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Nuance voice biometrics

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Nuance biometric authentication securely verifies customers seamlessly and in seconds. See how the cost reductions add up with our savings calculator. Authenticate callers seamlessly and in seconds to improve their experience, empower agents to deliver better service, reduce handle time, and stop fraudsters in phone channels. Replace one-time passcodes with voice authentication to reduce friction and increase security during customer onboarding, password resets, and account recovery.

Verify agents, remote workers, and other employees to increase trust during customer interactions, increase productivity, ensure compliance, and reduce costs.

Deliver better experiences and offer more services during video banking interactions, thanks to increased security and trust through voice authentication and fraud prevention. Digital customer interactions are on the rise, and consumers expect fast, easy, secure experiences. But most digital user authentication and fraud detection methods force you to add friction to user flows, hurting their experience even as you protect them.

Our solution layers advanced biometrics with intelligent fraud detectors to seamlessly authenticate mobile, messaging, and web users, streamlining and protecting their every interaction. Open a new window. Strong biometric authentication. Authenticate the actual person Make customers feel recognized, welcomed, and protected.

Schedule a discovery call with a Nuance authentication and fraud prevention strategist Contact us. Benefits Protect, streamline, and personalize Authenticate in seconds based on inherent biometrics and other factors. Improve experiences. Empower agents. Reduce operational costs. Real-world business outcomes. Biometric authentication cost savings calculator. Major financial institution passively authenticates customers in the IVR. Biometric authentication solutions Reduce friction and increase security in every channel.

Contact center and IVR authentication. Digital authentication. Account protection. Employee authentication. Video banking authentication. Streamline and secure digital customer authentication Digital customer interactions are on the rise, and consumers expect fast, easy, secure experiences.

One of the key challenges today for banking as the world becomes more digital is making it easier for customers to do what they want to do in a safe and secure way. Voice biometrics is the next step in making banking more convenient for our customers while also strengthening security. With Nuance Gatekeeper, we've made it easier and more secure than ever for customers to bank by phone or video without having to visit our branches.

What if a fraudster enrolled their voice print before the real account owner was able to do so? Voice biometrics should always be used in combination with other technologies to maximize fraud prevention, he added. This way we can tackle fraud relatively early in the process, rather than at the point of loss.

Some audience members were interested to know if an easier authentication experience meant a higher volume of calls into the contact center. As a way of reducing customer effort — and thus improving the customer experience — voice biometrics is paying off for both brands.

They have an emphasis on strong customer authentication, and voice biometrics is helping us move fast on that front. Deutsche Telekom and Allied Irish Banks are using AI-powered voice biometrics technology from Nuance to record voice prints and authenticate callers.

Learn more about Nuance authentication and fraud prevention solutions. Saving time and money—and improving patient care—with the Dragon Ambient eXperience.

The volume of fraud attacks has increased tremendously over the previous few weeks. Medical image sharing in real time allows for collaboration and care in rush to save a life. Brett Beranek is responsible for overseeing the security and biometric business at Nuance. Beranek has extensive experience with biometric technologies, particularly in his role as a founding partner of Viion Systems, a startup focused on developing facial recognition software solutions for the enterprise market.

Beranek also has in-depth experience with a wide range of other security technologies, including fingerprint biometrics, video analytics for the physical security space and license plate recognition technology. Learn more about Nuance Communications , Inc, and contact us. Is voice authentication secure? More articles you might like. Healthcare AI. How OrthoIndy uses ambient clinical intelligence to boost efficiency and reduce costs.

Kenneth Harper Posted January 4, Customer engagement. Client Insights and Intel, part 3: Fidelity Investments combats fraud to protect the business and its customers.

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Biometric authentication through Nuance Gatekeeper is the only way to verify people seamlessly and securely whenever and however they engage in every channel. Benefits Protect, . Mar 17,  · Nuance Voice Biometrics authenticates customers using their voice vs. PINs, password, and security questions for enhanced security. Voice biometrics does away with all . Voice biometrics verify the actual person behind the interaction, rather than something they know or something they have. Nuance Gatekeeper, our cloud?native biometric security .