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Alfredo alcon francella teatro

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For most of the s, Utopia TV was on 24 hours a day broadcasting contents generated by the neighbors themselves from apartments, shops, streets, squares, or wherever they could. Sebastian Deus took part in that Quixote-like adventure —which survived many police raids— and now remembers it with humor and emotion but little nostalgia: the collective build up of dreams is never an issue of the past, but a matter for both the present and the future.

La memoria de un barrio guardada en viejos casetes VHS; el canal de TV comunitario donde por primera vez pude decir y hacer lo que pensaba. Utopia TV meant all that for me. That was what I intended to do with this film: to transmit that freedom of expression, to wake up asleep dreams. He worked as a cameraman, editor and director for TV, and directed Werken Verdades verdaderas.

La vida de Estela. True Truths. The film thoroughly captures that time and the bureaucratic coldness with which the military powers to be would execute their mafialike threats.

Later on, it dives into the heart of this story: a tale of unique emotional growth and the portrait of a woman who found in her pain the life strength that turned her into the symbol of the fight for identity in Argentina and the rest of the world. Nada mejor que esta palabra para definir a la verdadera Estela, que es movimiento puro, es rastro, es huella.

According to the dictionary, estela from Italian stella is the trace by a moving body leaves either on the water or the air. The intention of this film is marked by its title, like the life of my main character. Estela is a story about life; the search led by a wife, mother, and grandmother; the fight for the ideals of justice, the fight for reconciliation, for reencounters.

He directed the journalistic research series Historia presente , and the short films Identidad perdida and La loca Falsea su foto y su edad. Clara starts to chat with a man in on a website for single people.

She fakes her photo and age. The problem arises when her niece sets up a date on her behalf with her online suitor. Aprovechando la soledad de la siesta, dispone todos los elementos del patio macetas, sifones, etc. On a warm afternoon of siesta in the s, a kid is playing soccer in his backyard. A solidw imaginary story and a dog who watches closely on everything, give the situation a fundamental quality.

Both graduates in Image and Sound Design at the UBA, they co-directed the feature El fruto , as well as other individual projects. Alma y Levin son una pareja joven. Carolina Carrillo Alma and Levin are a young couple. Levin wants to leave Alma, but he is afraid of what she might do if he does. Someone finds what seem to be the remains of a city that used to be peaceful and stunning. That triggers a story shaped as a surgical travel tale.

A false documentary —a mockumentary film with a strong real stand— about the creation of the Barrio Piedrabuena Villa Lugano in the way of dystopian sci-fi. A singular exploration of life in a neighborhood of monoblocks, another piece of s avant-garde Argentine architecture.

He was born in Olavarria in She was born in Mar del Plata. He directed several shorts and medium length-films, including Ana y Mateo , winner of the Best Argentine Short award at the 24th Festival.

Ana is going to a wedding with two friends. She hopes to meet someone, but her expectations change when one of them reveals that apparently her ex is going to the party. Nacida en Buenos Aires en Born in Buenos Aires in He began his career working in the postproduction of Nine Queens He later got involved in several audiovisual projects. He works in plastic arts, and he collaborates with his brother in the animation world. A family is forced to live locked inside for days due to a new and absurd threat that is taking over the yards and gardens.

De todo eso trata Arirang, un autorretrato documental donde el director surcoreano revela su intimidad y comparte su angustia con quien quiera escucharlo.

Kim Ki-duk seemed to have it all: fame, talent, support and international recognition. But then something unexpected happened in , during the shoot of Dream: one of his actresses was nearly suffocated to death in the middle of a scene. The accident troubled him deeply and kept him away from cinema for almost three years.

He was the victim of an intimate and creative paralysis. He decided to get away from everything and escaped to the mountains to live like a hermit in the utmost loneliness. Almost as he had wanted to put himself in the shoes of the tormented Buddhist monk in Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…and Spring. With the only company of a cat who shows up sometimes to demand food, Kim Ki-duk spends his days in a shack with no toilet or comforts, leaves a frugal life, writes a film script, and spends his time building coffee makers and a gun he carries when he goes out looking for his past lives in order to kill them.

Arirang is about all that, a documentary selfportrait where the South Korean director reveals his intimate side and shares his pain with whoever is willing to listen.

Kim uses this as a metaphor for his own life and the crisis he suffered as he makes this self-referential, subjective film, shot in the loneliness of his refuge with a digital photo camera.

Wiseman is now over 80 years old, and a member of a small group —their honorary president is Manoel de Oliveira— of full active old filmmakers. They also make up this world that, in the end, is the result of a huge collective effort. Also, one can assume the director enjoyed making this twohour film that takes place among naked girls. He was born in Boston, USA, in He studied Law before becoming a film director.

Cuando ella regresa a su hogar —un derruido puesto en medio de la jungla—, se embarca, literalmente, en una aventura que tiene a los choques culturales como centro. Diego Lerer. When she gets back home —a worn down place in the middle of the jungle— she literally embarks in an adventure that has cultural clashes at its core. The two are crossed by both local and Western cultural myths.

Born in Brussels, Belgium, in , she studied briefly at the National Institute of Stage Arts before directing the short film Saute ma ville Hay telenovelas al respecto, es cierto. Leonardo M. A repressed woman enters the world of sexual perversion. Yes, there are already soap-operas made about this. But Sion Sono turns the human body into a landscape for melodrama: the field where those bursts become graphic. What is desire? Where does it lead to?

