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Onsite opportunities in cognizant cms and changes in healthcare

Onsite opportunities in cognizant

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If you are a good developer most managers are extremely hostile to you. Because they think if you become a manager you become a threat to their job. Therefore they prevent you from becoming a manager. Its typical power play.

If you are really good and have real chops in you to do any big stuff, you are ruined in India. People will try to get rid of you anyway they can.

The society as a whole hates merit people here. Because most are crooks and they don't like seeing real people getting rewards. That would disrupt their ecosystem. If you are good, India is the last place you want to be. Move out, one way or other for your own good. I couldn't agree more. I will not go as far as saying that India is the last place which values meritocracy, but it would be a wrong assessment that the general populace values meritocracy and hard work.

The power structures in place give very little incentive to hard work and smarts. The managers, at least in IT services, are, to put it mildly, incompetent. The pay-offs of being a good developer are extremely small. The crabs in a bucket mentality drags everyone down.

The odds are totally stacked against a competent software engineer. You see in a country like India question papers leak, people cheat in exams. Teachers have their favorite pets at schools and colleges whom they reward with marks unfairly.

What happens when a populace of this kids goes to do jobs? They bring the same culture everywhere. Which is why you will see every one wants to cheat at everything. Everything from cheating at taxes fake rent receipts , jumping traffic signals, promotions at office, voting for wrong interests, bribes, corruption etc etc. This permeates to every aspect of our nations very existing character. People, society and governments have wrong priorities in India.

Most think building roads or some fancy infrastructure will solve their issues. In reality Human resources are what matters in building a country.

The rest happens on auto pilot. I won't say everything on west runs on Merit. But the situation is definitely better than India in my experience.

Most importantly I have seen better the quality of human resources better a country turns out to be. My guess is India will take a lot of time, several decades, may be even centuries to fix its core issues. I haven't spent a lot of time in India so I could be wrong but as an external observer: India's GDP per capita is still quite low.

A large part of the country is undeveloped. Fixing roads and infrastructure definitely helps but reducing population and creating better health should help as well. India is a huge exporter of engineering talent. This is bad because it's a brain drain for the country. If I was getting SV level salaries, India would make sense.

Sorry to hear you were one of those receiving that dump work. I saw it happen to one of the most talented developers I've worked with at a prior gig a few years back. Hopefully, this will improve people's situations. Yes, I've seen them too, that's their typical attitude : I still remember dejected co-worker who resigned and took back his resignation because manager made false promise to retain him said, "these guys shouldn't called managers, they are cheats,cheaters".

Same here. I am unfit for pure managerial role. I need engineering. If there is people skills require to the Engineering end, I'll do it. But not full time. GordonS on April 23, prev next []. I think this is largely a cultural thing - many Indians just don't see development itself as a career, everyone just wants to be a manager with people working below them.

Sort of a 'face' thing. I am not saying India doesn't have good developers who care - it does , but they are extremely rare are companies like Capgemini and Cognizant, who simply don't pay enough to attract such people. There are plenty of good developers in India who only want to be developers. They never work for outsourcing companies. They only apply for product based companies they are interested in. More generally, good developers don't work for outsourcing companies. GordonS on April 23, root parent prev next [].

Yes, that's what I meant when I said they are rare are companies like Capgemini and Cognizant because of low salary. Its not just low pay. A friend of mine employed a developer who was a senior at WiPro earning over 1 lakh per month.

He was employed for my friend at a junior developer salary simply because he was sick and tired of writing random throw away code. This developer finally wanted to gain some real skills, work on a real product, and took a huge pay cut to come to start working at a product based company.

So far he is doing pretty good. Largely because the management gravy train is yielding fewer returns year after year for a while. There are people, especially who can't play the poisonous political game for too far that their mileage is limited to a point. These people have to retrain themselves with some hard hands on skills, or will suffer at the next purge. Same thing in product companies too. Read my other comments. Management fanciness is Indias national culture.

Honestly, 11 yrs back when I started with Cognizant, I was asked so many times by managers "how long you going to be technical?

GordonS on April 23, root parent next []. Through working with teams in India, and spending a lot of time there over the years, I have several Indian friends working for Capgemini and Cognizant. The opinion I put forth and it is just my opinion : is based on what I've observed and also what friends and colleagues have told me.

Assuming these managers you mention were also Indian, couldn't their behaviour also be part of it being a 'cultural thing'? When we mention 'cultural thing' it labels virtually everyone from India. At the end of my parent comment I did specifically say I wasn't referring to all Indians - you'd have to be an absolute cretin to label all developers from a population of 1. If you are not referring to all Indians, as you mentioned, where is this 'cultural thing' coming from?

I'm quite confused about, what you exactly mean by saying 'cultural thing'? Edit: you mentioned many Indian wants to be managers and dont see development as career choice, I disagree. I view the situation as, many Indians forced to follow companies culture set by founders. There is difference between the two. Indian Families doesn't know difference between manager or tech-lead, technical architect.

