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Accenture skills to succeed

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As an example, this is how Skills to Succeed comes to life in the UK:. It is a free online learning program, that offers three courses and 35 interactive online learning modules designed to help job seekers build skills to choose a career; apply for and find a job; and be successful in a work environment.

Many other initiatives worldwide contribute to the same goal, including:. Accenture Future Skills Builder which uses an immersive learning game, to help teenage students develop critical thinking, problem solving and technical skills in a fun and interactive way, piloted in Dublin schools. Hour of code which focuses on developing digital skills towards meeting the challenges of an increasingly digitalized economy. Accenture has developed a special relationship with Code. XR4 Hospitality: Virtual reality training to develop skills and confidence launched i n Spain, in collaboration with a variety of social organizations, companies and public organizations, to provide VR training for those seeking employment in the hospitality industry.

Accenture launched its UK Apprenticeship program in , aiming to expand the pool of talent beyond university graduates. There are different elements to this program:. The apprenticeship runs for 3 to 4 years with both classroom and live project experience. In Canada and the United States, Accenture developed three impact hiring channels : Skills to Succeed internships, an apprenticeship program and direct hiring.

In fiscal , the company hosted nearly interns across 22 cities. By the end of , Accenture will have trained apprentices in the United States. In Canada and the United States, Accenture developed three impact hiring channels : Skills to Succeed internships , an apprenticeship program and direct hiring.

Be Inspired. Get Involved. About Us. Our Impact. Our Partners. Since its launch in the Philippines in , S2S Academy has grown its base to over , learners, as it added content and enhanced its features.

Accenture Phils. We believe in the importance of equipping the Filipino talent with the right skills through technology-enablement programs like the S2S Academy. By doing so, we are able to help the Filipino youth kick-start their career journeys and achieve the goals they have set out for themselves.

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Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Initiative

WebJan 12,  · Preparing Learners for Career Success. The partnership with Accenture provides ACTE member institutions and their faculty free access to the rich resources . WebOur commitment to the global workforce. With our partners, our global Skills to Succeed initiative has equipped nearly million people with the skills to make substantive . WebOct 20,  · Together, Accenture and its Skills to Succeed partners have identified five sectors with the maximum potential for employment, including business process .