To what extend the things we want go against moral limits? And what happens when these limits are trespassed? These are some of the issues. The essential one is: do we stop being human when we push our drives to the extreme? But here the only one that gets resolved is the one the film uses as offstage. Other questions, including those about what excites or repulse us, can all be answered through the film. Which is an extreme experience, yes, but —for that very same reason— is also poetry.

Luego de su primer cortometraje, I Am Sion Sono! Born in Toyokawa, Japan, in , he has written and published poetry from a very early age. After his first short film I Am Sion Sono! Entre tanto realizador correcto, temeroso y previsible, se agradece que el creador de Cold Fish siga filmando tan seguido… y tan bien. Diego Batlle. Japan suffered an earthquake and a following tsunami that destroyed a big part of the country. Uncommonly prolific a few months before this one he released the also remarkable Guilty of Romance, which you can also find here Sion Sono doubles the stakes and bets on a constantly ambitious and excessive cinema, bursting with ideas, findings, and great moments.

This melodrama is based on a famous manga and focuses on the conflictive, contradictory relationship between two 14 year-old schoolmates Shota Sometani and Fumi Nikaidou, well-deserved winners of the Marcello Mastroianni award for Breakthrough Performance at the recent Venice Film Festival , who are true marginal characters, especially when it comes to emotions.

The main character lives with his mother, who will soon leave him, and is occasionally visited by his father, who is always humiliating him and beating him up. This tragicomic and heart-breaking story of love, madness and death which includes Takeshi Kitano-style gangsters reunites us with a filmmaker who is at the height of creative exuberance, unleashed, powerful, and plethoric with dramatic intensity.

Fernando E. Juan Lima. Dumont uses the entire width of the screen to depict an enigmatic tour through streams, fields, and copses under a constantly grey sky like in Flandres , during which this anchorite will change into some kind of anonymous avenger or serial killer without that altering his quiet tone. As it happens with moments of sexual tension which are more stranged and less explicit than in Twentynine Palms , in Hors Satan feelings rule over discourses.

You feel the wind on your face, certainties fade, everything is run through by an intangible uncertainty, and all that is left for us to do is surrender to this sort of uchronia that allows itself to question the issue of faith and humanity from a perspective that seems anchored more in a primal, basic intuition than in reason.

He was born in Bailleul, France, in He taught Philosophy and directed many ads, short films, and documentaries. In the first part of his diptych Election, To demonstrated he was capable of consolidating his perspective in the thriller genre through a primitive, animal violence without needs for heavy artillery. Life Without Principle goes one step beyond in stripping away action, which now is psychological rather than physical.

Build like a perfect mechanism of intertwined stories, the action takes place on the day the Greek crisis blows out, when the Chinese stock market plunges and takes away the future of gangsters turned brokers, bank tellers submitted to the law of benefit, and small savers captivated by risk investments. Born in Hong Kong in , he worked in TV for many years and later founded his own production company Milkyway Image.

Es el atardecer. No se ve, se escucha, y entre el sonido de un cuerpo desmembrado Ceylan le impone al protagonista volver a pensar sobre su deseo. Roger Koza. The sixth film by Turkish filmmaker and remarkable cinematographer Nuri Bilge Ceylan has a fantastic start. Two initial shots in a bar are followed by cars going through a mountain area. In the cars there are cops, suspects, witnesses, a prosecutor, a doctor, and two diggers. Lightning illuminate the darkness, and the doctor and the prosecutor discuss the case of a dead woman, the scientific relevance of autopsies, the nature of women, and suicide as a way of punishment.

Ceylan works on two separate lines: the suspense of whether the body will be found or not and a sort of meditation on the loneliness of man and his unfulfilled wishes. The statement of that teenage-like dream will reverberate on following actions. The ending is an indirect encounter with the ominous, with the irruption of sinister things.

In a superb off-camera setting, the forensic doctor and his colleague at the morgue practice the required autopsy. Life is elsewhere. Derya Palas Apt. He was born in Istambul, Turkey, in Aunque no tanto. Diego Brodersen. Like his compatriot Takeshi Kitano —a comedian from the TV universe— Hitoshi Matsumoto transcended expectations, both on the screen and behind it, with his first feature Big Man Japan , the hilarious story of a giant man faced against ridiculous, beautiful and melancholic monsters.

Apparently distancing himself from the visual madness of his two previous films, and stepping down from the main role, on this third film Matsumoto finds something the likes of peace and introspection.

But not so much. Under the appearance of a jidaigeki, the well-established Japanese periodpiece genre, Scabbard Samurai hides lots of surprises. First of all, the main character is the shabbiest, less charismatic samurai in cinema history, an unlucky ronin who is constantly reprimanded by his young daughter.

He has thirty days and thirty chances to make the boy laugh, or else he will be forced to commit seppuku. Todo esto parece tortuoso y en cierta medida lo es. Garrel will tell this story through another couple of friends who witness the way things unfolded.

They range from boredom and bourgeois pleasure to jealousy, envy, and crossed reproach. All this sounds tortuous, and in a way it is. He uses Godardian references here which are lining up in detail if you take the time to find and recognize them but the film has a very different tone.

He was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, in No hay nada nuevo en el cine de Naomi Kawase. Rojo sangre, sol rojo, fuego rojo. Tres elementos que, a su vez, simbolizan la vida. Lo dicho: no hay nada nuevo en el cine de Kawase. Red blood, red sun, red fire, three elements that symbolize life.

