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Compare nuance dragon products

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And lastly, both products are optimized for touchscreen devices. While the Dragon Professional Individual product is double the price of Dragon Home; at dollars, it provides many more services and options when compared to Dragon Home. Unlike Dragon Home, Dragon Professional Individual offers the ability to create and edit your spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel with full control of your speech-to-text.

Also, it allows you to create custom voice commands for standard texts, making editing much more efficient and easier. Moreover, you can turn your personal recordings into editable text — optimal for when you do not have time to edit your documents on the spot, along with being able to automatically transcribe your recordings.

If you are on the go or away from your main workplace, you are still able to sync customizations with the Dragon Anywhere mobile app. You can also combine your Nuance PowerMic for ease-of-use and increased compatibility while editing your documents. And lastly, Network managed licenses and volume discounts are available with Dragon Professional Individual.

And lastly, Nance also offers the Dragon Legal product. This product encompasses all features of Dragon Home and Professional combined, along with offering integrated legal terms specifically to assist and help legal professionals, lawyers and people involved in civil law with their everyday work. Here are some highlights of some of the major differences between the two versions of Nuance Dragon voice software formerly known as Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking — one word.

Otherwise, the speech-to-text software will make lots of transcription errors. Well, some words sound identical — to, too, two — but mean completely different things. When you use Dragon, speak normally to get the best results. If you speak. I used Greenshot to take screenshots on both computers. Although multiple people in your household might want to use Nuance Dragon, speak naturally, and get stuff done, the speech-to-text software is only licensed for one person use per license.

But sometimes, you might want to create multiple user profiles for the same person. For example,. In Nuance Dragon Professional 15, the start menu lets you create new user profiles as well as choose which folder they get saved in. This makes it easy for you to back up those folders to make sure you save your voice recognition files in case a disaster happens.

In Nuance Dragon Home 13, I seem to recall being able to set up multiple profiles…. By the way, if you try to be sneaky and import a new profile into your Nuance Dragon Home 15, the software warns you that importing a new profile will delete your existing user profile. On the other hand, Nuance Dragon Professional 15 lets you speak naturally and import, export, backup and restore user profiles from the manage user profiles administrative menu. Although Home and Professional Individual 15 use the same speech-to-text transcription engine, it makes sense that you get more features and options in Nuance Dragon Professional Individual The toolbar in the Home edition only has two buttons: tools and settings.

I tend to use DragonPad when I use Dragon and speak normally. I know I can dictate into a web browser, but personally, I find that a little glitchy. DRA when you save your work from DragonPad.

As you fix mistakes, the speech-to-text software gets better and better as it updates your user profile. Dragon Professional Individual has always saved your voice recording file. This means you could close your work and then open up the file at a later date and you could still play back and fix mistakes. Nuance Dragon Home 13 and older versions of the software did not let you play back what you said as you try to fix and train Dragon. We can see here from the following screenshots that both Dragon Home 15 and Dragon Professional Individual 15 save your text file as well as your voice recording.

DRA file that goes with it. And, this is an important key to improving the voice recognition accuracy for Dragon Voice Software! If you open up the options window, and then choose miscellaneous, there is a slider that lets you choose between speed and accuracy in both Dragon Home and Dragon Professional Individual. In this review, I set my copy of Nuance Dragon Home 15 and Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15 to the most accurate setting, as seen in the screenshots below:.

Right now, based on writing this review wearing two headsets and using two computers running Dragon Naturally Speaking at the same time, it seems as though both Dragon Home and Dragon Professional Individual have pretty much the same accuracy rate. You need Nuance Dragon Home 15 to have the advanced correction feature that lets you hear your voice clips so that you can fix transcription errors easier.

Minor glitch, but annoying. One of my readers asked whether they could install Dragon Professional Individual on their home computer and laptop for use at school. So, I did some research. There is a third party customer support website that checked with the Nuance support team in Deember Dragon customer support has a support page where it talks about how many computers you can install Dragon on.

