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Accenture consulting levels

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Some levels are further divided into two or more sub-levels not covered in the article. Here is how the technical Hierarchy of Accenture looks like —. This is an entry-level position. You will be hired as an Assistant when you are a fresher who just graduated. It is mostly a temporary position where you will be like a trainee who learns and adapts to the work environment.

You will be promoted to be Associate after the months of the training period. This from where you will be involved in the real work. You will be given tasks or assignments by the Analyst. Or you will assist the Analyst to finish the project in the hand. Here you will be exposed to the different situations so that you can analyze yourself.

Mostly you will be promoted from this position after 1 or 2 years if you do well. Once you become an Analyst your responsibility begins. You should be able to involve in different projects and train the associate or Assistant. The resource will be involved in the projects of the company as per the instructions of the Senior Analyst or Team lead. It is not much different from the previous one; you will be promoted to a Senior Analyst after 3 years of experience as an Analyst.

It means that you are aware of all the challenges of the respective field and more experienced to handle them. There is an increase in salary between the Analyst and Senior Analyst positions. After your period of Senior Analyst, you will be promoted to either of the three based on your skills and performance. If you are on good terms with the team you will be a Team Lead, and if you are an expert you will be promoted into the Specialist or consultant.

As with the Associate Engineer, it is all the learning phase. A technical expert will slowly get to know about the business and administration in this phase. You will be promoted to a manager or next position based on your performance.

The role leads many team leads and hundreds of Engineers and Analysts. As explained previously it is just a senior position provided for those who are more experienced and potential. The pay and the responsibility increase once you become a senior manager.

And this is the last or highest managerial position in Accenture. A director is mostly involved in the administration and decision-making works than the technical ones. Associate Director is the one who substitutes the presence of the director. Salary is the main competent for most employees until you get to Managing Director when the equity component plays a much more significant role.

You can read about the typical Accenture promotion raises and bonuses here , but the promotion cycles vary by workforce and performance. The typical years at a level for each role is years in the beginning but gradually increase as you climb up the ladder. Accenture tries to be a meritocracy, so promotions are much more performance-based than seniority-based. When I was at Accenture, it was always my goal to have respected career counselors who have pull in the laddering meetings because it makes a difference.

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Nov 6,  · They’ll also tell you that the sky is the limit in a consulting career at Accenture, with a variety of roles and types of work to choose from across virtually every industry. A not . May 5,  · Accenture Career Levels Level 1: Senior Managing Director (SMD) Level 2: Client Account Director (MD) Level 3: Senior Client Account Executive (MD) Level 4: . Mar 1,  · In , Accenture generated US$50 billion in revenue and employed about , people worldwide. Accenture has four main consulting divisions: strategy, .