And red is also a frail color, which fades easily. Hanezu begins in the Asuka region, the cradle of millenary Japan. More precisely, it begins in a digging site, among mountains, insects, the reflection of the sun on the water, and voices telling an ancient legend. Then, it moves quietly to a love story that takes place —where else could it be— in Nara. And we can only be thankful for it. She was born in Nara, Japan, in Graduated from the Osaka School of Photography, she debuted in film with the short Embracing Lars Von Trier.

Pero el otro Von Trier, el de la segunda mitad llamada Claire, narra el fin del mundo literal sin abandonar a los personajes de la primera mitad. Lars Von Trier vs. But the other Von Trier, the one of the second half called Claire, narrates the literal end of the world with the same characters from the first one. However, Von Trier says this is a comedy.

And he might even be right. Curiosamente su muerte acerca al marido cornudo y al amante esquivo. Unable to bear her empty, comfortless flat, she commits suicide. Curiously, the cheated husband and elusive lover are drawn closer by her death. Does it ring a bell? He was born in Mexico City in He was a jury member in the 12th edition of the Festival. He goes the same distance as his characters, observing and taking care of them; he respects their distance as well as their closeness.

Since , he directs shorts and documentaries, and worked as an editor in Moebius , Gustavo Mosquera and Just for Today , Ariel Rotter , among other films. After a few days of romance, she is taken there —a mansion on a cliff by the sea, partly incrusted in the rocks— by troubled novelist Max Oliver Dafoe, who else.

This is a subtle, sentimental drama that plays with lights, shadows and sound in order to build a unique atmosphere, as intimate as disturbing. Born in Pescara, Italy, in , she studied in her home country as well as in Switzerland and Australia. Poor, beat-up Frank has been through everything in life, but this is too much: his wife ran away with another man, and that other man is a violent and unpleasant local drug-dealer.

Influenced by some bizarre mystical-religious episodes and decided to take charge of his fate, he gives birth to a new, unlikely masked avenger who goes around armed with an impossible costume, a wrench and a shameful motto. He soon gets his first and only fan: Libby, a young enthusiast nerd who works at the comic book store and aspires to be his side-kick and girlfriend. These elements conceptually enroll the film in the same universe as the recent KickAss and Defendor —right between hilarious pop artifice and the most sordid, painful real life details.

Through them, Super breaks down the mythology of men in tights using a deliberately filthy and uncomfortable tone indebted to Robert Crumb and Daniel Clowes that gets alternatively funny and pathetic, between a joyfully brainless cult and the most lucid reflection on the genre. He wrote several scripts for Troma the biggest B-movie production company in the US , starting with Tromeo and Juliet Entre su pasado y su futuro. In the Seventies, he had to exile in Paris for political reasons, and left an unfinished project in Buenos Aires.

Between his past and his present. In fact, from the very first sequence in The Life of Fish, we can see he has been passing through his own life for a while now.

Also, his friends, whom he left ten years ago to become a travel writer, regard him as only a breathing memory and they let him know that. Es jurado de la Competencia Internacional.

Born in Santiago de Chile in , he majored in filmmaking and scriptwriting at the Chilean Film School. O todo lo contrario. O nos trae. Lots of stimulus, freedom, and freshness.

Or the exact opposite. Of course, life, with all of its chaotic nature, drags us around by our noses. Or maybe it brings us in. O varias. Following a period of denial, Joe Swanberg came back from the ashes reconsidering his own life and his relationship with cinema, including the people who usually accompany him on his adventures, and investigating the visceral nature of these two processes.

Gathered in one single location, a small crew is about to shoot a meticulous porn film. Or several ones. Ogden Ave. Even worse, nobody else in the world can stand them. The first film he wrote and directed was Impolex O todo a la vez, con una furiosa y desbocada banda sonora original.

His constant skating on those concave abysses at high speed becomes a pathological behavior. Griffin P: John Baker. Dragonslayer es su primer largo como director. Dragonslayer is his first film as a director. Sophie and Jason are a strange couple, at least for those who observe their intimacy from outside. In their mid-thirties, they spend their days in a very small apartment in Los Angeles, and in the even smaller worlds of their notebooks connected to the Internet, trying to extend a relationship that might not even have anything left.

Suddenly, the idea of a new, unprecedented responsability puts their lives in crisis: adopting a sick kitty a month from now, fills them with anxiety like if it was a pregnancy. Pushed by this circumstance, they choose to quit their jobs and fulfill postponed dreams. But when that month goes by with not much progress, things will start to change in an unexpected way.

In a bucolic Belgian forest summer, three teenagers have all the time of the world at their hands. The possibilities for killing all that endless time seem infinite, like renting their home to a local, small time drug dealer, or dying their hair in the same color.

Slacker prefigura un modelo que Linklater profundiza, hasta en un sentido espiritual, en Despertando la vida. Nazareno Brega. Slacker focuses on the currently recognizable universe of Richard Linklater in the most rough and primal way.

Slacker anticipates a model Linklater would later develop into a spiritual sense in Waking Life. Motivated by this simple premise and with only 23 thousand dollars, Linklater made a unique film, maybe the most inspiring one of 90s independent cinema. He was born in in Houston, Texas.

He worked at an oil rig and later founded the Austin Film Society in Slacker is a stream-ofconsciousness chronicle of a day in Austin, featuring locals, beggars, proto-hipsters and locations that provide the city with its modern identity. Reilly , encargado de persuadirlo de ser el buen chico que se supone, en el fondo, es.

