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To correct or back bill; select the pay period, select "Work on Billing Invoice", type in the revised or additional hours and then select Submit. Payment History Inquiry - You can use this feature to view your last payment; or you can select a pay period and view all payments for care provided within that pay period.

For details, see the Provider Billing Help. Timing and Deadlines - Pay periods can be worked on the day they start. You can enter hours day by day throughout the two weeks and use the save buttons to retain the hours. Submit your hours after validating your entries are correct for each child.

Getting Help - "Help" buttons are available on the main screens. All of the help information is also available through these links:. If you still need help after reading these pages, you may call weekdays, except holidays. Skip to main content. Unsupported Browser Detected. Google Chrome Safari. Microsoft Edge Firefox. Provider I-Billing. Michigan Department of Education. Early Learners and Care. Child Development and Care. Login to I-Billing I have my password Child care providers caring for subsidy authorized children complete billings every two weeks to receive payment from MDE.

Below you will find provider billing information that will help you in the process. When do I need to report a rendering provider on my claim? All eligible individual providers such as physicians, nurses, chiropractors, and physical therapists are required to obtain a Type 1 Individual NPI. Providers who are in a solo practice and who bill currently with their Social Security Number or sole proprietorship Tax ID number may continue to bill as solo practitioners using only their Type 1 NPI.

Per the regulation, individuals who have incorporated their practice must also obtain an organizational Type 2 NPI for their corporation. When billing, the individual Type 1 NPI will be used to identify the provider who performed the service, while the organizational Type 2 NPI will identify the group or entity to be paid.

Individual health care providers who are part of an incorporated group practice will have an individual Type 1 NPI; the practice or clinic must obtain an organizational Type 2 NPI for the group for claims submission purposes. Can a group of individual providers who are sharing an office space obtain one Type 1 NPI for all the individual practitioners to share? Each individual health care provider that may render health care services must obtain their own Individual Type 1 NPI.

To correctly submit Institutional Health Care Claims to BCBSIL, the billing, pay-to provider, attending physician name, operating physician name, service facility name, and other provider name must be included in the correct loops. Do not put the rendering provider NPI in the billing loop of the claim.

Rendering information must go in the rendering loop and billing information must go in the billing loop. Claims will be rejected if billed incorrectly. Field 17b: Enter the NPI of the referring, ordering, or supervising provider. Field 24j unshaded : Enter the NPI of the rendering provider.

Field 32a: Enter the NPI number of the service facility location. Field 33a: Enter the NPI number of the billing provider. Your NPI is used for claims processing and internal reporting.

Remember, claims processing cannot be guaranteed if you have not notified Blue Cross of your NPI, by using one of the methods above, prior to filing claims. See the first part of this section for more details on how to submit claims to Blue Cross. If you have any questions about the NPI relating to your Blue Cross participation, please contact us at , option 3.

Place the NPI in the indicated blocks of the referenced claim forms:. For access to the latest Provider Operations Manual, go to www. However, we also realize there are cases where other providers will make referrals for our members. This process also ensures that your referral-related claims are processed quickly and efficiently. Please note: This billing requirement is only for referrals and does not change the current Prior Authorization requirement and guidelines.

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