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Dental insurance amerigroup

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Dental services for children Apple Health Medicaid pays for covered dental services for eligible children, age 20 and younger. Some covered dental services include: Routine exams Cleaning X-rays Sealants Fillings Crowns Fluoride application Extractions pulling teeth Orthodontic services are available for children with cleft palate or other serious dental problems covers medically necessary services with prior authorization.

Dental services for adults Apple Health Medicaid pays for covered dental services for adults 21 years and older. Examples include but not limited to the following: Exam - one additional per year all ages Cleaning three times a year all ages Topical fluoride - an additional two times per year for adults Sealants - additional coverage for premolar teeth Stainless steel crowns - additional coverage for adults Find a dental provider Visit DentistLink or call Find an Apple Health dental provider or call Can I get vision care?

Are my dependents eligible? Are my survivors eligible? Manage benefits What is special open enrollment? Change my coverage Change my address Cancel my coverage What happens if I stop working? Vital Smiles Georgia accepts Amerigroup Dental insurance because we are dedicated to giving dental care to children of all backgrounds and income levels.

We work with both parents and patients to ensure all children receive the high quality care they deserve. Amerigroup Dental provides industry-leading service to its members, network of providers, and communities. Call Vital Smiles Georgia today to learn more about Amerigroup Dental and other affordable dental insurance plans and payment options. We have offices in Albany and Norcross. We then apply bubbles fluoride to keep his or her teeth strong. We use fun tools like Mr. Bumpy our slow speed drill to remove decay.

Your child will then receive a silver star filling , and the tooth will be good as new.

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