Gonzalo Maza. Terri is a fifteen year-old boy, a huge fatty who is constantly humiliated by his classmates. At home, he takes care of an uncle who has a certain mental illness and as a hobby hunts down the rats that walk through the attic.

Reilly , who tries to persuade him to be the nice kid he supposedly is. Maite and Isabel start frequenting a hidden garden, far from town, which they turn into their intimate and private space. A party Isabel organizes will unleash a series of events that will have repercussions on their friendship and the relationship they have with the place.

Noches inolvidables. Medianoches inolvidables. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the films that will spark controversy, move you in the most profound meaning of the word, with no sentimentality, straight to the gut. In some cases, also, they will do it literally and metaphorically. Sharp love-affairs, cybernetic existencialism, known and renowned producers, endless chase sequences, scientists with a taste for overmedication, trips to the unexpected, and much more than you can expect.

Midnight screamings: the ideal refuge for the fans of genre cinema. Unforgettable nights. Unforgettable midnights. Mientras tanto, la violencia se va apoderando de todo y de todos. In both cases, the cars are not the only ones enjoying a cult status. The same fate will apparently fall upon Bellflower, the first film by Evan Glodell, who also starred, produced, edited, and even built the camera they used to shoot the film together with his cinematographer. Meanwhile, violence takes over everything and everyone.

Together with his brother he created the production company Brothers Glodell, through which he made many shorts for the Internet. The first thing we notice at the beginning of Beyond the Black Rainbow is that this is a kind of cinema we thought to be lost somewhere on the shelves of an abandoned video rental. We could go even further and talk about those late night broadcasts of Viaje a lo inesperado, where you saw films you never knew anything about and later became obsessed with.

Cosmatos, who made films like Cobra and Rambo II , seeks inspiration in the constantly referenced ad quoted s. He was born in Rome, Italy, from a Greek father and a Swedish mother. He lived in Mexico and later settled in Canada, where he was part of the underground art scene and made short films, music videos, and music record covers before directing Beyond the Black Rainbow, his first film.

Throughout his career, Corman established a production aesthetics and ethics that resulted in films that were later regarded as classics. His idea of fast productions that would make the most out of every human, artistic, and productionrelated element resulted in films that stood on a level unmatched by any other B-movies creators. During his years as producer and director no genre escaped him: horror, social drama, science fiction, road movies —everything went through his camera and got its Corman version.

This heartfelt documentary tells us his story, the one of a man who made over films while sponsoring a brilliant generation of directors, actors, and scriptwriters without ever losing a dime. She worked as an assistant in The Guru and The Assassination of Richard Nixon , and as a producer in the documentary feature Just for Kicks Esta vez, la historia se centra en un taxista alejado de su lugar de origen obligado a aceptar, a causa de una deuda, una peligrosa propuesta, con la esperanza de reunir a su familia.

In recent years, Korean cinema achieved a difficult goal: uniting popular cinema —box office success included— without neglecting cinematographic rigor. In this diverse and effective list you should also add the name and work of Na Hong-jin, who after the adrenalin-fueled The Chaser, is still keeping the noise level up with The Yellow Sea. This time, the story focuses on a cab driver who lives far from home and is forced by a debt to accept a dangerous proposal with the hope of reuniting his family.

We know this because cinema has taught us: everything can only get worse from there. In other times, this kind of films were called classic cinema. He directed the awarded horror short film The Perfect Fishplate , and the lowbudget film The Chaser , which sold over 5 million tickets in his country and was selected for the 61st edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Ahora los chicos y chicas de ojos enrojecidos creen, para su placer, que pueden convertirse en otras personas y monstruos. The red-eyed girls and boys believe they can now become other people and monsters, much to their delight. Born in Houston, USA, in , he started shooting scenes from his everyday life at age 8, and used them to make Tarnation ; screened at the 21st Festival. Aventuras literalmente viscerales.

Pasen y vean. Lo van a disfrutar… Pablo Conde. These are films that go deep into areas in no way strange to Latin American reality.

However, that generality covers so little in comparison to the wide extension of humor and horror included here, that we better not use it. These are also disturbing midnight movies. Enraged satires, unleashed reflections on the Latin American way of being.

Visceral adventures, literally. Come and see. You will enjoy it… PC. Cities are no longer safe, with millions of unleashed beasts possessed by a ferocious thirst for blood. Maybe the only choice for survival is in far-away forests … An independent, very low-budget production, The Infected tries —from its very beginning— to stay clear from everything that has been said already by big Hollywood productions, and instead centers on the small but great story of a group of survivors who go to exile in the outskirts, at the mercy of nature.

Unfortunately, human miseries will also emerge there as the imminent zombie threat approaches. Alegre F: Alejandro G. Alejandro G. Los infectados es su primer largometraje. A major in Social Communication from the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico, he studied Acting and participated both in front and behind the cameras, in several TV productions.

The Infected is his first feature film. Sin embargo, nada es lo que parece. En especial ese inocente y curioso eclipse que se avecina. Marga, a young attractive Spanish lawyer is showing her flat for rent to a realtor, without disguising her little patience and few scruples.

However, nothing is what it seems to be. Like the innocent and curious eclipse that is coming or the sinister events it will trigger.

