does cigna insurance cover braces
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Does cigna insurance cover braces availity for pharmacy

Does cigna insurance cover braces

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Braces also need to be adjusted regularly. This depends on the type of braces you get, and the dental issues you are trying to correct, you may not need to see the dentist as often and the frequency of visits may change during the course of the treatment more dentist visits in the beginning and near the end of the process, and fewer in the middle. Orthodontics treatment realigns teeth by applying constant, gentle pressure to move them into a new position.

Dental insurance can help make braces more affordable. If you stay in network, you may be able to save money on the typical cost of braces. Dental savings plans members can use their plan to reduce their costs at the dentist as often as they wish, there are no annual maximum spending limits.

Plus, the majority of dental savings plan provide significant discounts on many other types of dental care and treatments. Look at both traditional dental insurance and dental savings plans to find the solution that can help make orthodontics affordable. View Plan. Toggle navigation What other costs are involved? Affordable Braces Dental insurance can help make braces more affordable. With a Dental Savings Plan. First Name. By submitting your information you are agreeing to receive communications from Cigna Dental Plans.

For more details see our Privacy Policy. Thank You! Another perk to Damon braces is that you can choose clear brackets if you want something less noticeable. Ceramic braces are another discreet option. Unlike the previous four options, which are roughly the same cost wise, lingual braces are much pricier. The wires and brackets go behind your teeth, concealing them. This is the maximum amount that your provider will pay toward your claims during a benefit period.

You can always ask your orthodontist if they offer payment plans for more major dental work. They may ask you to pay one-third or one-half of what you owe upfront, and then spread out the remainder of your balance over several months.

This route beats financing, since you will likely have little or no interest fees to worry about. You can find a list of dental programs near you by checking out the Commission of Dental Accreditation site. Another way to save on braces is by paying with pretax dollars.

If you have enough money in an HSA, FSA or savings account to pay for the cost of braces, ask your orthodontist if they will give you a discount for paying in cash.

A Cigna dental discount plan , also commonly called a Cigna dental discount plan , is another way to get affordable braces. Unlike dental insurance, which does not always cover braces, a Cigna dental savings plan will and at a discount.

Another nice thing about a dental savings plan is that you can purchase it even if you already have dental insurance. A little research into your options is all it takes to get more affordable braces. View Plan. Toggle navigation Affordable Dental Insurance for Braces. How much do braces cost? Does dental insurance cover braces?

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