senior strategy consultant accenture salary
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Senior strategy consultant accenture salary kaiser permanente grass valley ca

Senior strategy consultant accenture salary

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The breadth and scale of Accenture has made it one of the most sought after companies in the recent years. It now plays in Strategy, Digital Transformation, Marketing etc. However, they are fighting hard and investing a lot to boost the Strategy practice.

Overall, good in my view but not the same level of pull as MBB. Get this right and you can make make big jumps. I did it and so have many others. I have limited insights into Accenture Strategy Germany, mostly based on discussions with a friend back at Business School, but it still might be relevant for you, so here we go:.

Thus, they are trying to tap into the same candidate pool as most strategy consultancies. This would fit to a similar business positioning in between strategy and management consulting.

It also fits to what I know from my friend. So, yes, the salaries you quote, should be correct. Read up on the metric they use if published and you may find , that they are usually either very "soft" e.

Moreover, it really depends how you define the market for "Consultancies". I would just flag that glassdoor is to be taken with a grain of salt.

This is all self-reported, and different people answer differently hard to trust survey data. In this case, it does feel a bit high for Germany I know the salaries are generally closer to 60k euro. In terms of exit opportunities, it depends. What are your interests? What will you do in the company? Why do you think the numbers are too high?

I think they are pretty much in line together and they are lower than MBB salaries. At Accenture, you can also negotiate additional salary increase with various bonuses e. Entry salaries at Big4 are more like k. You will be surprised that some so called "tier 1 powerhouses" will not be your top pick after this excercise.

After this you can check if any change makes sense or not. I agree that these numbers seem a bit high. So could be a better option to ask someone working there directly. The numbers you found seems reasonable, but based on discussion with some friends, at every level there are ranges of salary, so a bit different with MBB's 1 point salary for each level. I had been approached by Accenture Strategy at some point in my life and they literally not even blink when I informed them my pay in BCG probably poker face, not sure.

Exit opportunities really depends on the countries, in talent scarce country like Indonesia, there will be some good exits but cannot comment much about Germany. Thanks Iman. How is the reputation of Accenture Strategy in Southeast Asia? Regarding salary and practicalities like that, I would recommend Glassdoor research and reaching out to people in the company directly, ideally ocntacts of contacts. Case Interview. Why PrepLounge. Success Stories.

Case Practice. Coaches Coaching Cockpit CoachingPlus. Accenture Accenture Strategy compensation deutschland exit exit options gehalt germany salary. New answer on Jan 13, Anonymous A asked on Jan 05, I want to be notified about updates regarding this question via email. Overview of answers Sort by: Upvotes. Date ascending. Date descending.

Only show saved answers. Best answer. Adi Expert. Was this answer helpful? Oliver Expert. Ian Expert. I can confirm this for MBB. I hadn't heard that LEK pays for your 2nd year as well. How much will they pay? How are the traveling perks relative to MBB? From my understanding, MBB are very generous with travel budgets.

Do Acc and Deloitte differ much? BigPicture expenses are project dependent. Hotels are the same.. I am interested what's a typical manager promotion raise? Are you asking what MBB manager pay is? Isn't Accenture policy that per diem is given even if you don't use it?

That said, most of the "premium" firms use an expense policy. For reference, I woke up to steak and eggs at the ritz for like a month straight it's sometimes easier to wake up when room service knocks than an alarm , and every morning the cost was more than the daily allotment that you'll likely get for per diem.

This is the main upside. Calculating the value of points is tricky is it the face-value of the free flight, or what you would have paid for the free flight? I think a less premium firm would be less. More flexibility to stay where you want too, because cost is less of an issue. I don't know which is better. Working to midnght or 2am or whatever can be stressful.

That said, I've definitely seen colleagues stressed from working a lot and having essentially a blank check for food contribute to weight gain. Doesn't seem worth it, but who knows whatever. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about expense policies on here, so I will weigh in.