Born in Madrid, Spain, in Y de farsa, claro. Today, fifteen years later, the Farsa team emerges from removed dirt and comes back to the zombie neighborhood where they were born and where they might walk as zombies someday. Bill Johnson, John West and Max Giggs come back in this third and last episode: these beautiful dubbed names that have a life of their own are now fighting Martians, like all prodigal children of B-movies should.

Once again, Farsa invokes Saint Romero and demonstrates that cinema never dies, and that the revolution is charged with dirt and a cinephile spirit. And with farce, of course. A founding member of Farsa Productions, he directed short films like Tuuuuuuuuuuuu Take My Hand! They hold their hands passionately and experience some sweet moments without knowing death will haunt them at the most unexpected moment. After participating in many plays in the alternative theater circuit, he directed his first shorts in the Nineties.

He directed the films TL Mi reino por un platillo volador , Hoteles y otros alojamientos temporarios and TL La felicidad es una leyenda urbana ; best Argentine film at the 24th Festival. March, Buenos Aires is invaded by a group of zombies. The plague grows, coloring the city with fear and desolation, and finds its climax in the Nineties.

In , when he was in the 4th grade, he saw a strange shiny object floating over Buenos Aires. He hated him forever and swore that he would become the best visual arts director in the world. Es una forma de hacer y encarar las cosas. Es una manera de vivir la vida.

The Alternate States section expands itself 20 films, a true record for this section , and by doing so, it tries to erase all limits between established film genres, including that untouchable myth that separates films and places them in separate levels just for their duration.

Today, talking about documentary, experimental, and fiction would be insisting on a set of rules that no longer seem important. And in more than one occasion, all that is featured in one single film. Adolf Hitler is one of the most portrayed characters in film history by the most diverse bunch of actors. Conference is the result of that obsession with Hitler and its representation , featuring 65 actors who face against the image of the great dictator accompanied with a soundtrack by Austrian composer Bernhard Lang.

Boris Martow was a promising poet back in the days of Perestroika. Now, he spends his days in an old mansion south of the Caucasus. The place originally meant to be a recreational spot for Soviet filmmakers and today it has been transformed into a residence for writers.

Boris and his poetry are the only guests there. Apart from many installations, he made the short films Gehfilmen 6 , Wisla , Jogging , Wars , Parking, Rosa Coeli both in and Lancia Thema ; screened at the 22nd edition of the Festival , among others. A woman enjoying a day at the beach is the starting point for many films.

However, that quiet and sensual leisure situation is here transformed into a storm, built with the material elements of celluloid and its potential as a tool for breaking with established forms and our expectations as spectators. D: Siegfried A. He was born in Austria in He worked as a psychologist before studying film production at the University of San Francisco.

The real place, the Boa Viagem neighborhood in Recife, encompasses all aspects of the Brazilian way of life, highlighting a reality that sits right before us and yet goes usually unnoticed. He was born in Caruaru, Brazil, in She was born in Recife, Brazil, in A short film about these fired ice meteors and their connections to the divine all throughout history that combines European imagery from the 15thth centuries with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory footage.

She was born in in Chicago, where she currently teaches at the University of Illinois. The master of the stroboscopic depth illusion changes territory, but applies his familiar strategy: a ghostly, flicking film takes us into a deep and ominous Asian past.

Spelled in an unfamiliar way. Sparse intertitles trigger further thoughts about the war economy. Llega la hora de que se vayan. Early 20th-century street vendors pushed their carts loaded with vegetables.

It is time for them to go. A youngster juggles as a cop walks by in front of him to keep everything in order. The youngster backs down and the officer goes away; then, the youngster goes back to his circus activities. Little by little, the viewer discovers fragments of the film of that reduced space in which multiple actions are occurring.

For many different reasons that would be too long to explain, cinema usually has a close relationship with the art of painting. Born in Buenos Aires in , he studied Filmmaking there and completed his training in Barcelona, Spain.

He works as a film teacher, and directed the short film No es mucho lo que heredamos de nuestro abuelo Like a confession or an intimate journal. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in , he lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. After a long prolific career as a short film director, Austrian Michael Palm makes his second documentary feature.

This is a film essay with a polyphonic format that includes 35mm, Scope, and street cameras with their digital records, all of it accompanied by the opinion of scientists and intellectuals from all branches of knowledge. He was born in Linz, Austria, in He studied Philosophy and Drama at the University of Vienna. La memoria, enfrentada a la realidad, demuestra no ser tan fiel. And that crazy thing is the starting point for Photographic Memory, an intimate journal in which McElwee starts by portraying the changes his teenage son goes through, trying to understand how that adorable child became this apathetic teenager, and transforming back into a Proust-like shift the past.

Later, McElwee decides to take a trip to the small French town where he worked as a wedding photographer 38 years ago. Armed with old photos, all kinds of recordings, and small hand-written notebooks, he tries to reconstruct that time which includes an old lost love affair when he had the same age his son has now. When faced with reality, memory proves to be rather unreliable. And the passing of time demonstrates that the less dependable materials are not the digital or the analogical, but the one in which memories which are kept.

He was born in A Guarda, Spain, in Anyone who is more right than his fellowmen constitutes a single-person majority. Henry David Thoreau. Esperemos que Ben Rivers, al igual que algunos de sus personajes, siga eligiendo el camino de los solitarios.

