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California's Central Valley is home to about five Kaiser-affiliated hospitals, offering emergency and other medical services 24 hours a day, seven cslifornia a week. West Lancaster, CA Driving directions References Kaiser Permanente: Quick Facts. Written by Max Stirner. Max Stirner is a New York-based writer and editor with over a decade of experience. Richmond, CA 1 0.

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Caresource 65 e state street

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Hardly any doctors around me will take it probably cause they re just as awful to the doctors , the staff is hard headed and willing to argue with you about anything, and I have had to pay more out of pocket than I ever had.

I have the gold plan, so I am dumping money into this, and I am still treated like a rat every time I try and talk to them. I am not sure what would be more expensive at this time, just dropping this excuse for insurance and paying the full doctors bills and government fine, or continuing to dump money on a monthly basis to still pay for more than half of my doctors visits. Wish I would have read these reviews before I signed up.

Last year I had them, and they were OK-customer service was non-existent but I could deal. This year, I had added dental to my plan, which was the exact same plan. Every doctor pretty much refers you to a specialist if it's anything more than a fricken cold.

It was on their website that it was. We are still in dispute. Also, last year they paid for meds like Enbrel for any autoimmune disorder , this year they won't. I can't wait until I could switch insurance companies during enrollment period. You should be allowed to switch companies anytime you want. American healthcare system is a total disaster, but companies like Caresource makes things worse. I am a new subscriber because my husband changed jobs and his company health insurance will not start until July 1st.

I am an asthmatic. I have had the SAME asthma medications for 6 years. My current PCP just happens to be on spring break with her family. She was kind enough on her vacation to contact an in network pharmacy for my refill.

When I went to pick up my prescription, the pharmacy tech informed me that CareSource requires a doctor authorization to fulfill. My doctor who is in a family practice with her husband will not be back in the office until Monday! Hence the reason for her call to the pharmacy because everyone knows a person with asthma cannot go without their medication. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with CareSource.

Without a piece of paper, no medication was their answer. They gave me two options: 1- Pay for the Rx out of pocket. Could not guarantee they would. If anyone has been to urgent care, they do not know you or your history.

Unnecessary tests would be done to conclude I do in fact has asthma which was already determined 6 years ago. Either option is very costly over a medically necessary prescription. Shame on CareSource and their red tape! This insurance does not look out for the well being of its subscribers. Take your hard earned money elsewhere! I will more than likely be making a trip to urgent care as I cannot go without my asthma medication that long.

And I will definitely not refer anyone to this company. So my countdown begins to July 1st! If it would let me I would give them zero stars. I worked in the medical field for 20 years. If they paid me for the amount of time I waste on the phone with their customer service it would be at least a part- time job salary.

Be prepared for a min of an hour an to not get what you want to get accomplished. My invoices haven't been correct since we started with over 9 months ago and they promise to "look" into it but nothing EVER is done about it which makes me question how they handle my claims. I've had Care Source for a very long time and they have been decent so far.

I have had countless numbers in doctor visits, eye doctor, dentist etc and they have covered MOST of what i have needed besides waiting on prior authorizations and all that mess. They keep changing things you used to be able to get a new pair of glasses every year now its every 2 but they took away prior authorizations for clinics which is an awesome thing so it seems that they are trying to change for the better. The customer service could be better though!!

My children and I have been on Caresource insurance for a long time, and they used to be great. I never had many complaints until recently the past year or two, but the biggest issues are very recent.

Caresource has denied to pay for his ABA therapy, claiming that he cannot receive services through the same organization through whom he was diagnosed. No one at the diagnosing organization has ever heard of such a stipulation, and they have kids currently receiving treatment there, through Caresouce, whom they have also diagnosed.

The denial notice also claimed that ABA was not "medically necessary to help him feel better". Are you kidding me? My son needs these services. As well as ABA, he was also supposed to receive Speech and Occupational therapy through this organization, which was going to be worked into his ABA schedule. So without them covering ABA, he is also being denied the other therapies.

I have tried to take the easy route, and called around to just find another place to do the therapies, but most other organizations are on around 1 year wait lists. I have appealed the decision to deny ABA, and my appeal was also denied. The medical organization attempted to contact Caresource twice about this denial, but never managed to speak with anyone regarding it. Financial Summary Total raised Total spent Cash summary About this committee Raising Total receipts Individual contribution transactions Spending Total disbursements Independent expenditures Disbursement transactions Filings Regularly filed reports and hour reports Statements of organization Other documents.

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