Most often middle class families doesn't care about the designation in IT but they do care about salary :. My Indian friends who work or worked at such companies tell me this comes not just from management and the company itself, but also from a desire for the perception of prestige; to appear 'important' to their families in particular.

In a population of 1. I've had the pleasure of working with some Indian devs who were interested and excited by development, and saw a good, non-administrative career ahead of them irregardless of what others thought of them. Indian Families doesn't know difference between manager or tech-lead, technical architect No, but they know the difference between 'manager' and 'not a manager'.

It's not just one friend, it's multiple people across Capgemini and Cognizant. You make a good point about salary being important, but it's far easier and more common to become a manager at Capgemini, Cognizant etc than it is to become a good developer anywhere. What exactly groundbreaking stuff the product-based companies are doing in India? I know that some of them are good ore average. Rest of the people who work in these product based companies do similar work as these service companies except that they are highly paid and have much less politics.

Not new. This culture has existed since forever. You will see in India there is wild craze for MBA degrees. Everyone wants an MBA. Like every single person.

I even know house wife's who do MBA's because 'Just in case'. Even before that, non impactful, unreal and very little value adding desk jobs have always been valued heavily in Indian culture. To give you an example IAS. People know the job involves forwarding a few memos, approving leaves and vacation requests and supervising a few juniors. You get luxury free accommodation, handful pay and other myriad benefits.

Even in the private world its the same. It all comes down to a simple thing: "In management, you get a lot of big stuff for free, which others don't get even after work". I've got an office in Bangalore. Learning and developement activities for software developer. Re: appointment letter for software developer - doc download. Can i join construction company as software developer.

Lateral entries in govt jobs - how do they differentiate between a fresher and an experienced professional in terms of both designation and pay structure? HR interventions in manufacturing industry - decided to do a comparative study of HR interventions in Vikranth and Falcon Tyres.

Require Appointment letter format for software developer. What should be the wage that has to be paid on Sunday the weekly off day Lay off Wages or Full Wages? Wage during the lay-off period - Are they all required to be paid 50 wages or only who have completed days?

E Governance Employee Bond possible for me to resign or to quit - signed a service bond as well as an indemnity bond for 2 years. Im New To This Community.. Should i Join new company before my last working day in previous company. Liability under Workmen Compensation Act inspite of Mediclaim facility? Gratuity bypass - company acquisition - were made to resign and rejoin new company - what can be done to get gratuity? How to handle arrogant and dominating behaviour of an employee?

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Currently I am mainly looking for onsite opportunity, Hence i have asked both the companies for onsite assignment, before joining they are not committing for onsite. Hence i am planning to join a company which will support me more for onsite. I've a friend who joined Infosys from Deloitte and has been traveling to all the major countries. He's joined at the 'manager' position not sure what the designation is officially called at Infosys ; but yeah, he's pretty happy.

My vote would go to Infy. The company's exposure to the world. How much requirement is there outside of india. Work experience of the employee.

Business requirement. Fluency in foreign languages. Speak-up ability of the employee. Overall there are many reputed companies who provide onsite opportunities every now and then. I thought of compiling a list of the coolest and the best whatsapp group names that you've been using for your respective groups.

For the sake of convenience, we'll stick A simple good bye email or last working day mail ain't cool! We've some awesome templates that you can use. If you're looking for an amazing Last Working Day email Please help! Please be more explicit.

What is implied by "the maximum opportunities on-site? And what do you mean by "onsite? You can easily get opportunity to go onsite in consultancies as they work on project from different companies located in different countries. These companies have local recruitment hence dont need indian brains going there. But when you consider companies which outsource work like blah blah blah, they would need someone from INDIA to travel to their location to learn and then work, thats when the scope of onsite comes.

Also,roles matter. Roles which require personal presence, like say system analyst. Though going onsite is a experience to be cherished, there are other sides for the whole thing. If you stay gets extended , and you cross your apprisal cycle, you might end up having an onsite salry increment rather than your offhsore salary icnrement and incase you intend to move companies , your overall gross payment would depend on your offshore salary keeping all this aside, I think it should be the work which should be a deciding factor.

Currently I am mainly looking for onsite opportunity, Hence i have asked both the companies for onsite assignment, before joining they are not committing for onsite. Hence i am planning to join a company which will support me more for onsite. I've a friend who joined Infosys from Deloitte and has been traveling to all the major countries.

He's joined at the 'manager' position not sure what the designation is officially called at Infosys ; but yeah, he's pretty happy. My vote would go to Infy. The company's exposure to the world. How much requirement is there outside of india. Work experience of the employee.

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WebGood place to work. Senior Associate (Former Employee) - Pune - August 15, Cognizant is good place to work. Yearly appraisals are not inline with market standards . WebNov 29, Cognizant Technology Solutions "onsite opportunities" Reviews | Glassdoor Cognizant Technology Solutions Engaged Employer Overview 82K Reviews . WebNov 29, Cognizant Technology Solutions "onsite opportunities" Reviews | Glassdoor. Cognizant Technology Solutions. Engaged Employer. Overview. 82K. .