Graduated from an art school, he founded and programmed the Brighton Cinematheque for a short period, and later became a lonesome filmmaker he shoots with a 16mm Bolex he processes himself at home and author of around ten short films that won him recognition and several awards. These are realities built with pieces of fiction, and vice versa —always closer to the visual essay than to a simple documentary style. That personal style comes with a particular use of sound that seems to contribute to either the confusion or the peace featured in his images, and with music usually coming from old devices or instruments, gramophones, or old portable radios.

Anyway, enlisting all these topics —which in some cases are not even that— would be to simplify a career that is too wide and complex in its searches and methods. A body of work that although it has a significant size, it still looks as if it has just begun. Sack Barrow explores a small family-run factory in the outskirts of London that was set up in to provide work for war veterans and is days away from closing definitively.

The film observes the environment and daily routines of the last six workers. From its worn-out walls, the pin-up girls in the posters carefully watch everything.

Jake always has many jobs and is also an expert mandolin player. He has a different sense of time than most 21st century people. It struck me straight away that there were clear parallels between our ways of working.

A post-apocalyptic sci-fi film that combines documentary cinema, ethnographic studies and pure fiction. Somewhere between the universes of Werner Herzog and Chris Marker, Ben Rivers builds his world and explains us the workings of societies that, even when fictional, are built with pieces of reality.

Time went by, and I did other things, but I always felt I had to make a film again where the audience and I could spend more time wandering around the woods where Jake lives. A film as lonely as its main character. Uwiklanie El enredo es un film en clave de pulp fiction dirigido por Jacek Bromski.

El Sr. Los realizadores polacos que ya visitaron Mar del Plata han notado ciertas similitudes espirituales entre polacos y argentinos.

The 36 th edition of Gdynia took place in early June of and brought a number of interesting films. Screened in Toronto, Warsaw and Busan, Rose is screened here together with the short film The City in Ruins Miasto ruin , a digital reconstruction of what was left of Warsaw after the Warsaw Uprising in The Entanglement Uwiklanie is a pulp fiction-style film directed by Jacek Bromski.

He will be present in Mar del Plata as a juror in the International Competition. We will have among us the distinguished actor Marian Dziedziel, who stars in three of the films in this focus: The Mole, Rose and Courage. Polish filmmakers who have visited Mar del Plata in the past have noticed certain spiritual similarities between Poles and Argentines. Courage Wymyk - Coraje A bordo de un tren suburbano, los hermanos Alfred y Jerzy son testigos del robo a una joven mujer.

Alfred and Jerzy are two brothers, who witness how a young woman is robbed on a suburban train. Jerzy, the youngest, defends the girl and faces the robbers while Alfred stays behind, indifferent yet scared by the situation. But things get out of hand and Jerzy is thrown out of the moving train without Alfred being able to do anything about it.

A passive witness to the death of his brother, Alfred must now carry on with his life and the family business. He was born in Warsaw, Poland, in He was a member of several rock bands, and directed short films like Sputnik and Guilt , documentaries like The Life of Lodz and the feature film All Winter Without Fire ; awarded at Locarno.

Pawel and his father Zygmunt make a living by importing second-hand clothing from France to Poland. The heroic reputation of his father, who is regarded as one of the main fighters against totalitarianism and a recognized member of the labor movement of the 80s, is now faced with an accusation of having acted as a secret informer for the communist regime. The Mole is his first fiction feature. La ley de la selva parece haber reemplazado a las reglas humanas, dejando a la mujer a la merced de las circunstancias.

But it also renewed chaos for others. Alone in her farm, Rose is defenseless against Russian soldiers —who believe in rape as a form of revenge— or the hungry, desperate Poles. The law of the jungle has apparently replaced the human law, leaving the woman alone against the circumstances.

At least until she meets a former officer in the Polish Home Army who arrives at the farm in an attempt to hide his identity. He was born in Korczyna, Poland, in It took two years to the forty visual effects specialists to design the six amazing minutes of the 3D sequence that overflies Warsaw in , devastated by the Nazi air power.

Dominik is a popular boy. His life seems perfect until an innocent kiss with a mate changes everything. Shaken by this event and its repercussions in social networks, Dominik begins to isolate himself from the outside world and spends his time in the same virtual world that condemned him.

Seduced by her words, Dominik will let Sylwia drag him into a frenzied game in which he will end up realizing the purpose of that virtual community is not to help the suicidal ones, but exactly the opposite. Suicide Room es su primer largometraje. Suicide Room is his first feature film.

Sketch artists, filmmakers, musicians, and painters form this portrait of a wide and diverse cultural scene with an unusual capacity for reflecting on its own status. Territorio que, no hace falta recordar, les fue arrebatado a los mismos mapuches. A territory that, no need to remind you, was once snatched from the very same mapuches.

Newen Mapuche is a potent chronicle of two inextricably connected struggles: a people for the right to their land, and a filmmaker for the right to free speech.

She also created the Panguipulli Symphonic Orchestra. Panorama del cine latinoamericano El festival se reencuentra con el cine latinoamericano. Pastora Campos y Ernesto Flomenbaum. Es parte del pasado reciente y se proyecta sobre el tiempo actual. Precisamente, un apartado especial lo constituyen los films vinculados con Cuba. But how do we recognize today what Latin American cinema is, apart from the increasing amount of co-productions? The idea of identity is a complex tool to use at a time when globalization of brands and symbols erases national borders and there is a new identification process with phenomena of diverse origins.

In recent years more countries have added their film productions to those already established by tradition. Diverse trends coexist here, from strictly commercial ones to those with a higher theme and narrative commitment.

