back into the office.

To date, CareFirst has taken the following actions during the pandemic on behalf of its members and communities:. CareFirst will continue to work to identify other barriers and solutions for coronavirus care for its members, communities and associates. Skip Navigation.