But this information also seems outdated because the last update was on September and the article implies the new license is for Dragon for Mac. So, basically the license is per person and not per voice profile even though Dragon professional 15 lets you create multiple voice profiles. Here are some quotes from the dragon desktop and user license agreement that covers Dragon Home 15 and Dragon Professional 15 Checked as of June 18, A licensed speaker is permitted to create and use multiple Voice Profiles under this license.

Voice Profiles can be stored on one or more computers or on a server to allow the speaker to move from computer to computer and still maintain a consistent dictation experience across computers. A separate license, however, must be purchased for each additional speaker whose Voice Profile or Voice Profiles is or are being used by the Software. In fact, Nuance Dragon recommends you create separate voice profiles if you are transcribing the same person a lot. Did you mess up your Dragon Home 15 user profile when you first created it?

On the other hand, Dragon 15 home has a very simplified toolbar. But, if you upgrade to Dragon Home 15 from a Dragon 13 account that has multiple profiles, you can still use all of those profiles in Dragon Home Each user profiles is stored in a folder based on the user name.

The next time you open Dragon Home 15, it will ask you which voice profile you would like to use. My buddy John and I are working together on his website. He has lots of great ideas and an interesting view on the world. Great teacher, but not really a techie-kind of guy.

Watching him use Dragon voice recognition software for the first time was a little bit painful, but not as painful as watching him type. Long story, short, it was incredibly quicker for John to speak normally and get all of his ideas down on paper by speaking instead of typing. When John got to the end of the paragraph, I had to ask him to start reading the paragraph again from the start, even though he literally just read that he had to do that out loud.

Name checks out. He got better by the end of his blog posts, but to be fair, this was literally his first time using the software. In the same amount of time that it took John to type out his first two paragraphs on the computer, we were able to dictate out two pages worth of ideas.

I remember using older versions of Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking where you had to read pages and pages of stuff to get it to recognize your voice. Check this help file out on the Nuance website. It makes me much happier. He was in the middle of writing a blog post, and I had a faster way for him to get his ideas on paper.

I just wanted to get him to start dictating. I supposed we could have used Microsoft Word, but meh. So using Dragon Home or Dragon Professional Individual would probably help John a lot because he can just get his ideas down and then later on fix the grammar. Or, get a copy editor to fix the grammar. I was actually impressed with the software because John was just talking naturally and then every now and then Dragon Naturally Speaking would just spit out the entire sentence and it was pretty close to what John said.

I did notice that there were a few mistakes, but Dragon Professional creates a voice profile as it gets to know you, especially as you correct mistakes. Maybe next time. That might be true. Dragon Naturally Speaking works in words and phrases, so I guess how much you lose would depend on how frequently you pause.

When I was talking to John, sometimes his microphone would pick up what I was saying and you could see the little Dragon symbol spinning to say that it was thinking. I have seen at a conference, demonstrators use Dragon Naturally Speaking in a crowded room with a lot of background noise and people dictating with just a USB headset. Maybe because we were in a quiet room, the microphone was picking up my voice.

I read on the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking help page that it suggests taking the time to make corrections as a way to help Dragon to learn. I think one of our mistakes was that we had John dictate his entire blog post in DragonPad, and then we just immediately copied that into a Google Doc and started doing our corrections and editing there. It records a voice file with your text file and you can actually use all the correction and the fixing commands that Dragon has.

I say a sentence, and then I look to see how many mistakes there are, and then I slow down my writing process and fix the mistake while also taking note of the dictation error so that I can count the number of errors at the end.

With this post, all I did was use Dragon and spoke normally and naturally into DragonPad. Count the number of errors. And then that way not interrupt the flow of writing. However, I would recommend Nuance Dragon Home 15 for John because it gets stuff typed out faster than him actually typing it out.