This results in films that carry somewhat homogenic themes and narrative forms, erasing cultural features and local borders in order to achieve international projection.

But we also find films that coexist with these, and try to reflect on the past and present of each country and their societies, stating through the urgency and visceral nature of their themes a quest for opposing symbolic elements that will differentiate themselves from the homogenization we mentioned before. This way, we notice a mark of social and political violence all along the continent, and this is an unavoidable issue.

It was part of the recent past. By exposing its causes, communities are able to recognize their own experiences beyond national and cultural borders and indentify with historical processes shared by different generations. Thus, they take part in the construction of a wider story, which can be shared, or not, by the entire society. While the Revolution was the point of reference and inspiration for transforming ideas in our societies, today it is regarded as the last resisting bastion against the attacks of globalized capitalism; one that also reveals its cracks and the questions surrounding its actual chance of survival.

Silveiro Palacios is a fisherman, but lately the only thing he catches is bad luck: his attempt to form a cooperative organization has utterly failed, and with this and other frustrations on his back, he becomes the first Mexican balsero headed to Miami. Urquiza , depto.

Acorazado es su primer largometraje. He worked as a producer and assistant director, wrote and directed TV shows, and works as a teacher in Mexico and Argentina since Acorazado is his first feature film.

Ever since then, and until he was shot to death while offering mass in , his voice became the one of militant Catholicism, the defense of the poor, and the denunciation of recurrent human rights violations in his country. He worked as a filmmaker and cinematographer for several documentary TV shows, and directed the documentary features Pulque Song and Old Thieves A woman walks through the Brazilian rain forest stopping occasionally just to get her strength back and check on the content of the cardboard box she carries under her arm.

His short films won him over 50 awards in local and international festivals. In he directed his first full-length film, The Grain, which picked up more than 30 awards worldwide. His dreams seem to come true when he meets Michel, an unscrupulous European producer who sees him as a potential star.

Miglis, K. Nuudi, E. Synege, A. Fonseca, D. Esmer E: F. Alneng, B. Nilsson, R. Nordh, A. Leinhagen, H. Lejonqvist, H. Sandholt, J. Svedin, P. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in Desde entonces ha rodado numerosos documentales. He was born in Hava na, Cuba, in Since then, he has made several documentaries.

He directed the short films Las ganas, Una tarde cualquiera both in and The Red Bridge , as well as the feature film A ojos cerrados After ten years of living in New York, this guerrilla defender of graffiti and other street movements is back in Guatemala to change the minds of the oppressed through art.

Produce el magazine televisivo Nova York, ganador de tres Emmy. He edited the last films by his fellow countryman Luis Ospina and directed the shorts Estatuas , La cerca and La casa por la ventana , among others.

The Stoplight Society is his first feature film. Their demands included that president Belisario Betancourt would be submitted to a public trial. Instead, they got a blood bath from the police and the army.

Twenty-seven hours later, the Palace of Justice was a pile of smoking rubble where an almost hundred dead bodies lay, among them 34 of the 35 guerrillas and 11 judges from the highest court. Twelve civilians were never found, and many believe the army was responsible for their disappearing.

La toma makes a parallel between the chronic of that bloody day and the controversial trial of Colonel Plazas Vega, in charge of the military operation, a quarter of a century later. In he co-directed with Jo Menellthe documentary Mandela, which was nominated for an Oscar.

Este grupo inicial llega ya a alrededor de , sumando productores y guionistas. La historia reciente, los choques generacionales, el desempleo, el desarraigo, el racismo y la xenofobia, los cambios culturales, la indiferencia y el inmovilismo colectivo, la intolerancia, las frustraciones, son algunos de los ejes donde se posa la mirada atenta de los realizadores. La vitalidad creativa asociada a Eros surge como una de las respuestas posibles a la mediocridad imperante de una vida burocratizada.

Ernesto Flomenbaum y Pastora Campos. At the time we write this, no one can see any solution for this crisis, which tends to also burst in the rest of the continent. What we can see are grave consequences it has for the society. Paradoxically, in recent years a group of filmmakers have produced a variety of films that caught international attention.

With different approaches, all of them seem to have been summoned by the conflicted reality that has fallen on their film craft, addressing not only its social aspect but also the issues of their own profession. A significant fact is worth mentioning: in March a small group of filmmakers got organized to demand a neglected film legislation that would allow them to continue developing their activity.

This law addressed incentives to film production, redistribution of funds from bureaucratic organism to film production, tax cuts, and improvements in film education, among other demands. United under the acronym FOG Filmmakers of Greece they took as an emblem the simile of the film Gorillas in the Mist denouncing the danger of their own extinction. This first group has now around members, including producers and writers. Recent history, generational clashes, unemployment, uproot feelings, racism and xenophobia, cultural change, indifference and collective stillness, intolerance, and frustrations, are some of the main issues the thorough eye of these filmmakers focuses on.

Family is also placed under observation by taking the contained violence to the extreme and let it burst, and using a closed group to depict what the social thread multiplies by a thou sand. If the submission of the individual has been displaced from religious values to the State machine, the latter is now widely discredited in view of its unfulfilled promises and its fundamental role in an unjust social order.

Creative vitality associated to Eros appears as one of the possible answers to the prevailing mediocrity of bureaucratized life. The rise of this filmmaking group allows us to keep on defending the vitality of a certain type of cinema, which surfaces from the dirt of pure merchandise that constrains it and sheds light on the present day, where a new medievalism, now technological, is manifesting.