At my firm T2 , whether or not you are on actuals i. It depends on the contract that your firm signs with the client, not your firm. When I work super late, I'm totally able to order room service and continue working.

There is no difference between quality of hotels, etc. This is all part of the contracting process, i. Working for MBB does not mean you will have "better" flights than Tier 2, whatever better even means. You take the flight that works. Let's try not to have a bunch of college kids circle-jerk around the "OMFG expense all the things" policies of consulting.

You work hard, are on the road and are compensated accordingly and fairly I think, for a 25 year old. Even then a bit low.

Managementconsulted numbers posted by "OpsDude" look right. Keep in mind that the bonus truly is a max. I guess my data isn't up to date. So apologies, I did indeed underestimate a bit. Knowing what I know, you would thank yourself for that decision ten years down the road. I'd be interested in knowing the Accenture salary progression if anyone knows. Trying to figure how much, if at all, they are worth targetting during bschool recruiting.

Hi, I'm astonished by these MBA salari s. I'm not from the U. Are these MBA salaries offered to grads with zero experience or are they for grads who have some professional experience under their belts? If you're coming from a consulting firm, make that more like on average. I'm trying to help someone compare it to a startup offer with a much lower salary still 3 figs but much bigger upside on equity, I'm trying to figure out how much that equity would have to be worth for it to equal MBB pay.

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Long time lurker here and now I guess I'm finally going through the process of applying, I thought I should ask a few specific questions would be helpful if you're from the UK or are aware of how things are done in the UK. I go to a semi-target university in the UK I think the leaked doc.

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Find out what you should be paid Use our tool to get a personalized report on your market worth. At Accenture, Analyst is an entry-level role for candidates who have just graduated with an undergraduate degree. They are responsible for research, analysis, Excel modeling, and building slide decks. They will usually work in a core team of Analysts, Consultants and Managers. At Accenture, Consultants a responsible for owning a stream of work within a project.

They are expected to work independently and may also guide one or more Analysts. As such, this role becomes a mix of both doing and reviewing. At Accenture, Managers typically lead small engagements or major workstreams of large engagements. They are responsible for managing a team of Analysts and Consultants, reviewing their work, and ensuring the work meets the needs of the client. They often manage a team that includes Managers, Consultants and Analysts. At this level, you will also be expected to take an active role in recruitment, internal training, and supporting Associate Directors and Managing Directors with business development efforts.

At Accenture, Associate Directors are involved with complex and high-profile engagements. But more than that, they spend a significant amount of time doing client management and business development. Associate Director is the first level where you will have a business development target.

Because of this, many Associate Directors begin to specialize and build networks in an industry or functional area. An Accenture Managing Director is equivalent to a Partner at other firms. As a Managing Director, you will build deep relationships with clients and work across multiple engagements.

Managing Directors also have significant business development targets and are expected to win work for the firm. Learn the simple, repeatable science behind building the perfect slide deck every time.

No matter what topic you are given, you will be able to confidently build killer slide decks that are guaranteed to hit the mark. The most typical components include:. Please remember, these are salaries are calculated from publically available data sources. They may be slightly out-of-date and are only representative of salaries in the United States. Consulting Careers. What is Accenture? Accenture has four main consulting divisions: strategy, interactive, technology and operations History of Accenture Accenture began its life as the consulting arm of the accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

There were two primary issues: Andersen Consulting was contractually obligated to share profits with the Arthur Andersen accounting practice; and Arthur Andersen had established their own Arthur Andersen Business Consulting practice that directly competed with Andersen Consulting.

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WebAverage salary for Accenture Senior Strategy Consultant in Rugby: ?88, Based on 9 salaries posted anonymously by Accenture Senior Strategy Consultant employees in Rugby. WebOct 27, What is the average of a Senior Strategy Consultant in the United States? The Senior Strategy Consultant salary range is from $, to $,, and the . WebAverage salary for Accenture Business Strategy Senior Manager in Aberford: ?61, Based on 84 salaries posted anonymously by Accenture Business Strategy Senior Manager employees in Aberford.