Back in the day, Dragon NaturallySpeaking offered a home, premium, and professional version — and the Premium version was available at an educational discount.

They no longer sell a Premium version. This would be a physical shipment. Good luck making a decision! First, thanks for this evaluation.

I want to buy a new computer. I will also buy a new version of Dragon. Dragon Home 15 or Professional Dragon I control the whole computer with my voice: mouse, internet, writing in Microsoft Word. For example, I want the custom vocabulary function to add new words or commands. Also, I wrote a novel, I want to go demonstrations of speech recognition software with people with disabilities.

According to your assessment, to have a version almost identical to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13, do I have to buy Dragon 15 Professional?

Thank you so much. To be honest, I had no idea it could translate French! In my experience, I find Dragon 15 significantly more accurate out of the box with a new profile than Dragon 13 was.

Out of curiosity, are you using a Bluetooth headset or USB headset? Also, how accurate do you find Dragon NaturallySpeaking in French? Thank you for your reply. I use a USB headset. I am paralyzed from the neck to the feet. Multiple sclerosis. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software since I think I had versions 11 and I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 since For writing in French, the software perfectly transcribes my voice.

I even wrote a page novel. I also created commands to make my job easier. For example, to automatically write my mailing address and e-mail. This software has changed my life. He gives me freedom.

I am a psychologist and would like to buy the software for writing my evolutionary notes. Do you recommend the Home version or the professional version? I use psychology-specific vocubular in my notes. I wonder if the benefits of the professional version would be worth the price difference in my case?

Thank you for your help! In your case, I would go with the professional version because you get more control over your vocabulary. Either way, Nuance offers a day return policy so if you got Dragon Home and decided that you needed the features in Dragon Professional, you could always get a refund, and then purchase the professional version. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps!

Hi, I am presently using NaturallySpeaking 13 premium and I am having some problems with it. I am considering purchasing Dragon 15 Home but I am not sure if it will work on other programs on my computer. I have been using Dragon for over 20 years. Google Earth Pro, Skype, etc.

I am an elderly severely disabled person and nowadays only use my computer for personal use. If I am purchasing 15, should I get the download version or the boxed version? The short answer: I would buy Dragon 15 Home digital download from the Nuance website to see if it solves my problems.

Whether you get the digital download version or the boxed version is really up to your preferences. There are pros and cons to both:. On the plus side, you get a headset for the same price, and if you ever get a new computer or you have to reinstall the software, you have the CD.

On the downside, if you have a newer computer without a CD drive, you may have problems installing the software from the CD. I had a peek, but only saw digital downloads. One time, I had to reinstall Windows and it took me forever to find where I had saved a copy of the Dragon software. The bigger question you might want to think about is whether Dragon 15 Home will solve your problems.

Dragon 15 Professional is what I use on a regular basis because that version has better vocabulary control and more user profile control. I still find Dragon 15 glitchy with their web browser extensions. Let me know if you have any questions. But they do compensate me if someone makes a purchase from their site using one of my links.

Good morning and thank you kindly for this review — Very helpful I have purchased the professional version — its on its way I was wondering if I was able to have one user profile created for English and one user profile created when I speak french?

As I am in Montreal and have both french speaking and English speaking clients on the road — I was wondering it that could be something that is possible -?

I did some research, and I have good news and bad news for you. Think about when you type in your phone in French and the autocorrect is in English. The problem is that the software has a language specific database of words. If you did buy the professional version in English, hopefully you bought it from the Nuance website — you might want to return it and use their day money back guarantee.

From their customer help page, it looks like if you purhcase a language specific version of Dragon, you get the English vocabulary database for free and can create a profile in English and another one in French. To answer your original question, if you have the professional version of Dragon, you can create multiple user profiles in English and can set up multiple profiles for different transcription sources.

However, you would need the French version for Dragon to be able to transcribe in French. Also, I would wonder about the quality of the transcription recorded by clients on the road.