He still has to take the last step, which will soon reveal as the hardest one: introducing her girlfriend to her mother Rina and his younger brother Lefteris, who suffers from schizophrenia and lives as if time would have stopped in the long gone days of his childhood in Tbilisi.

Burning Heads es su primer largometraje. Burning Heads is his first full length film. Three generations growing amidst different political disturbances —first in the s, then the s restoration of democracy, and finally the current crisis— clash with each other on a single day in which they settle old scores.

Louziotis, D. Kanellopoulos, P. Voutsaras, C. Homeland es su primer largometraje. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in , he studied theatre, acting, and film direction in Athens, Utrecht and New York. Homeland is his first feature film. But now he has crossed all limits, and is forcing her own adolescent daughter —Fanny, a mentally challenged drug addict— to be a prostitute, and plans the same fate for his son, the immature Christos, whose suicidal tendencies complete the scene.

A key figure in the New Greek Cinema, Costas Zapas shapes this perverted, morbid story of incest as a tragedy —a Greek one, yes— that reaches maximum intensity as it strips away from useless elements maintaining a raw, pure drama.

And he makes a furious catharsis of contemporary demons, which might be the usual ones: authority, family, and education. He was born in Athens, Greece, in In he published the novel Blue Heart. In Minor Freedoms, Costa Zapas had built a very dark tragedy of characters completely deprived of their freedom, and now his last film might be regarded as the exact opposite: a sort of punk musical about a gay couple who takes their freedom so seriously they even believe it to be a license to kill.

But at a certain point, the two decide to go from theory to practice and set on mass murder. Four tobacco shops sit on one if its corners; as one could expect none of them has a lot of clients, so their owners —four bored, talkative, proudly Greek men in their fifties— are more a bunch of friends than competitors.

He was born in in Athens, Greece and studied Marketing. He worked as a photographer, assistant director and radio producer. A tale of the metaphysic trip taken by a woman who resists to get wrapped up by oblivion, at times Ricordi mi has the soft, dim thread of dreams, but it also lets in pieces of everyday reality. The endless cycle of economic crises becomes visible in them, and gets newer and stronger resonances in the light of the events that shook the Greek society and the European community all throughout this year.

So Close A compulsive gambler and his girlfriend on her birthday, illegal immigrants, salsa dancers, lovers in their love nest, amateur thieves, a girl in a wheel chair, a doctor, and a radio host are just some of the many, many characters that form this mosaic of young life in Greece. A specialist in improvisation experiments, Kornilios moves on the path he had set in his previous film Music of the Faces, another choral composition with minimum anecdote and maximum acting freedom.

And here he makes the most out of the different tones and the variations in intensity, with pieces that —at times lightly and at times with a deeply dramatic tone— revolve around universal themes: love, pain, desire, sex; the mysteries of life and death.

He was born in Athens, Greece in He studied Architecture, Music, and Theater. Between and he lived in Paris, where he composed music and directed classic plays for the Chaillot National Theater. Two teenage boys wandering through the city with an old gun; a ticket inspector swamped in debts; a young couple about to break-up: these three independent stories intersect at several points, pushing their protagonists to the same dead-end alley.

This rough, episodic film shot in a metallic yet warm black and white takes place on one single day in Athens where several power outages occur. Tungsten es su primer largometraje.

Back in Greece, he worked as an editor and made documentaries such as Hydra and Sthala , among others. Tungsten is his first feature film. The San Juan earthquake and the historic tremor of October 17th. The radio-theater actress born in a small town and the ferocious, jealous, and ambitious lover of the future president. The attractive brunette and the blond figure that would become an icon. Or the small, interspersed story of History, as it unfolds on scenes that subtly echo the complex fate of the country, a deep significance that reaches our present day.

A renowned dancer and choreographer, she belongs to the first generation of video-dance directors in Argentina. She directed the shorts El banquete, El espejo, El otro espejo and Territorio, as well as the feature films Cielo azul, cielo negro , Todas esas cosas , The Dress and the TV film 15 minutos de gloria The main character is Pilo, a small inhabitant of the asteroid belt in the planet Ankj and, deep down, a kid like any other who lives with his mom and longs to travel through space and have great adventures.

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Jorge Grau. David Kohon Nazareno Cruz y el lobo , Dir. Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Boquitas pintadas , Dir. Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Los siete locos , Dir. Leopoldo Torre Nilsson La maffia , Dir. Leopoldo Torre Nilsson El santo de la espada , Dir. Fernando Ayala Jandro , Dir. Julio Coll. Carlos Borcosque Los inocentes , Dir. Juan Antonio Bardem. Derlis M. Inconclusa Las ratas , Dir. Luis Saslavsky Prisioneros de una noche , Dir. David Kohon Piel de verano , Dir.

Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Un guapo del , Dir. Leopoldo Torre Nilsson El candidato , Dir. Fernando Ayala Zafra , Dir. Fernando Ayala La morocha , Dir. Ernesto Arancibia El amor nunca muere , Dir. He has worked in theater as well, both as actor and director. His last work in television was a cameo in Herederos de una venganza , as the leader of a masonic lodge. He had worked before in Por el nombre de Dios and Vulnerables both from He also worked in the play Los reyes de la risa with Guillermo Francella.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Argentine theatre and film actor. Buenos Aires , Argentina. Archived from the original on Retrieved Konex Foundation in Spanish. Ambito in Spanish. Obituaries in the Performing Arts,