Are you sure the Home A tech support rep just told me I need the Individual Pro version for that feature, and other bloggers have written he same thing. The product has been out for over a year and the reviews on Amazon reflect a lot more glitches with Home than the Pro version. For me, transcribe means to take speech and convert it into written or printed form. The tech support rep is correct — you would need Dragon Individual Professional v15 in order to be able to transcribe a file.

Dragon 15 Professional lets you create multiple user profiles — so this is what you need to transcribe different people. Essentially you create a user profile for each different person you transcribe. In the past when I was testing the software, I installed Dragon Home on a device and then I deleted Dragon and installed Dragon Professional on the same device and both worked fine for me.

I have it set on most accurate. Hope that helps. Nuance has a 30 day money-back guarantee if you download from their site. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you classroomteacher. We bought V15 Home edition for my wife who is dyslexic. Most of the time that I spent maintaining V9 related to profiles: backing them up, restoring them, exporting them to other computers etc etc.

So, having installed the software and done microphone testing and initial speech recognition myself, the first thing I did was try to create a new profile for her. There is not even any reference to profiles in any of the menus.

You would have thought that the ability to back up and restore the presumably single profile would have been an absolute minimum, but no. What happens if you have a hard drive failure and need to restore the profile from a file backup which we did and which is what prompted this tirade?

Having said this: the quality of the speech recognition is a massive improvement on earlier versions. Hey David, thanks for writing a comment with your experiences — appreciate it! Ridiculously hard with students who have reading challenges. The voice recognition is awesome but losing all of your custom vocabulary would suck.

I would like to have this on my home computer and the computer I use at school. Would I be able to do that? Hi Margo, thanks for stopping by and glad the blog was able to help you with a purchase decision. I updated the blog post here with the answer as well as some more information:. When I was teaching in the classroom, our student computers were ancient and the teacher computers were only slightly better, so that may impact how well Dragon works on older computers.

Just a quick word to say thanks. This comparison between the version 13 version 15 was extremely useful, and convinced me to switch to version By the way, this message of thanks was dictated with version 13 premium. Thanks for leaving a comment and feedback! Have fun dictating with version 15! I have used dragon since it was invented, and it was always idiosyncratic.

In the last version I have, for my iMac, Whenever it seemed irredeemable, I created a new profile. I understand this is impossible with the Home version. I just bought a new PC. Hi Margaret, first of all my apologies for the late reply. Back-to-school season this year has been beyond busy. Great question. I opened up my laptop that runs Dragon home 15 to double check my answer and here it is. This is, of course, unofficial advice. I do find Dragon NaturallySpeaking to be idiosyncratic.

My default solution on Dragon professional 15 is just to create a new profile when things go wrong. But it sucks to lose your vocabulary. A better way to transcribe files in Dragon professional 15 is apparently to use the auto transcribe folders.

Do I need to use Dragonpad and copy and paste? What about a microphone? Do I purchase that separately? What do you recommend? Am not tech savvy and not a fan of blue tooth.

Thank you! You can dictate directly into Word. I would absolutely not use the microphone on your laptop for Dragon dictation. Do you know of any novelists using this program? Is it efficient? I assume DragonPad comes with the Home version, which is what I plan to download. Your thoughts on mics? Am not a big fan of bluetooth. Thanks for all the great info on this product so far.

When you click on this link and then click on minimum requirements, you see that you need at least. Those are the minimum requirements. But the faster your computer processor is and the more RAM you have, the faster and better your Dragon dictation experience will be.

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WebDragon speech recognition Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 comparison by product Feature matrix Feature Description Legal Professional Premium Home Recognition . WebDragon Edition Feature Comparison. Dragon® Professional, Dragon® Legal, and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition have extensive customization, features, and . WebJan 2,  · Nuance Dragon software offers speech recognition technology that converts the spoken word into written text. Coming in multiple versions with different feature sets, .